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panasonic camcorder models

Canon Camcorder Repair Consumer Models. Sensitivity is rated at f10 at 2000lux. PRE REC is used to help prevent missing out a moment without having to actively record continuously. KIT KIT Panasonic VDRM70 DVD Camcorder with 2.5-inch LCD w/10x Optical Zoom The updated model, AG-HVX200A, was released in late May 2008. New functionality includes a waveform monitor and vectorscope. Buy Panasonic Camcorders including popular models like SDR-S7, HDC-SDT750, Ultra HD HC-X1000, SDR-H40, VDR-D230 and VDR-D50, all at unbelievable prices. The HC-W850/HC-V750 models released in 2014 introduce a new lenses, sensor, engine combination. It features Leica Dicomar 4K F2.8~F4.5 zoom lens, time-code in/out, 3G HD-SDI and HDMI 2.0 (4K) video outs, easy focus and zooming, and programmable user buttons. The HDC-SX5 was the last Panasonic AVCHD camcorder to record onto DVD media. View video and pictures on your television. Having better recording capabilities, optical and digital zooms suited for live action recording, and a more ergonomic form factor for holding the device steady for long periods of time, camcorders are ideal for special events and professional shots alike. The camcorder is popular with independent and professional film and television companies. The HDC-DX1 recorded onto an 8 cm DVD with maximum data rate of 12 Mbit/s, the HDC-SD1 recorded onto an SDHC memory card with maximum data rate of 13 Mbit/s. Explore Panasonic HC-V180 - 4K/HD Camcorders - While you discover the sites or enjoy time with family, your footage is steady and clear thanks to 5-axis handshake detection. [6] The operation of the automatic ND filter is fully transparent for a user, does not require use of an external ND filter, and allows achieving shallow depth of field. BestReviews wants to be better. [original research?] 4K Ultra HD camcorder with 25mm wide-angle, 24x optical zoom, High-Precision AF and a host of functions for professionals. There are two SD card** slots, facilitating backup and relay recording. For modern TVs, make sure the camcorder has 16:9 aspect ratio recording capabilities. The camera offers full 1080 and 720 HD, native 1080/24p recording, variable frame rates, professional audio capabilities, and compatibility with SDHC and SDXC media. Panasonic GH5s Panasonic GH5s. The HDC-SD700 only records to SD, SD-HC or SD-XC FLASH memory cards. WiFi is built in for easy streaming and sharing. They, are only slightly smaller at 1/4.1 inch (mixture of fractions and decimal by Panasonic). The camera is able to output a simulated 3D picture from its HDMI port but only in side by side (SbS) format. The focal length of the lens has been revised such that the 35mm equivalent focal length remains the same as its predecessor, at 29.8 - 399.2 mm. In the UK, only 200 have been sold. Categories & Filters. HC-WX970 has a sub-camera built into the edge of the display. Camera icons remain visible during streaming playback on WiFi. The hand strap and grip for this camera are smaller than other models, meaning users with larger hands may have difficulty with this unit. The camera records at 1080i/p/50/60/25/30/24fps 720p/25/30/60/24fps as well as standard definition progressive and interlaced in PAL and NTSC. Browse Models - HC-X1500, AG-UX90, AJ-PX270, AJ-PX800, HC-X1, AG-AC30PJ, AG-CX10, AG-CX350, AG-DVX200, AJ-PX380G. Dolby digital 2.0 audio (in lieu of Dolby 5.1). For professionals working worldwide, the camera’s master frame rate is selectable between 59.94 Hz (23.98 Hz) / 50.00 Hz / 24.00 Hz.[13]. With the ND filter fully engaged the camera displays F6.4, which in reality means "f/2.8, 2 and 1/2-stop ND". The lens thread size is reduced from 82mm to 72mm, and field of view is wider. HDR video can be captured at up to 1080p (Full HD). The format of the recorded AVCHD video has been slightly revised and some editing packages will not recognise it. Buy Panasonic HC-V770K Full HD Camcorder featuring Record Full HD Video and 24MP Stills, 1/2.3" Back-Illuminated MOS Sensor, 20x Optical Zoom / 50x Intelligent Zoom, HYBRID OIS 5-Axis Image Stabilization, 1080p Slow Motion Video up to120 fps, HDR (High Dynamic Range) Video Recording, Twin Cam with Wi-Fi and NFC Connectivity. The inbuilt FLASH memory of the HDC-TM900 is unchanged at 32GB. The HDC-SD7 was the smallest high definition camcorder at the time of its release. All of this makes an ideal unit for those who want to make creative projects, while still having the ability to capture and share important personal or family moments with the built-in WiFi. Impressive illumination levels means users get great shots in virtually any normal lighting conditions. The LCD panel also features a 'glasses free' capability of viewing shot 3D footage made either with the optional 3D adaptor or simulated from 2D footage. Boasting 1400 lx illumination and true 4K editing with a 20x zoom lens, this model offers the clearest picture of any Panasonic model, with great user control options. Panasonic G85 Panasonic G85. It is built in on the HDC-HS300 but is an attachable accessory on the HDC-TM300. UltraHD. The sensors are also 3 megapixels each (previously 0.5 megapixels) and consequently using pixel shift technology is not necessary anymore to achieve high definition images. $119.97 +$29.95 shipping. VISIT DEALER . The HDC-SD9 recorded onto Secure Digital memory cards, while the HDC-HS9 recorded onto a built-in hard disk drive. Mirrorless Lenses. [18][19], Progressive mode is mentioned in neither the camera specification nor the operating manual.[20][21]. We repair all models of Panasonic Cameras and camcorders. Compared to the first generation, full 1920×1080 recording has been added to recording modes, and the maximum data rate has been increased from 13 Mbit/s to 17 Mbit/s. The buffered video footage gets stored upon actuating the recording button. HDMI mini cable connects TV to select Lumix® digital cameras and Panasonic camcorder models. Mirrorless Cameras. Digipartspower DC Power Cable Connecting Cord Lead for Panasonic PV-A17 PV-A17-K PV-A19 PVA17 PVA17K PVA19 Video AC Adapter VCR DC Out Charger to Video Camera Palmcorder Camcorder PK Power AC/DC Adapter for Panasonic Camcorder HC-W580 HC-W580K HC-VX981 HC-VX981K HC-WXF991 HC-WXF991K Power Supply Cord Cable PS Wall Home Charger Mains PSU A 2.7 inch LCD monitor (in lieu of 3 inch). The Panasonic HC-V500M is a small, lightweight, budget camcorder that offers a lot for its $499 MSRP. "panasonic camcorders". Following complaints about the noise from the smaller sensors in low light, this model uses larger sensors, though not quite as large as the HDC-DX1 and SD1's sensors. AG-HMC152/AG-HMC152EN is the Australian version of the camera that supports only 50 Hz scanning. The camera features vastly improved resolution when used to take still pictures (up to 10.6 megapixels). We repair all models even it is not listed in our website. These camcorders also feature a built-in viewfinder not present in the smaller models above. The former has a smaller hard disc drive of 80 Gb, but the viewfinder and accessory shoe have been deleted. See Prices; Panasonic Camcorder AG-DVC200. Panasonic HC-X2000 UHD 4K 3G-SDI/HDMI Pro Camcorder with 24x Zoom W/ 7" 4K Monitor + 2 x Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB Cards + Headphones + UV and HD … The Panasonic AG-HPX500 is a popular, highly regarded,[2] versatile P2 HD camcorder debuted at the NAB 2007 trade show. Our certified and experienced Panasonic repair technicians are always happy to assist you with any question you have regarding your camera or camcorder Our online estimate is quick and accurate. For an entry-level camcorder, the V500M has a wide range of manual controls, as well as the ability to record Full HD video using a 60p (or 60i frame rate). The latter does not have any built in memory, viewfinder or accessory shoe. The HDC-SX5 was a hybrid model, which allowed recording onto either an 8-cm DVD or onto a built-in hard disk drive. Standard professional interfaces include HD-SDI out, HDMI, time code recording, built-in stereo microphone and USB 2.0. Introduced in 2002, AG-DVX100 was Panasonic's first affordable 3CCD digital progressive scan camcorder. DSLM (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless) Camera featuring the Ultimate Picture Quality, Outstanding Mobility and … 1080p recording and playback with a remarkable 90x zoom highlight the benefits of this model, which makes it a great unit for creative projects. According to Panasonic, these camcorders are also the first to include its Venus engine, found on the company's mirrorless cameras. It had fairly limited distribution as it only existed as a European model (HDC-SD300EG). Other features include wifi, dual SD card slots, 20x optical zoom, 40x intelligent zoom (in 1920x1080 or lower record modes) and 2/5/10x digital zoom. Find manuals, operating instructions, register a product, order parts, locate a service, or return a product. The same size of sensors are used, though the pixel shifting has been revised to provide a maximum still resolution of 16 Megapixels. Other recording modes are 1080/50i (Interlaced video) with four selectable bit rate levels, and a 540p/25p mode which uses intra-frame coding rather than inter-frame coding. Gray. Wi-Fi feature makes sharing among family members easy. The difference between the two models is that HC-VXF990 has a tiltable viewfinder.[38]. This is identical to the HDC-TM300 except for a larger 64 GB built in Flash memory and being coloured grey instead of black. Panasonic G7 Panasonic G7. The hard disc drive in the HDC-HS900 is slightly reduced in size from the HDC-HS700 to 220GB. Make your one-stop online retailer. Review Panasonic HC-V770 Pages: 96. Video is recorded to an SDHC memory card in 720p, 1080i and 1080p formats with data rate up to 24 Mbit/s. Orange. [24] This model featured HYBRID OIS image stabilising system combining optical and electrical components, not available in the previous 2010 line-up. Review or Purchase Panasonic HC-X1000 - 4K Ultra HD Camcorder with 24p Cinema / 60p Video Recording: HC-X1000 - Experience Amazing 4K Ultra HD in 24p Cinema or 60p Video Quality - High Bit Rate Quality (4K-150Mbps / 2K-200Mbps) - Built-in XLR Professional Audio Terminal - 20X Leica Lens with Lens Mounted Control Rings - Record Night Scenes Confidently with 0 Lux Overview When the iris closes down from fully open position – either manually or automatically – it closes to f/2.8, then the ND filter activates to absorb light while keeping iris at f/2.8. The DVX200 will record 4K (4096 × 2160) / 24p, UHD (3840 × 2160) / HD (1920 × 1080) 60p / 50p / 30p / 25p / 24p in either MP4 / MOV file formats. The camcorder shares some components with the HDC-HS300/HDC-TM300/HDC-SD300 consumer series, in particular the 1/4.1-inch 3MOS imaging system, the 12× Leica Dicomar lens and the 2.7-inch touch-sensitive LCD screen. $89.00 1d 15h +$10.90 shipping. The HDC-SD9 and the HDC-HS9 were the updated versions of the HDC-SD5 and the HDC-SX5, respectively. AG-HMC151/AG-HMC151E is the European version which is switchable between 50 Hz and 60 Hz scanning rates, thus providing "world" capability out of the box. Equipped with a 10x Leica Dicomar lens, sensor was a 1/3 inch, 470,000 pixel 3CCD. If you are worried about shooting conditions, there are five modes of autoexposure to help you get the right shot. Color. Recording time is not visible when the LCD screen is flipped to view mode. Both models featured the ability to record 5.1 channel Dolby Digital sound. A supplied 8GB SDHC card holds about 45 minutes of video recorded at highest quality setting. Camera Lenses. Popular five-axis stabilization technology results in less motion blur during handheld recording. Focal length is 4.08 ― 81.6 mm, resulting in a 35mm equivalent of 29.5 ― 600 mm (17:9) or 30.8 ― 626 mm (16:9). The HDC-SX5, the HDC-SD5 and the HDC-SD7 represented the second generation of Panasonic AVCHD camcorders. CANON FS10. With the PhotoVu Link you can transfer still images on the Mini DV tape via a serial cable to your PC. AG-HMC155 is the Asian version, which supports only 60 Hz scanning. The AG-DVX200 was released in the Fall of 2015. Speaker cable blue. The AG-HMC40 includes an automatic built-in neutral density (ND) filter. Panasonic's cine-like gamma curves are included: Cinegama-V for video out and Cinegamma-D for film out. You can search any model by the search bar below HC-WXF991K 4K Ultra HD Cine Camcorder Bundle, HC-X1000 4K DCI/Ultra HD/Full HD Camcorder, Waterproof Digital Camera Underwater Camcorder, 4K Ultra HD 60p/50p Professional Camcorder, Pro AG-DVC20 3CCD MiniDV Proline Camcorder, HC-WXF991 Wi-Fi 4K Ultra HD Video Camera Camcorder. $185.00. CCD and lacks the true progressive scan mode. VISIT DEALER . Its 3 megapixel CMOS image sensor enables up to 50 times total zoom, assisted by lossless digital zoom (branded as intelligent zoom / iZoom), or full-resolution (2304×1296 pixel) still images while recording. The handy 28 mm Wide-Angle setting also gives you impressive landscapes and group photos. That is, F2.8 means "f/2.8, no ND filter", F3.0 means "f/2.8, 1/6-stop ND", F3.2 means "f/2.8, 1/3-stop ND", etc. These are lower cost versions of the HDC-HS300 and HDC-TM300 respectively. Both models recorded interlaced video only with frame size of 1440×1080 pixels and pixel aspect ratio of 1.33, similarly to HDV 1080i camcorders. Equipped with an interchangeable lens mount, the AF100 can utilize an array of low-cost, widely available still camera lenses as well as film-style lenses with fixed focal lengths and primes. The 60 Hz versions were able to shoot and record native 24-frame/s progressive video, which was an unusual feature for a consumer camcorder though it is only available with x.v.color.[16][17]. This apparently came about because the processing chips could not be made at this time which could process the full 1920×1080 video (which was available from the sensors). Bright spot reduction technology eliminates glare for viewers during playback of outdoors events like birthday parties or baseball games. Pages: 3. HDMI mini cable connects TV to select Lumix® digital cameras and Panasonic camcorder models. Search for: Search. High definition resolution is achieved by both horizontal and vertical spatial offset or pixel shifting, though the effective resolution does not exceed 600 lines either horizontally or vertically.[1]. Playback is simple on this model, as is video sharing, thanks to the built-in WiFi connection. and give us feedback about your visit today. Once again the M designates a built-in 32GB of flash storage and the VW-CLT2 is used for recording in 3D. Two revisions, namely DVX100A and DVX100B, were introduced in 2004 and 2005, respectively. AG-HMC40/AG-HMC40P/AG-HMC40U is a North American version, which supports only 60 Hz scanning. [3] It is related to the Panasonic Varicam. 20x zoom technology is powerful enough when combined with the full HD picture to capture important details clearly. BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. CANON FS20. A single 1/2.3" MOS with back side illumination sensor replaces the 3MOS sensor last seen in HC-X920. The AF100 maximizes the potential of its high-resolution imager with built-in ND filtering and dramatically reduced video aliasing. You will find a wide range of capabilities like 3D capture, onboard editing, video effects, and more that can extend your recording abilities and creativity at the same time. [15] However, both progressive modes can only be used in conjunction with the x.v.color mode and will exhibit too much saturation levels on displays that do not support this color mode. CANON EOS 5D MARK II. The HDC-HS300 features a 120GB hard disc drive for storage. The major difference is recording media (Secure Digital cards versus P2 cards) and encoding format (AVCHD versus DVCPROHD).

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