Modular System for Phacoemulsification and Posterior Vitrectomy

Pulsar² is a modular system for surgical procedures in the anterior and posterior segments. Combining phacoemulsifier with posterior vitreophage in an innovative, compact, safe and reliable way, the Pulsar² is the state of the art in modular ophthalmic surgery.



Key features:

  • Double aspiration system by Venturi pump and Peristaltic;
  • Technology PM for automatic compensation of ultrasound power according to each nuclear density. Compatible with the techniques M.I.C.S and Co-M.i.C.S (incisions of 3.2 to 1.0 mm);
  • Faco cold;
  • Dual linear programmable pedal;
  • LCD monitor with touch-screen;
  • More than 1000 memory locations;
  • Parameter selection via pedal, monitor or remote control;
  • Bipolar cautery and endodiathermia;
  • Expandable for posterior vitrectomy;
  • Gravity or forced irrigation system;
  • Xenon HID 5100K long-lasting light source;
  • High-speed posterior vitrectomy catheter (up to 4000 cts / min), 20/23 or 25 Gauge.

Aspiration System

  • Venturi / Peristaltic pump;
  • Option of changing peristaltic or venturi pumps during surgery, maintaining the same set of I / A hoses;
  • Disposable and autoclavable I / A lines;
  • ACS3 (former chamber surge suppression system) microprocessed anti-surge control.

Irrigation system

Traditional system by gravity, with automatic suspension of the infusion bottle. Minimal IOP® Forced Irrigation (optional).


  • U / S Slim 4 ultra-light pen 40gr;
  • Exclusive Technology PM;
  • Extrusion of 0 to 100 micron tip with 40 KHz;
  • Control panel or linear, through the pedal;
  • Continuous, pulsed, hyperpulsed, single burst, multi-burst, continuous burst, PEM (ultrasonic emission personalization program) modes.


Practicality and Versatility

Operation of the Pulsar² is quick and easy due to the ease of access of your monitor with a touch-sensitive LCD screen or through the remote control.

The surgical parameters are totally customized and can be stored in more than 1000 memory locations, according to the preference of each surgeon. The versatility of the equipment is guaranteed by a wide range of accessories available that offer the surgeon the possibility of performing most ophthalmic procedures.




Minimal Stress® is a patented technology that automatically measures and adjusts the tip stroke of the U / S stylus tip during the procedure. The equipment delivers the same power of phaco in any surgery, regardless of the type or grade of the cataract. Minimal Stress® technology ensures that the energy released into the eye is only what is strictly necessary to emulsify the core, reducing ocular trauma and contributing to a better surgical outcome.

The intelligent option in Phacoemulsification

Regency 2020 is an advanced anterior-segment ophthalmic surgical system that offers all the operational functions and safety devices required to perform the most modern phacoemulsification techniques in a portable, easy-to-use and cost-effective device. New fluid and ultrasonic control systems ensure excellent performance case by case.

Key features: r5

  • 3 U / S emission modes: Continuous, Pulsed and Cold Phaco
  • I / A function
  • Anterior vitrectomy
  • Bipolar Cautery
  • Peristaltic pump
  • Advanced anti-surge system
  • Reflux aspiration
  • Programmable vacuum up to 650 mmHg
  • Programmable increase flow rate up to 50 cc / min
  • Vacuum sound and occlusion beeper
  • Ultrasonic time counter
  • Ultrasonic automatic and continuous tuning
  • Titanium phaco pen with 4 piezoelectric crystals
  • Ergonomic multifunctional pedal
  • Complete line of disposable and reusable accessories
  • Autoclavable I / O lines (cassette dispensing)
  • Automatic voltage selection
  • Anterior vitrectomy with built-in air compressor
  • Simplified assembly, use and maintenance
  • 1 year total warranty


Advanced U / S Modes

Regency 2020 offers 3 independent modes of ultrasound: continuous, pulsed and cold-phasing, allowing you to perform your preferred technique today and in the future. The automatic and continuous ultrasonic tuning system provides full control and maximum emulsification efficiency at all nuclear densities.


Anterior vitrectomy and diathermy

Regency 2020 allows anterior vitrectomy with programmable speed up to 600 cuts per minute. The pneumatic vitrectomy probe is fully autoclavable and validated for limited reuse. An air compressor built into the console eliminates the need to connect to external compressed air sources.
The bipolar diathermy function provides excellent control and performance of cauterization and coaptation of tissues.


Advanced Antissue Technology

The ACASS system provides excellent anterior chamber stability at all vacuum and suction levels through real-time vacuum level monitoring, intelligent control devices, fluid compensation with low-compliant silicone suction lines.


Ultrasonic Titanium Pen

The high performance ultrasonic pen provides excellent efficiency for emulsifying cores of all densities without affecting adjacent tissues. Its entirely titanium construction is lighter and corrosion-free, enhancing surgeon control and extending tool life. Several models of ultrasonic tips are available for standard phacoemulsification techniques, mics and co-mics.

caneta 1


Complete Accessories Line

All Regency 2020 supplies and accessories are autoclavable and designed for limited reuse. Pens and tips for coaxial and bimanual I / O, bipolar diathermy instruments, vitrectomy probes, I / O lines, infusion gloves, test chambers and ultrasonic tips.


Multifunctional Control Pedal

pedal 1

The ergonomic pedal provides the surgeon with full control through sonorous and vibrating signals that indicate the activation of each stage. Its engineering thermoplastic resin construction is lightweight, splash-resistant and non-slip.



Warranty and Maintenance

Regency 2020 comes with 1 year warranty for console, pedal and ultrasonic pen. Due to its high resistance engineering and modularity, preventive and corrective maintenance is carried out quickly. Mediphacos provides training, support, and ongoing and immediate technical assistance.