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inuit family names

Irniq ultimately believes that when Project Surname came into being, Inuit weren't quite ready to take on authorities. As an example of record keeping prior to 1940, take Igloolik’s Zipporah Innuksuk, who lived from 1923 to 2008. His 10 volume journals were an account of ethnographic and archaeological data representing communities from Canada’s Eastern Arctic to Alaska, all by dog-team. Although names, places, and dates are a primary starting point, learning about historical events assist you in shaping your family tree. Discover the meaning of the Inuit name on Ancestry®. "Project Surname was the end of Inuit culture in terms of naming our children," says Peter Irniq, former commissioner of Nunavut. The first phase of the disc numbers was implemented before the first Northwest Territories census carried out in 1941 where identification numbers were used in conjunction with first names. Local folk lore attributes the name ‘John Ell’ to the American boxer of the day, John L. Sullivan. Dig into and choose from MomJunction’s treasure of 70,000+ baby names that are divided based on meaning, religion, origin, English alphabet, and gender. Northwest Territories councilor Abraham “Abe” Okpik, an Inuit leader, was hired to carry it out. Elders and family members often offered naming advice to the mothers of newborns. Inuit Name Generator is free online tool for generating Inuit Names randomly. Useful to genealogists are the names of families and individuals which Rasmussen recorded from across the North. How Inuit honour the tradition of naming, and spirits who have passed on, 'We are not monkeys': Inuit speak out about skin grafts done without consent in 1970s, CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices. "My first birth certificate was Peter Ernerk, which was spelled by a Roman Catholic priest," Irniq told CBC from his home in Ottawa. They believed that names carried life and personality. They usually lived in family groups of around 5-6 people. His mother named him Irniq, which means son in Inuktitut, when he was born in an igloo in 1947 on the land hundreds of kilometres from Naujaat, Nunavut. Only the most basic personal information was collected from Inuit before 1940. Examples include "Itigaituk" (has no feet), "Anana" or "Anaana" (mother), "Piujuq" (beautiful) and "Tulimak" (rib). Inuit people are strict followers of animism, which explains their love for spiritual names, … An Inuit family in 1942 in Kinngait (then Cape Dorset), Nunavut. Their journals included references to Inuit with whom they had made contact and who helped them survive. Marriage was important for the Inuit people. By the early 1960s, the identification of Inuit shifted from disc numbers to formalized surnames. The Inuit Circumpolar Council prefers the term "Inuit" but … Find Perfect Inuit Names for your Baby Girl using SchoolMyKids baby name finder - Largest Inuit Baby names list. Genealogy looks at various places to determine family histories. In both of those jurisdictions, traditional Inuit place names were made official long ago. At the same time, inuit isn't acceptable to the Yupik, who are one of the indigenous people part of the previously mentioned 150,000. They believed that names carried life and personality. These records provide names of Inuit by location and identify family relationships among the Inuit who visited the posts and who were employed. Additionally, ethnologists such as Franz Boas and Knud Rasmussen included gazetteers that provide rich descriptions of locations and what they were traditionally used for around the North. Instead, they refer to each other using a system of kinship and family terms, known as tuqłurausiit (turk-thlo-raw-seet).Calling each other by kinship terms is a way to show respect and foster closeness within families. Under the new system, some letters were eliminated; E was replaced with I; O was replaced by U, Irniq explained. Genealogy uncovers the way names used today were not used in the past. In this view, becoming familiar with local historical events is useful in your research. For example, Irniq did not share names with his family members: his father was Athanasi Angutitaq, his mother Irene Katak, and his sister Bernadette Iguttaq. The Inuit were also forced to wear their numbers around their necks like dog tags. Undertaking genealogical research in Nunavut is not without obstacles. Consequently, the process of naming a child was about discovering who the child was, who they represented from the past and who they will become. "So my name for a long period of time since I was born was Peter Ernerk or Erneck or E3-546.". Adamie; Aglukaq; Ahlooloo; Aisa; Aiyarani; Akitirq; Alaittuq; Allie; Alooloo; Alootook; Amakvik; Amidlak; Amosie; Annoray; Anoee; Aola; Aoudla; Ashevak; Ashoona; Atkak; Atuat; Audla; Audlaluk; Audlatek; Augeak; Aullalu; Avinga; Bammiuk; Davidee; Echalook; Eelee; Eeteenik; Eliyah; Epirvik; Etidlooie; Evalun; Goo; Igruk; Ilkoo; Inuktalik; Iola; Ipeelee; Ipellie; Iqaluk; Iqaluq; Isaacie; Iyola; … These records provide names of Inuit by location and identify family relationships among the Inuit who visited the posts and who were employed. "We were just coming out of the igloo, and the Canadian society, the Canadian system of governance, and things like that were very, very foreign to us. CBC North is doing a series on the history and significance of Inuit names. Niviatsinaq had a son named Oudlanak who later was given the name John Ell. Ataata Maari) for Pond Inlet and region genealogy. Box 500 Station A Toronto, ON Canada, M5W 1E6. Greenlanders (Greenlandic: kalaallit, Danish: Grønlændere) are people identified with the country of Greenland or the indigenous people, the Greenlandic Inuit (kalaallit, inughuit, tunumiit).This connection may be residential, legal, historical or cultural. Those that wanted names to replace their disc numbers were recorded and their names were officially changed. His name had come to her in a dream. "I-R-N-I-Q is what I have always been," he said. We’ve come a long way in documenting traditional place names in Nunavut in the past decades, though there is still a long road ahead before the names appear on official maps – like our neighbours in Greenland and in Nunavik. Genealogy research requires the careful study of textual, visual, and audio records. In the show, the role of the direwolves are played by Northern Inuit pups. He hired Kivalliq Inuit as whaling hands as well as tailors for caribou skin clothing and he recorded their names in the process. IÑUKSUK m Yupik , Greenlandic , Inuit Means "that which acts in the capacity of a human" in Inuktitut. Before the arrival of Europeans, the Inuithad a complex naming tradition. By taking the Name of a Child for years that will develop their personality traits according to the Meaning for his/her Name, whether you are the Mother or Father of a New Cute Baby, We have collected the list of Modern Inuit Baby Names with their Meaning. But Irniq said many Inuit took the names of their fathers, as is common in western culture. Aleuts are not considered Eskimo by linguists, nor by the U.S. Census Bureau. by Lawrence Kaplan. names missing pronunciations are excluded from results by default * is a wildcard that will match zero or more letters in the pronunciation. Other parts of the Arctic such as Greenland and the Soviet Union began similar renaming projects. © 2020 above&beyond – Canada's Arctic Journal, Order of Canada medals awarded to Northerners. After a lifetime of spelling his name the way white priests and teachers told him to, in 1999 Peter Irniq finally decided to change his last name to the traditional Inuit pronunciation. Like many Inuit, Irniq's name has evolved and changed over the last century, as a result of colonization, residential schools and Project Surname. "I'm a strong, strong believer in my own culture and I want to keep the name that was given to me by my mother.". Various missionary, explorer, whaler, and trader literature contain information about Inuit as well. example: (s)(s)ra will match names which have two syllables and then the sound rah When Inuit moved into settlements, local and federal public authorities wanted to log specific dates of birth for health records, social assistance applications and other administration purposes. Inuit names don't always have meaning, though Kuliktana says some Inuit are given nicknames based on their personalities. Another difference between genealogical research on southern Canadians and Inuit is that Inuit traditionally did not have surnames, and so it is common to find only one name to represent a person in archival records. Other than about two generations ago, there is little to no information about his heritage. This, he said, has served to assimilate Inuit. She is constantly fleeing from her brother, the moon god IGALUK (Inuit) or ANNINGAN (Grenlandic), and their eternal chase explains the movement of the sun and moon through the sky. Traditional names hold great respect and honour. Their numbers were used as their last names on all government documents. "So I think to this day, Project Surname was 10 years too early. In 1963, the Northern Service Officer Keith Crowe (1927-2010) produced the prototype Project Surname for Pangnirtung. In your own genealogical research, you will need to rely on gazetteers, maps and atlases which illustrate the places you research. In Nunavut, Inuit names have undergone significant changes over a short span of time. Family: Family groups were the most important social unit in Inuit culture. Alaska Natives increasingly prefer to be known by the names they use in their own languages, such as Inupiaq or Yupik. example: *lee will match names which end with the sound lee (s) will match exactly one syllable in the pronunciation. Inuit names reflected what was important in their culture, including the environment, animals, family and spirits. An unusually short lifespan might indicate that your Inuit ancestors lived in harsh conditions. French names were quite common for Inuit because many of the priests in the North were from France or Quebec. "Inuit" is now the current term in Alaska and across the Arctic, and "Eskimo" is fading from use. The Government established a platform for providing health and social services, including income support, that required names to be registered. Initially the priest named him Pierre, but it didn't stick, he said. My father's family is actually Russian, but I've been told before that my name sounds Inuit. Many Inuit have close connections with the person who named them, as well as people who have the same name. In this series of posts, I list surnames carried by Aboriginal (or part Aboriginal) individuals in the 1901 and 1911 census for the eastern provinces of Canada. Traditionally, Inuit do not call each other by their given names. Genealogy starts with the individual conducting the research and then works backwards. Genealogical research must also include dates such as birth and marriage records that can be inaccurate. TheBabyNames provides a list of popular boy names and girl names in 2020 with name meanings, origins and religions. Additional sources of records come from the RCMP. Part of Okpik’s mission was to travel the North and explain the new system to locals, answering their questions and reassuring them that their surnames were to be their choice. In Inuit mythology, Malina is the name of a solar goddess. The Department of Culture and Heritage has undertaken many projects and initiatives that aim to make archives, along with oral histories, accessible to the public so that Nunavummiut can research their own rich family histories, narratives that make up the diverse and interesting story of Nunavut. A known bearer of this name is the Inuit artist Imona Natsiapik (b. The whaler Captain George Comer sailed Cumberland Sound between 1875 and 1895; and, Hudson Bay from 1895 to 1912. At the start of the story, Lord Eddard Stark, aka Ned Stark, makes his way home. Inuit Nunangat as a geographic and political space is largely unknown to most Canadians. Inuit boys’ names . "In 2000 I came back to who I have always been ever since I was born.". However, due to criticism of the disc system, the Canadian government and the Northwest Territories Council initiated a program in 1970 to replace disc names with surnames known as Project Surname. The project involved about 12,000 people and changes were made to approximately 95 per cent of the names involved. I know the u is pronounced as oo in the Inuktitut language. Beginning in the 1930s, federal policies affected Inuit names. Finding the perfect Canadian Inuit name for your dog can be a bit tricky if you are not familiar with the culture and the community of the Inuit in Canada. The Igloolik and Pond Inlet archives both house extraordinary missionary literature that have detailed pedigree charts useful for genealogy. Family names had not been used among Inuit for time immemorial, Irniq said, until Project Surname. Saa Pitsiulak, an Inuktitut language program officer for Nunavut's Department of Culture and Heritage, works to protect, promote and preserve Inuit languages. It will help you to generate 1000's of cool Inuit Names which you can use in books, novels, games, or whatever fantasy world you want to use it. In 1999, Irniq changed his family's last name, getting rid of what he called the "old colonialistic" spelling, as well as the E-number, E3-546. On his return, he and his kids come across a … While Project Surname was taking place, the Inuit Cultural Institute, which no longer exists, was working on a new writing system for Inuit. Genealogy, also known as family history, is the study of families and tracing their history. Inupiaq, Yup'ik, Cupik, Siberian Yup'ik are the more accurate terms for these cultures. Inuit Dog Names Inuit dog names are a great choice for owners of any dogs with an Arctic … Marriage was important for the Inuit people. In total, it cost the five members of his family $795. He said there were positives and negatives to the project. From this project, genealogy of family members can be ascertained by an individual’s last name corroborated with historical records in which Inuit first names are found. While a popular misconception is that the term "Eskimo" is simply an exonym for the Inuit people, there are many Native Alaskan tribes that speak dialects of the Eskimo language, including the Inuit, the Yupik, the Inupiat and the Alutiiq. Nunavut’s family history is distinct from Southern Canada because it predominately consists of regional migration within the Arctic, and, up until the recent past, people did not keep detailed or consistent records of individuals.

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