MEDIPHACOS, in its constant quest to promote quality of life through innovative solutions for the correction of vision, presents to the market the ESCLERA®, a new project of contact lens GAS PERMEABLE ESCLERAL with exclusive design and surface treatment by plasma.


Only the ESCLERA® lens adapts to the various irregularities of the corneal surface with perfect stability, providing true comfort to the patient.

ESCLERA® is indicated for the correction of aberrations caused by:

  • Keratoconus
  • Pelucida Marginal Degeneration
  • Post Trauma
  • Post Transplants
  • Post-LASIK
  • Post-PRK
  • Post-RK
  • Post-Intrastromal Ring
  • Dry eye
  • Degeneration of Salzmann
  • Stevens Johnson Syndrome, Sjogren
  • Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism


  • Design with multiple curves that adapt to corneas with irregular topographies;
  • Greater stability;
  • Lower eyelid sensation;
  • Exceptional comfort for the patient;
  • Ease of adaptation;
  • Excellent visual acuity;
  • Incredibly clean lenses, resistant to protein deposition;
  • High user satisfaction.

“Scleral lenses can be used successfully for visual rehabilitation and management of irregular astigmatism due to numerous causes.”


The lens should align with the cornea with a 100 micron release. There should not be any bubbles under the optical cap (too high sag) or over the limb (sag too flat). The ESCLERA® lens will have little or no movement. In addition, attention should be paid to the periphery. There should be no impact conjunctival and neither excessive edge elevation.


With variable diameters starting at 16.0mm and a multi-curved design, the ESCLERA® completely covers the cornea, without touching it, in addition to to allow maximum oxygenation (BOSTON XO2 – DK 141), perfect stability and exceptional comfort.


The innovative plasma surface treatment consists of subjecting the LC to a high technology process, composed of ions, electrons and neutrons in a highly energized state, which keeps the lens more humidified and creates a surface similar to that of a hydrophilic lens, leaving -a free of imperfections and keeping its surface incredibly clean. This innovative method still has other benefits such as resistance to protein deposition and exceptional comfort for your patient.


Make sure the patient adequately understands the importance of lens insertion and removal. When placing the ESCLERA® lens it is important that the concave surface is completely filled with preservative-free saline so as to reduce the risk of induced and unwanted bubbles. It is necessary to pay attention to the removal of the ESCLERA® lens, since it tends to attach well to the eye and needs to be loosened before removal. It is recommended to irrigate with saline, massage the lens and keep both eyes open. When using the suction cup in the removal, never place it in the center of the eye and yes closer to one of the sides.