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blue candle prayer meaning

This examination will of course include a look into the significance and meaning of candle colors. Bringing your attention to emotions and controlling negative thoughts. Learn more about it. Those who light a blue candle are seeking truth, harmony and guidance while amplifying their creativity and perception. Any blue candle will work for the above intentions. They assist with neutrality, balance, protection, peace, and spiritual wisdom. There is a spiritual meaning of candle burning. If you have a light blue candle, use it to improve patience, friendship, mental fortitude, or to help release anger. It's all about placing your own energy, focus and intent into it. Blue Candle Flame Meaning Explained [+How to Work With It] Green Candle Flame Meaning Explained [+ How to Work With It] Why is the Candle Flame Yellow? Nov 16, 2015 - Angels of the blue color light ray, led by Archangel Michael, can help you with power, protection, faith, courage, and strength. This is an easy spell to harness Blue Moon energy by making Full Moon Water under tonight’s Blue Moon. Pink Candle: Pink candles often symbolizes happiness, positive energy self love, friendship and harmony. Quotes By Genres. Blue is a calm and mysterious color which represents guidance, communication, wisdom, and healing. A votive candle or prayer candle is a small candle, typically white or beeswax yellow, intended to be burnt as a votive offering in an act of Christian prayer, especially within the Anglican, Lutheran, and Roman Catholic Christian denominations, among others. Get 10% Off Your First Order With Us By Using the Coupon Code CANDLEMAGIC When You Checkout. Many years ago I owned a new age metaphysical shop and sold everything one needed to conduct a candle prayer and so much more. The candle does not have to be of any special size, but it should take into account the intention to ignite, as well as the color matching. Candles, when combined with prayer and faith, can produce miracles. Candle magic is a staple for all beginner witches. Meaning of Blue Candle. The candles have their meaning, which is why it is important which candles you light up and on which day. The liturgical color for Lent season is purple. would be born today. A clean burn is when the candle burns straight down from top to bottom with little to no wax left. If your family’s life is not good, lighting a white candle reinforces family ties and makes love grow. Blue Candle Spells Spiritual Meaning. But there are different meanings when burning a candle.There are two factors that affect its meaning and these are: Candle color; The way a candle burns; Without knowing what signs the candle is trying to portray, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of the spiritual practice. Explore. In some general system, candles that have blue color are usually connected to things that are calm, peaceful and relaxed. August 2020. Each color carries a different energy frequency. It also represents the preparation followers practice during Lent season and the sacrifice of the Christ. Candle magic is a form of ritual or spellwork that calls on the element of fire to bring greater energy and power to the working. The candles are used in meditation, summoning the angels, obtaining the truth and for healing. Candle Burning plays important roles in many rituals, magic, spell castings, meditations, prayer and devotions. These people will use certain color candles to help them focus and meditate on problems in their life or in others lives. Healing Spell Blue Candles are commonly used for healing. When you use both black and blue candles, their meanings are merged to work for you. It’s a process by which we focus and store energy and our intention within candles, then burn those candles to release that energy into the physical world.. It’s this process of taking the unseen (thoughts, emotions, wishes, intentions etc.) Candle magick and color magick are two simple, powerful forms of magic used by beginners and experts alike. In our candles of advent series, we’ve analyzed the symbolic importance of the five candles present on or inside the advent wreath, often featured in churches on Sunday. "Candle Color Believers" The Colors of Candles have a deep meaning and there are those who know what they mean and stand behind their meaning. Also, the burning candle symbolized a sacrifice, which is made in both the offering of the prayer and the acceptance of the Lord's will. for the baby Jesus’ birth, let your star of Hope lead us. A Prayer When Lighting A Candle O Blessed Lord, accept this burning candle as a sign of my faith and love for you. So I have seen and experienced this first hand and it works well and can help with many things such as healing or getting a job. On a practical level, candles help to set up a lovely, quiescent atmosphere most conducive for prayer, meditation, healing, and other activities of contemplation or communion with the Divine. For our prayer, let’s fold our hands. It has been a symbol of intuition, dreams, and the unconscious. Grove and Grotto states when a flame burns red or yellow that mundane energy, not spiritual, is fueling the burn and can also be powerful. through the Advent season. Please hear my prayer and, if it be your will, grant my petition. Aromatic candles: interpretation of candles. On its own it will only balance your own vibrations. Since the white angel light ray represents the purity and harmony that come from holiness, when you light a white candle to pray, you can focus your prayers on learning more about the kind of person God wants you to become and on seeking inspiration and motivation to take the steps you need to grow into that person. Their light is a symbol of the eternal presence of the Divine and is used as an enhancer of prayer and manifestation. In 1935, Zora Neal Hurston published in her Mules and Men this list of the meanings for candle colors. Like this candle, I am ready to be used in your service, without asking why and to what purpose. White Candles The white candle represents the … A healer’s color, associate blue with most matters concerning the heart, the pursuit of wisdom, and awakening latent psychic gifts. Light Blue. Spiritual Meaning of the Blue Moon. A flame that goes out during spiritual work is a bad omen, symbolizing that the ritual in progress will not reach the objectives because it is not strong enough. Blue Candle Spells. and listen for God’s Spirit. Blue Candle Flame. Candle Colours, Meanings & Spiritual Uses. Blue Candles: Blue often signifies communication; throat chakra. Its a balancing candle and can absorb any energy in the room. This is a candle used for healing and represents Goddess or Lunar workings. This candle should be lit at night and a prayer of protection can be said in front of it. The language of the candle’s flame is an art to interpret. You can also use candles to enhance energy and intention In order to request, create or manifest. I learned about the magic of candles and the meaning of the colors when I was about fourteen years old. Candles are now available in red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, purple, brown, and black. Candles: Common Dreams. Unlock the amazing secrets of this spiritual symbol. Before praying, light these two candles and ask God to remove the sorrow in you and protect you … The color of these candles can vary, but it is common that the first, second, and fourth candle is purple, while the third candle is rose-colored, red, or a pinkish hue. Candle Magic Flame Meaning. What follows is an examination of these beliefs and the meaning behind illuminated candles combined with prayer and meditation. Quotes. Unlit Candle: These dreams are wanting you to light the flame; or internal flame … The energy created and taken is more than scientific; it is spiritual and metaphysical. By merely lighting a flame, one can draw in love, increase their prosperity, and speak to the gods. They also help you achieve wisdom and spiritual protection. It is also very useful to put behind this candle an image that gives us peace or that is purifying. A white candle color represents a new beginning or spiritual growth. Green is the color of success and abundance. What is the spiritual meaning … The blue candles have their meanings and roles. Inspirational Quotes . No doubt, you have already experienced the power of candles to elevate a mundane moment to the hushed sublime of the sacred. Advent Candle Meanings and Traditions; How to Interpret Candle Flame Meanings; Paschal Candle Decorations; Purple. From the burning bush that appeared to Moses to the simple wishes made from a birthday cake. The meaning of candles changes according to their color (even their composition) and in the next report, we will show you everything you need to delve into the interpretation of candles, flame and wax. White: stands for purity. Rose . Shop Now! Light blue candles radiate Aquarian energy (calm waters) and are ideal for pursuing inspirational meditations. So it mirrors Green: This candle amplifies mother earth energy. Candles help us create a close connection with the spiritual and mystical world by illuminating our thoughts and auras. This candle must always be included if you seek to connect to the supreme being that is God. Sometimes it is possible to light the candle for several days. blue candle meaning The power of the seas moves through blue, making azure candles prime choice for all matters concerning bodies of water, emotions, and psychic abilities. Grey. According to Grove and Grotto's The Candle Signs Dictionary, a blue flame symbolizes the presence of a spirit.This can be an angel, fairy or other highly evolved spiritual entity. In all, the usage of votive candles is a pious practice which continues today in many Churches. This spell is designed for physical ailments and healing and can be done with another person. The first Sunday of Advent leads our hearts to Hope.The purple color symbolizes royalty, repentance, and fasting. Red or Yellow Flame. and close our eyes. Meanings Of White Candles Lit. I highly recommend that … The fact is that blue color in any way is related to things that give us such energy – like the sea or the sky. in the silence. Even as this candle, I wish to stand in your presence to be consumed in the light and warmth of your love. The flame acts as a bridge between our thoughts and higher consciousness and has the power to essentially ignite our prayers and intentions. If you want to achieve a great state of imagination and creativity, you can light a white candle in a quiet place. (pause) Let your Spirit burn in our hearts; let your Light shine in our world; and as we wait. The Full Moon is the Witches’ companion in a dark night. It’s important to note that the power is yours to use, but use it wisely. Candles can be used for different purposes, spiritual practice, prayer, to create a sacred, holy or magical ambience, connect with certain angels, beings or deities. Open to forgive and work towards happiness. Learning candle color meanings is the first step for most beginner witches. Article from This is healing energy. A “Clean burn” – This is when the candle burns clean; meaning no soot is left behind, no black smoke during the burn, and no “tears” or other “odd” wax formations while the candle burns. In some cases, all the candles are red, blue, or white, and often, a fifth white candle is placed in the middle of the wreath and lit on Christmas Day itself. Candles can be used for prayer, meditation, reflection, chakra balancing, or simply admired for their beauty. Very powerful protection candles can be those that are sold in specialized stores that can last seven days. Prayer Focus . But it’s important to learn to do this because the flame meaning is how the candle and fire element communicates with you. The white candle is also known as the “divine providence”. A candle will have many characteristics while burning, and the communication will let you know how well the spell is working. Amen. The First Sunday of Advent’s Purple Candle Signifies Hope. Green Candles. The Meaning of the Blue Light Ray Angel Color. It is the symbol for penance. Because white candles are connected to remembrance, prayer, purity and devotion, they are often used in churches. This shows that everything will go well with the working. Different candle colors represent life and death, money and love, or the god and the goddess. to the place where the Christ. [Meaning Explained] A flickering flame indicates the presence of spirits. The more people that you have present in this spell the stronger that it will be. In past weeks, we’ve covered the history of the candles and wreath as well as the candle of peace and the candle of hope.. For this week, we’ll cover the third candle known as the candle of joy. The meanings for candle colours. It is a symbol of purity. Archangel Michael.. Gray candles are a cross between white and black and operate as a neutral color. (We once published a list of color meanings in a product description, and it quickly became the most viewed page on the website.) But what do candle colors mean?

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