Medilon is a viscoelastic solution for 100% synthetic intraocular use. Its unique polyacrylamide-based formulation imparts physical and chemical properties that make Medilon a different, safer, more effective viscoelastic and better suited to the needs of the latest surgical techniques.

Increased safety and efficacy

  • Medilon does not cause inflammatory or antigenic reactions because it is a fully synthetic, biologically inert polymer, 100% free of animal or vegetable proteins.
  • It has no cytotoxic, irritant or allergenic potential.
  • Excellent performance in varied procedures (Cataract, Glaucoma, Retina and Vitreous, Corneal Transplant).
  • Because it is highly water soluble, Medilon is rapidly and easily diluted by the aqueous humor and drained without causing intraocular pressure peaks.
  • High viscosity, elasticity and molecular weight. Better space maintenance and tissue protection.
  • Fully transparent: does not interfere with the surgeon’s visualization.
  • Moderately dispersive: easily aspirated.
  • Excellent adhesion to the surface of surgical instruments and tissues: greater protection against mechanical trauma.
  • Medilon should be stored at room temperature.

Quality Control Mediphacos

Medilon has Mediphacos quality assurance: company certified according to ISO-9001: 2000, ISO 13485 and BPFC (ANVISA) standards. The manufacture of the Medilon is made through the highest standards of cleaning and asepsis and the process of sterilization by autoclave is fully validated and constantly monitored by independent laboratories.


Medilon is presented in neutral luer-lock glass syringe containing 2 ml of autoclaved solution, accompanied by a 25 g cannula for injection. Medilon is for single use only. Do not reuse or resterilize.

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