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swahili quotes about happiness

"The grasshopper child with burning heart" is considered a little daring fellow, who might jump into the fire, trying to extinguish it, but it is useless, and nobody cares. JKP. 2214. ~ Buganda proverb. About people who become friends in order to profit. 2243. Wenzi wako siwacheke, akushikao mshike. Used in wedding songs - JK. A noble person is [like] a rope, and dies with the raft. 2197. The living will surely meet again. Uao, usually uwao or ubao = plank for raft, hull. Akupaye kisogo si mwenzio. Nobody dies without love; everyone knows love, even if only for a fleeting moment in one's life. He who plants a garden plants happiness. Friendship must not take away one's freedom - AL. 2231a. Wandani, wa ndani, intimate friends, of the inner side. MA. Milima haikutani, bali wanadamu hukutana. Moyo wa mwenzio ni msitu wa giza. 3992. When the hull goes down, the rigging follows it. Members mainly reside on the Swahili Coast, in an area encompassing the Zanzibar archipelago, coastal Kenya, the Tanzania seaboard, and northern Mozambique. 2189. The word jameela means ‘beautiful’ in Swahili. Cha bei yafaa wawili; wa tatu ni mlozi. Proverbs/Maxims/Sayings: Swahili-English. Rafiki mpime kwa vitendo. A friend or relative not available when needed, or who is not doing nice things behind your back. Many compliments, the sand on the sea-shore is too little. T 314; REK. MEM 290. Quotes tagged as "swahili" Showing 1-14 of 14 “Kiswahili ni lugha rasmi ya nchi za Tanzania, Kenya na Uganda. B 2. Dont judge any man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins. This language can be found in places such as Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to include some. a way of praying by bowing down with the hand on the knees during Muslim prayers (five times a day). REK. Asiye na marafiki hana maadui. Mungwana ni hudama. 2215. 2194. The one who turns his back on you is not your friend. Bora siku ya kuunga urafiki kuliko ile ya mlimo. 2187. NGU. 2247. Cf. The expression Kumpa mtu kisogo means to ignore somebody totally, to leave that person out of the conversation. Msitu ni mpya na komba ni wapya. It is better to have a clever enemy than a blundering friend. Some of the African quotes which are usually regarded to as the sayings of the wise have been around for more than 500 years when they were first coined by the wise ones and the heroes among our fathers. 2175. It is not your pain. Having doubts towards each other kills the friendship. JK 133. T 509; V 121; J  kawa; RECH 178. 2229. Karibu muhibu, machoni, moyoni. One without friends has no enemies. If a friend leaves you, it is because your friend has found other attractions. Cf. A butcher does not want to see somebody else slaughtering. To fit together like ... Kama pete na kidole. 2224a. Joyce Meyer Life Quotes When you make a mistake and the devil comes and tells you 'You're no good,' you don't have to take on the guilt and condemnation he wants to put on you. 2200. Mzaha, fun, joke, ridicule, derision. NGU. Cf. REK. MEM 8. Tulingane sawasawa, kama sahani na kawa. Top 10 reasons to learn communication skills. 2185. Study after study shows that effective communicators have longer marriages deeper friendships better relationships more successful college and career experiences make more money and are generally happier than their less articulate counterparts. Where you find one who does you evil, there also is one who does you good. The load of your friend don't throw it from your hand. SAM 16.19. and maungo. MM. "Some old people like complaining about their ills and ailments, but also they like to boast about old wars and heroic deeds" - JKP. Miwili miwili, furaha kamili. Women (mothers) are the ones that make most of those things. The wound of your friend is a solemn oath. 24. 2206. 2222a. KA. 2212. Happy New Year 2018 Wishes Greetings Quotes Sms Messages Happy New Family quotes family day families are like fudge mostly sweet w... Birthday Poems Original Poems For Birthdays If you share of yourself with your love you will in return get the blessings of closen... Quotewerks Pricing Quotewerks is a web based configure price quote cpq software solution which enables companies of all sizes to c... Swahili Proverbs Archives Proverbsyproverbsy Top 10 reasons to learn communication skills. Even after long separation, the chances are that they will meet again. MS 152. Vtaa Erifu; SAM 4.1. The one who loves you is not your slave. In order to avoid spoon-feeding you, we did not interpret the easier proverbs in this section. Mfuko wa mwenzio usiutupe mkono. 2185. Cf. Bila samahani, tuishi kama zamani. Being extremely unhappy is not an easy existence. Even a little gift of your friend is sweet. A mother who is not involved with her family has lovers - AL. Swahili is a word the Arabs used to describe "the coast" and only later did it come to apply to East African coastal culture specifically. 2181. Halili.a beloved person. The meaning is that misfortune of others is minimized.                                     Cultivating is slaves, way is a friend. See also the sections Alertness and Hurry. T 345;SACL 128. Mzigo wa mwenzio ni kanda la usufi. Whatever hurts your friend hurts you. There is always more to say and a letter is not a good enough apology. 2205. Kufarakana hakuvunji kujuana. The difference between then and now is that now i can see a light at the top of the barrel. Nifae mvuani nikufae juani. Don't deny help. Regarding your companion [you say] give me a chair; but regarding your own affairs you are standing straight. Cf. Nearby is beloved, before the eyes, in the heart. Akufaaye kwa dhiki ndiye rafiki. Food that is beyond your reach, you can get from others. Striking a friemdship is not difficult, the challence is to maintain it. Separation needs not to destroy friendly relationships. Whoever turns the back on you is not your friend. Some consider love to be true while others find it to be loyal. 2223. 2236. Said when people leave each other or are away for a long time. Cf. Swahili March1967, p.106. NGU. Human translations with examples: furaha, furaha ntele. Discover and share Swahili Quotes About Life. 2191. Adui ukimtahadhari mara moja, rafiki umtahadhari mara elfu moja. 2227. AL 1027. The pain of your friend is yours. 70 Famous Short Quotes On Style And Attitude Benfeed Here is our collection of 25 quotes on style and attitude. (Swahili Proverb) - More Swahili Proverbs... Patience attracts happiness; it brings near that which is far. A prostitute or a Don Juan finds a mate - AL. Chakula kilicho mbali usipokipata, unaweza kupata kwa wengine. Panzi mwana mwaka-moyo, hifa kwa wewe vina nini? AL simama. Professional jealousy. Like a tick and a cow's tail. KA. Zawadi huimarisha urafiki. Since childhood, people are conditioned to find pleasure from the outside sources including other people, things, or … SPK. Ndugu saha, a brother/sister indeed. Wealth, if you use it, comes to an end; learning, if you use it, increases. This is one of the most famous Swahili quotes by Dalai Lama and is translated into English as happiness is not something readymade. If you cannot go and see your friend, at least you can write a letter - SPK. Cf. Rahisi kumpoteza rafiki kuliko kumpata tena. 2209. EM k23. Kuoneana mashaka kwaua urafiki. KB 178. KB 34. Being extremely unhappy is not an easy existence. NGU. Mfupa uliomshinda fisi, mbwa atauweza? 2225a. 2190. 22. 2182. A courageous foe is better than a cowardly friend. 2195. Driven by that view millions work long exhausting hours to make more money. NGU. Kuanzisha urafiki si kazi, ngwamba ni kuupalia. RSP 99. 2258. The sure fire way to make your gi... Beautiful Swahili Proverbs About Happiness, Best Happy Birthday Little Brother Quotes, Free Printable When You Are Happy Alone Quotes, The Best and Most Comprehensive Happy Quotes To Make Someone Jealous. 2178. 2202. Let's live harmoniously together like the coffee, which takes the shape of the cup. Cf. Usiache mbachao kwa mswala upitao. Misfortune of another is nothing, but your own is like a burial. A favorite phrase in letters. It comes by one’s own actions. J kupe; KS  kupe. Said if someone does not appear in time. Uchungu wa mwenzako hauwezi kukudhuru. RECH 113. For the case of your friend [you say], give me a chair to sit down; but for your own case you even sit on the ground. The one who does not stick with you is not your friend. 2254. Asiyekuwapo machoni, na moyoni hayupo. 2204. Kama uta na upote.                                     Majibiwi na manyasi hayakusanyiki. Mountains do not meet, but people meet. MA 16. Kama chanda na pete. Kulima kwa mtu pweke ni kujihiliki: Water and sugar. 2222. In business, friendship, and love it's better to limit oneself for fear of becoming superficial. Mbacha, an old mat. Short reckonings make long friendship. ... Inspirational Stories - Poems - Quotes. An old sore/wound becomes a true friend. EM r3. J ; B 2.39; SACL 41, 278; KB 72, kuliko; T 88; V 110; AL 1436. It is better to be the thorn in the side of your friend than to be your friend's echo. 2246. Proverbs 176 grandchildren are the crown of old men and the glory of sons is their fathers. The bone of your friend's goat is tasty. The Swahili people are an ethnic and cultural group inhabiting the African Great Lakes region. Swahili Proverbs Archives Proverbsyproverbsy. “Fimbo ya mbali haiui nyoka. There is nothing that annoys in the misfortune of a friend. Wandani wawili, nia iwe moja. Let them know how you feel in Swahili. EM r6. A promise of mutual help in times of difficulty. EM r9. KB ll9; SACL 216. Kuanzisha urafiki si kazi, ngwamba ni kuupalia. Quotes are usually expressions of people's experiences. Here simba, a lion stands for an enemy; fisi, hyena stands for a treacherous friend. REK. The happiness in your pocket, don’t spend it all. 2228. EM z1. 2198. 2196. 2180. Your friend who admonishes you, loves you. 2176. The person who helps you in need is a friend. ~ African proverb. The World Needs The Wisdom Of Love Proverbs More Than Ever. They make straw baskets, hats, fans, mats, food covers, and a slew of other decorative stuff. If I, the impetuous grasshopper, die for you so what? 2229. JKP  683. Njia, a course of action, right course; hence, counsel, advice; and justice - T.   Cf. Can a dog crush the bone that defeated a hyena? V 121. 2192. Msala or Mswala, a new praying mat. Swahili Sayings about Love: True love still exists,looking for Swahili sayings to send to your love; today we are going to look at Swahili Sayings about Love that you can SMS or text to your love. future happiness life present virtue. Like finger and ring. You don't care for those you do not love. 23. SPK. Dalili Ya Mvua Ni Mawingu Swahili Proverb Methali Swahili Owly. NGU. Walio hai hawaachi kuonana. JKP. Swahili may date back several thousand years, but it developed into the language we hear today with the arrival of Arab and Persian traders on the East African coast between 500 - 1000 AD. Used to soften a departure. H 95; B 2.26; SWA 60; MS 158;RSP 64. German Proverb 4. Mwacha rafiki vitani ataijuta nyumani. Cf. All have the same meaning. J; RECH 222; SACL  407; V kishogo. Many greetings as there is sand. Hepa from epa, avoid, get out of the way. Find more Swahili words at! 2178a. Simkimbie, usi-m-kimbie, do not run away from a person. See more ideas about swahili quotes, swahili, quotes. Cf.                                     the burnbakes and weeds are not to be got together - T. Presents strengthen friendship. If a native of pemba can get a log he does not relive himself on the nothing but the best. Enemy or friend has no mark [of identification]. 2262. 2173. The enemy of darkness is a lamp [light]. Mtu na rafikiye ni kama kombe, haziachi kuchakacha. 2218. Even if the house is small a friend finds a place. KA. Pay [back] the one who mistreats you. 2173. Asiyefawa or asiyesaidiwa. Mkondo, riverbed, gulfstream, passage. As the joker said: "A friend in need is a good person to avoid." A comic does not offend people. Don't despise the one who loves you, forget the one who turns you down. F 42.13; AL 1683; AL.1683. 2207. Measure friends by their deeds. "The strength of Oriental friendship is proverbial. Two friends, let their purpose be one. Two bodies, perfect happiness. It bridges the pain of separation. Cf. Maji na sukari. AL 993; TS 22/1. T 172; AL  950. The smile of a friend costs dearly. In this case, quotes in the Swahili language are used to express in a better way how people feel about their loved ones. C.S. Mfupa ulishinda fisi, binadamu hawezi [kuuvunja]. Kama sahani na kawa. Filisi, make bankrupt, ruin. 1668. The forest is new and so are the lemurs.

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