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This blog is about these fascinating places! This guide covers everything interesting in terms of … Continue reading →. If you love architecture, … Continue reading →, With its rich architectural history (dating back to the Bronze age), tumultuous past and key strategic point in the Mediterranean, Malta has a lot to offer, if one knows where to look. About Blog Architectural Digest is the international design authority, featuring the work of top architects and designers, as well as the best in style, culture, travel, and shopping. When I first visited this summer, I was very impressed by its architecture: mosques, hidden baths and its unique skyline. Her website and blog offers a unique insight into professional practice together with inspiration and tips for young architects. That makes Borson’s blog, Life of an Architect, more or less exactly what it sounds like. Articles cover intriguing art travel experiences artists have while painting the world's beautiful places. ▴ London’s busy riverfront Four years ago I made London my home. 1. Providing you informations about places around the world that you can also experience it by yourselves. All, Architecture. Bob Borson is an award-winning architect whose Texas firm works primarily with modern residential design. And an expression of self-love. This guide covers everything interesting in terms of architecture. 31-lug-2020 - Esplora la bacheca "Travel Blog - Architecture On The Road" di Architecture On The Road su Pinterest. The most popular family travel blog on this list, Where Is Sharon showed the world how to travel with all your kids in tow. Since hosting the Olympic Games of 1992 its growth has skyrocketed and new architecture, parks and refurbishment projects have been happening non stop. You’ll be surprised to learn that the newer constructions, especially … Continue reading →, Summer is coming. Hotels. From the new Opera House to Lambda Museum, one can find multiple architectural gems to delight the expert traveller. One of the best architecture blogs after our own hearts, ArchitectureAU formidably covers our dear continent’s shifting landscape of buildings, designs and people. Cookies and milk. Allan's Art & Architecture Worlds. The world's most influential architecture, interiors and design magazine July 27, 2017 ~ Eastern Bloc Artist ~ Leave a comment. My …, London is one of the most interesting European cities in terms of architecture. The picturesque, honey-coloured towns and villages of the Cotswolds look as if they have strayed into the 21st century from … Continue reading →, Prague, one of the most enchanting European cities, is brimming with stunning architecture, charming markets and hilltop views. Year Started: 2008. If it’s new, exciting, and even loosely related to architecture, Contemporist is all over it. There are many sites which you can refer for that. Also covered are peripheral arenas like culture, art and travel. Since 2008, this top architecture blog has been squarely tapped in, bringing readers vital information the moment it drops. Whether you’re an aspiring architect looking for sound advice, or merely an enthusiast scoping hot designs from around the world, there’s no wrong reason to check out the best architecture blogs. News media websites are another good source of information about architecture travel. The intimacy of chic design, interesting architecture and urban locales are big contributors to the underground appeal of design hotels. Besides its  history, some of the most relevant towers of the 21st century have been built recently, making it a beautiful city full of contrasts. Scandinavia is one of a kind. Lepakshi Veerabhadra Temple (Andhra-Pradesh) December 6, 2017 — 0 Comments. © 2020 Man of Many Pty Ltd – Sydney, Australia, No Drumkit? . Maintaining a supremely accessible layout, Dwell invites architects, designers and enthusiasts alike to come share in the process. Fiverr; Upwork;; Envato Studio; PeoplePerHour; Become a travel influencer and take up architect travel job. Like many immigrants, I came with a dream in a suitcase, … Continue reading →, Madrid, with its cobblestone streets, vibrant parks and classical buildings, is a most delightful city. Dezeen. Very few people will leave Lisbon without falling in love. Have you subscribed to Man of Many? by artist: Jordan L Rodgers. They love the bustling city of Bangkok, the beautiful beaches and the cultural hotspots.They recommend Bangkok, Krabi, Pattaya and Phuket if you are travelling with kids. Year Started: 2013. As such, the blog offers a poignant window into both the process and creativity behind architectural projects, big and small. Anything interesting in terms of architecture is here. With the best architecture blogs at your disposal, you can keep pace with those ideas as soon as they surface, and maybe one day contribute an idea of your own. Occasionally, I’ve come across really good books. In a city where old Bohemia meets the modern world, beauty is never lacking. Hotels. Split’s proximity to other islands and exciting culinary scene made my research to go beyond the buildings. One wouldn’t easily expect the beauty that seemingly changes with every season. . Europe is always a good idea for a trip during this season as besides the undeniable charm, there is an interesting and educational program going on. Adventurous Kate – The Solo Female Travel Blog @adventurouskate. From Vaxholm Fortress, built by Russian prisoners (and used as the filming location of Pippi) to the royal palaces of Kungliga Slottet and Drottningholms Slott. With the days getting colder and the nights getting longer, leaving the house looks a lot … Continue reading →, There have long been grounds upon which to find Switzerland attractive – mountains and chocolate yes, buildings and culture double yes. In March, April, and especially May, some cities in Europe offer the best options: pleasant weather, manageable crowds, and reasonable rates. Here to entertain you and inspire you to have a travelous life. This Isn't Happiness – A minimalist Tumblr blog that is a treasure trove of inspiration for art, design, and photography. Germaine has done her masters in architecture from the National University of Singapore. 4.1 Syrian Beehive Houses; 5 Heritage Cities Around the World. My passion for traveling and documenting the world's architecture is reflected in my 40+ city guides, which you can access for free in this blog. Architecture and travel. Absolutely Lucy – Adventure Seeker, From Backpacking to Luxury Treats A Couple For The Road – Cultural Travel Blog Active Planet Travels – Traveling the World The Adventure Junkies – Don’t Dream It, Live It Adventure Mom – Adventure Travel and Lifestyle Adventure on Yall – Honest Opinions Helping People Plan Vacations Adventurous Kate – Solo Female Travel Blog Adventures Around Asia – Travel & Expat L… Home; Galleries; Travel Blog; Academic Articles; Travel Writing; Contact; Menu; Cretan Craftsman. Soviet architecture travel blog. Her website is a combination of her architecture portfolio and her travel guides. Founder: Aidan Anderson With frequent appearances in the mainstream press, and over 100,000,000 visitors to date, it’s safe to say these folks have their instincts in the right place. The 10 Best architecture blogs pg-38-TEN-BEST-1.jpg. We offer a wide range of tours that focus on architecture, building history & local culture. Year Started: 2007. Man of Many participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we sometimes earn commissions from qualifying purchases. by artist: Jordan L Rodgers. The Inverted Pyramid House is Architecture, Unbound Sharon has travelled to 83 countries and the family has been to Thailand multiple times. But what typology of buildings are popping here and there across the metropolis? Anything interesting in terms of architecture is here. Founder: Paul Petrunia They have received 1 million downloads and have been featured in multiple architecture websites across the world. Based in New York, Milan and Beijing, designboom is a wildly popular, independently run publication offering top coverage and insightful critiques of the latest in contemporary architecture. What is better than being your own boss. A travel blog … for architects by architects … sounds pretty good right? But finding a good book can be even trickier. I’ve picked out the 15 prettiest and most photogenic places to visit in town. Books about architecture, travel and history – which are my personal favourites. Also featured on the site are interviews, events, products and competitions. Dont’ forget to check out all of our architecture articles and stories in our Living category here – Architecture. This Article is part of our Home & Design Series, You’ll also like: All, Architecture. The city’s infrastructure and architecture are following suit and new constructions are constantly being built. One week before the world lockdown, I was gifted with the last chance to travel – not that anybody knew then what was coming, or the time it was going last. They have received 1 million downloads and have been featured in multiple architecture websites across the world. Its people, among the most friendly in Europe in my opinion, will make you feel at …, Everyone agrees on Istanbul’s magical charm, which still has some grandeur of the Byzantine Empire. Join this architecture community and get exclusive city guides, travel tips and more! Spotlight des Monats DEUTSCHLAND. Article by 56th Parallel - tours in Russia. Founder: Frank Arthur, Scott Purcell January 17, 2018. From the … Continue reading →, As Autumn slowly makes its way in, the cultural calendar picks up steam at the same time cities turn vivid ochre and old gold. With its eyes primarily focused on the best in Australian architecture, The Local Project goes behind the scenes to introduce important players and projects alike. If you happen to be planning a trip around America – North America more specifically – this information below might be of interest. To call architecture a visual medium would be an understatement to say the least, however Visualizing Architecture truly runs with the concept. You can find more information about a smaller number of destinations on these sites. … Continue reading →, Lisbon is full of gorgeous, and sometimes secret, Instagram-worthy spots. Belur temple (Karnataka) April 17, 2018 — 0 Comments. Visualizza altre idee su viaggi. The capital’s architecture – and art – is brimming with significance. Beautiful and unexpected details such as a picturesque street, a magnificent viewpoint at the turn of a street and singular tiled façades will make you slowly fall in love. Exercising a curatorial approach, WebUrbanist has earned itself a reputation as one of the best architecture blogs covering inventive and unusual projects. Also covered are peripheral arenas like culture, art and travel.

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