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james burton and elvis

That could have happened, though. J.B – I’ll be doing that and nowadays, even when we do ‘Elvis: The Concert’ I like to change the solos around a bit for interest. “I did, and I played lead guitar. I love writing songs so I formed a publishing company called "Sweet Medicine Music." James kindly agreed to talk to EIN about the visit and his extraordinary life. But we were working really hard making hit records and I needed more than three or four hours sleep! EIN – James, you are a true survivor with such an amazing career and you are still playing which is even better. If you met him for the first time, your impression would be, ‘Boy, this guy is really quiet and shy’. Can you imagine Elvis’ voice holding up for that time? Sometimes we might only make $48! Auch diese Gitarre war akustisch. Wayne Jackson was interviewed by Piers Beagley for EIN, September 2002/2006. James Burton: Rick was a wonderful, great guy, quiet, and sorta on the shy side. Elvis is standing there & says “I want to do this new song. Turn the machines on boys!" Ozzie offered us a lot more money to stay over and do the shows, but we said, "No, we wanna go home." I had never been on a jet plane before and we had the biggest time you could imagine. James Burton: Elvis was telling us about one show he did in the fifties that the audience turned the stage over! I hadn't heard any of it yet and I suddenly realised that this was really special stuff. We would sit around drinking Cokes, may be 15 or 20 of us, and sometimes he might not come downstairs 'til one O’clock in the morning. I really miss Ricky too, you know. He learnt a lot from everybody. They loved Rick, and it was great. Rick Nelson was such a great artist, he could have done anything. TCB! I answered the phone and gave it to my wife; she took the call, and I heard her scream. EIN – I can’t wait to see you & the band perform again in Australia. We were 25 years old. Sometimes he suggested to Rick how to sing it, but we would usually end up doing it the way Rick wanted to do it. There were just certain things you couldn’t talk about, he was easy to blush, a lot of times when I’ve done interviews, people would ask, "How come Rick closes his eyes when he sings?". James Burton: Oh no, Rick and I pretty much worked the songs up, and we would put our ideas together. You can watch those shows and see how hard he worked. Well Chip Young and I were just sitting in Studio B and playing around with the melody and both on acoustic guitars. It’s a beautiful song. We worked closely, and we made some really nice music in our time span. What an amazing gang! We did a lot of old ballad stuff, like "Fools Rush In," which we hopped up a little bit, instead of one carburetor, we had three carburetors on it [Author’s Note: Burton later suggested Elvis record it in May 1971 in Nashville, which he promptly did after running through 25 takes of it]. You see American Studios was in the worst part of town. It’s so hard to pick one particular thing, although I was very honoured to be Elvis’ lead guitar player for nine years and I was very blessed to have played with Elvis. One day the doctor just woke up & said “Hey, no more, that’s it!”. We’d never been to Europe before and me being a country boy from the sleepy, cotton-town of West Memphis (Arkansas), even Memphis was a big deal. Legendary guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer James Burton will be celebrating his 80th birthday in August. EIN – Eventually you decided to move to Nashville. Elvis would want to ride that roller-coaster Zippin’ Pippin and so we'd all go ride the Pippin. While this interview is primarily about James Burton's earlier career with Ricky Nelson - however both Elvis' and Rick Nelson's paths crossed so many times that Elvis is also a key figure in this story. We loved to laugh together. James Burton Elvis Guitarist James Burton was Elvis Presley’s Guitarist 1969 -1977 James Burton was Inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame James Burton performed with Elvis Presley. -Copyright EIN April 2011 - DO NOT COPY. well, I had the feeling that he would be the kind of person that you would have to really get to know. James Burton Interview - Rick Nelson & Elvis: 'Live A Little, Love A Little' FTD Soundtrack Review: 'If I Can Dream' Elvis with the RPO - In-depth CD Review: Is 'From Elvis In Memphis' the only Elvis album you need to own? Delaney Bramlett sang and played bass, Joey Cooper played rhythm guitar and sang, Glen D. Hardin (of the TCB Band) on piano, Chuck Blackwell on drums (he came out from Oklahoma with Leon Russell), and myself on lead guitar, so that was The Shindogs, and we did 90 percent of the recording for the show with all the artists that came. For Elvis fans who might not be aware, Rick Nelson first broke onto the national scene as one of the stars of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, a US sitcom based on his actual family, including his older brother, David, his mother, Harriet, and his father, the brilliant genius behind it all, Ozzie. J.B – That’s true, yeah. Tonight I'm taking a look at Elvis's main man James Burton! Wow, if you saw the show you know how much fun we had. James Burton was interviewed by Piers Beagley, August 21st 2003. Right - the great James Burton in action at Elvis week 2010 -, Click here for EIN's exclusive 2003 interview with James Burton, Click here for EIN's interview with Tony Joe White, Click here for EIN's interview with Wayne Jackson, 'From Elvis To Garth' Bobby Wood & The Memphis Boys, Elvis in the 1970s - a creative and commercial force that should not be ignored. Al Green wasn't making pop records any more and Steve Cropper had left town. EIN Website content © Copyright the Elvis Information Network. I unplugged my guitar, and I had to run to my trailer and throw my guitar in its case. See more ideas about James burton, Music icon, Elvis. EIN Website content © Copyright the Elvis Information Network. Join us for a very special event, James Burton: Celebrating 80 Years of His Life and Music, to close out Elvis Week on Sunday, August 18, at The Guest House at Graceland Theater. I don’t know if Jerry Lee would have liked that, it would be like working with Elvis, you wouldn’t want to go onstage with somebody before Elvis’ show, it wouldn’t look good. 1 1953-56' In Depth Book Review: 'Aloha From Hawaii' 40th Anniv LEGACY CD Review: 'Prince From Another Planet’ In-Depth Review: 'A Boy From Tupelo' special In-depth Review: 'From Hawaii to Las Vegas' FTD CD Review: 'Elvis: Live at the International' Book Review: Elaine Beckett -Easy Come Easy Go costar- Interview: Interview With Elvis author - : Gillian G. Gaar. Someone who don’t look like him, dress like him or perform like him because Elvis was the only one! Elvis’ cousin Bobbie Ayers was married to a wealthy real estate developer and I was the co-pilot of his Lear jet. He wasn’t really thrilled about it, but Bob was happy for us. Firstly, I have just completed writing book two in my autobiographical series, "In My Wildest Dreams". W.J – I moved to this home in 1977 - and I like it in Nashville. Q: Did you get onstage with Rick during that engagement? EIN – You’ve done a lot of touring in your time. Rick opened the show, and we closed the show, and we would do another set of shows that same night. Emmylou Harris - Wikipedia Among Page's early influences were rockabilly guitarists Scotty Moore and James Burton, who both played on recordings made by Elvis … He said, "We’ll form this group, and you’ll be called The Shindogs." I had a ball. I came out of my dressing room, and I got caught in the middle of those screaming fans. EIN’s Piers Beagley was fortunate to meet Wayne Jackson and to spend some time with him chatting about soul music, life and Elvis. We laughed and travelled all over the world making records and touring with artists of all genres. Steven Gaydos ... Elvis Presley, and the Queen of Country Music, Emmylou Harris. Well that song was one, also ‘Susie-Q’ and another song, remember ‘Early Morning Rain’? W.J – It just happened that I am a qualified pilot. Eventually we were put on a staff salary that made up for it. James Burton continued to play with Elvis until Elvis' death in 1977. Rick had his greatest success between 1957 and 1963, and during those years he was second only to Elvis Presley, an amazing achievement. Well I used to do shows & tours with Gene when I was working with Bob Luman & the Louisiana Hayride. Rick Nelson / James Burton Introduction. EIN – Thank you so much for talking with us and make sure that you enjoy the rest of your birthday. Rick and I went out and played shows, sold out 30,000 and 40,000-seaters. Because the studio was so small we would often go off with the Backing singers while the rhythm section worked out the backbone of the songs. The James Burton Foundation, a 501(c) non-profit organization at 714 Elvis Presley Avenue in Shreveport, is constructing the proposed "James Burton Guitar and Car Museum". James Burton has remembered Elvis on Facebook: It's so hard to believe it's been 43 years today since we buried my friend, Elvis. James Burton: Oh yeah, absolutely. At only age 14, Burton went professional, working club gigs and private parties. When he came back inside, he noticed a telegram hanging on the door, so he grabbed it and brought it in. Now in an interview with Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum, The King’s TCB bandleader James Burton has recounted how Elvis… Both books are very entertaining and, although not history books, they give lots of information and stories that you won’t find anywhere else! But Bob was a great guy to work with and a great talent. He looked incredible & tanned & healthy but just a few weeks after that and he was gaining weight again. Wayne Jackson – You know that I’ve been down there to Australia several times & I love it. A lot of times we all felt like The Beatles ‘cos people were frantic to see us. J.B – That was my fault! J.B – Ricky & I used to go motor-cycling all the time and one day we bumped into old Gene Vincent. J.B – That is correct, with Elvis I never had one night off! You know even in those movies I admire him for being "Elvis" no matter what his costume or his name was. He just loves people and he could just talk to people for hours. You’ve got to understand that the studio was surprisingly small so that there was not much room for the band plus the horns & back-up voices. I said, "Oh, okay." I just couldn’t see how he could gain & lose weight so fast without doing his health some damage. James Burton: Not really, Ozzie would come in and be interested in the song selection. Elvis in 1969 - Ann Moses & Ray Connolly Interviews: Ernst Jorgensen interview about 'On Stage' and Elvis' Legacy in 2010: 'The Original Elvis Tribute 2010'- An Elvis band on Tour: Interview: Ian Fraser-Thomson (1969 Vegas Rehearsal Show), Review of FTD Book/CD Writing For The King, Book: Return of The King Elvis Presley's Great Comeback. J.B – Well, nothing was planned! James Burton, Actor: The Guardian. I remember one time waiting for Elvis to come down, sitting in an old gnarly Jungle Room chair and the damn thing nearly swallowed me up! Ozzie wanted to film a lot more songs and show-related stuff, but we got homesick and wanted to return to Louisiana and be home for the Christmas holidays. It doesn’t seem like it’s been 25 years at all. The only thing I noticed was the extreme weight gain problems. You know, we could have done that, but we didn’t. I was shocked and suddenly thought that I was the last Memphis hold-out. See more ideas about james burton, ricky nelson, burton. Elvis had that voice and the looks and he soaked up all kinds of music. We all just did whatever we wanted to do, we worked and we helped each other. If it wasn’t for family over here I could get lost down there! I also worked with Jerry Lee Lewis after Elvis’ death. We went through 300,000 people a day doing shows, it was just incredible. I know that you’ve met Tony - & let me tell you that he is as funky as always and he inspired me to do my very best work! But Ozzie was a brilliant music man and a great producer. Thank you so much for your support! James Burton: Before I met him I've always had the feeling that Elvis might be a little . I talked to Joe Esposito plus The Jordanaires & Darwin Lamm (Elvis International) and they all told me that Mick was a wonderful guy, a really nice man and a great singer & performer. 4 - Sound of the City, Book: Elvis The Louisiana Hayride Years 1954-56, Film Posters & Lobby Cards - a photo gallery. He says "Hey, let’s record that! I like the hills and the way it feels and almost anywhere you go you run into songwriters. Elvis was an incredible person to work with. It was no time off and no vacations and just non-stop. That perfect moment when Elvis says, “Play something James”! It was 1961. EIN Website content © Copyright the Elvis Information Network. The first time I actually heard Elvis sing ‘In the Ghetto’ however I was quietly sitting with my horn and looking at the music. Q: What was your first official session with Rick? Right: Wayne Jackson & Andrew Love. He wanted me to come out the next day (laughing), I said, "Wait a minute! I have some pretty good friends. Selected back issues of FREE online newsletter. W.J – Oh man! Now, a statue of him as a thirty-something stands next to the King outside his hometown’s Municipal Memorial Auditorium, where both performed James Burton was born in Dubberly, Louisiana, August 21, 1939, but he grew up in Shreveport. It’s my day off between recording sessions and you are right, today is still my Birthday! Sun Studios is probably the most important place in the world for Rock’n’roll and you can certainly feel that something very important happened in that room. The Memphis Horns still funky after all these years. EIN – What about when Elvis started singing songs too quick for you or sometimes held back at the start. James’ replacement, Joe Osborn, lives about fifteen minutes away from me in a little town. You don’t want to overproduce, that can be the worst thing. James Burton, the host of the International Guitar Festival, presented with his guitar friends and a throng of fans and friends, “A Tribute to Elvis” over two days of celebration. We played in Australia in 1959; we were also present in Hawaii that year during the ceremony establishing Hawaii as the 50th state. Of course I get some funny looks sometimes but it’s fun! Q: Before we dive in, should it be "Ricky" or "Rick?". The facility will showcase Burton's collection of guitars and classic cars as well as models from some of his celebrity friends. GO HERE to the Official James Burton website - full of current news and James Burton information. So I was really supposed to be on that plane that killed Otis and the band – but having to stay back for the overdubs on ‘Dock Of The Bay’ saved my life! EIN – When I look at what you were doing in the seventies I can’t imagine how you managed to find time to do all those recordings you did as well as and touring regularly with Elvis & also his studio recordings. All these great friends are gone, it’s so sad. And I knew that they would blend in the most natural, beautiful way. Elvis came in and said, “What is that?” and then he started humming the melody and started remembering the words. with his prestige and everything . There really was a guy with an automatic rifle on the roof in case of something bad happened - especially after Martin Luther King died. We were in Graceland last week and performed at Elvis’ Memphis club and we just had a wonderful time. Go here for this interesting interview by EIN contributor Jeremy Roberts, where James Burton remembers his late friend 25 years on. For a while I was going from eight o’clock in the morning to about 4am the same night and this went on for months and months. Anytime somebody can run neck and neck with Elvis, that’s pretty damn close. I have recently been watching some of those great STAX shows of you in Europe. In 1975, Emmylou Harris had hired both James and Glen D. Hardin for her Hot Band. A swirling cauldron of musical people! EIN – You worked on The Louisiana Hayride and Shreveport is where you grew up. Thomas and Elvis Presley. EIN - It seems crazy that your horn sound is so identifiable in all those records yet you got less than $50! - James Burton Elvis inserts by Piers Beagley -. He said, "Do you boys wanna do something on the TV show, maybe do a couple of songs?" He might give you a whole solo or he might give you two or possibly cut you short, you never knew. Feb 5, 2016 - Explore Judith Paterson's board "James Burton", followed by 418 people on Pinterest. James Burton: Johnny Cash called me to play slide dobro with him on the very first pilot show for Shindig. There was so much music and also a lot of poverty and we all worked to earn something extra and I was one of those people. It was just a recording session that just happened to be with Elvis. One day someone would have finally let Elvis play a legitimate acting role! Glen can you write the arrangement for the band & for the orchestra and we’ll do it tomorrow night?” Glen D can’t believe it at such short notice. But he was the type of guy that once you got to know him, you understood more about his personality. He has also played with Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Dean Martin, The Everly Brothers, Bobby Darin, Jerry Lee Lewis and many others. Elvis Costello says that James Burton is one of a few players who musicians almost always call ‘legendary.’ Pete Townsend says that James is probably the most important guitar player in American music. After that, she asked Elvis for a scarf and a kiss.

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