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who owns the government

Read…  Wow, That Was Fast: Debt Out the Wazoo. You go to each one of your employees and you tell them to write a $250 or a $500 check to the following Congressmen or Senators. Often called “debt held internally,” these are assets that belong to the beneficiaries of those funds.”, I really am hoping someone will give me an answer to the above–thx in advance. For $5 to $10 per taxpayer, we could have a system of total public financing for all Congressional and presidential races - Congress, House and Senate, primary and general, total public financing for a cost of $5 to $10 a taxpayer. Jobs But I come back to you. But Who Bought this Huge Pile of US Government Debt? They use every scrap of paper and every ledger to avoid admitting that they are debtors to us. I assumed the banks created debt against their reserves to buy treasuries, which the feds new dollars repaid. And to get into it, you're going to have to swim through a wall of water and-. ‘Bank and OTHER US entities’ implies foreign holdings. To follow the investigation and help us fill in the gaps, visit the Who Owns England? While House and Senate banking committees were debating deregulation, savings and loan PACs reported more than $2 million in contributions to committee members. So the foreign exchange rate adjusts to reflect the new money/real asset ratio that holds in country Y. NARRATOR: President Bush's moderate reform plan was applauded by lobbyists from the insurance industry and criticized by public interest groups. And Fed governors debating whether rates should be pegged at negative??!! Comments and questions about our policy are welcome. sends out to holders of Treasury securities. BILL MOYERS: I'm taken with your point about the impact of - shifting the emphasis from the impact on politics to the impact on government because we are now seeing cause and effect. CHARLES KEATING: Out here we have the secretarial bay. still doesn't know how much he really gave, but we now know that Bob Mosbacher gave at least $100,000. And through the years it has always been, you have to pay to play. China held only 4.3% of total US debt, the lowest in years. Sometimes the whole object is to gum up the works-. If the Fed has to print to buy the treasuries off the primary dealers, where do the primary dealers (banks) get the dollars from to purchase the treasuries initially. St. Germain would prove himself the industry's most loyal ally. I'll just be quiet and let things get worse and worse." That's nearly $25 million. “As long as the rate growth of GDP exceeds that of the DEBT”. Thirty-five million Americans have no health insurance, many of them in the middle class. and fed do not forgive debt. Millions of Americans are angry about all this, as Dr. Patton said, but the plunder is organized and championed. It had not been carefully thought through. Tom Murse. What is going to happen with the Fed’s practice – exponentially increasing debt? This was getting to be an expensive exercise and a dangerous one. FRED WERTHEIMER, Common Cause: Well, yeah, I think we can measure its impact, both on the campaigns, but much more importantly on government. They still are limited to choices in November that are deeply infected by the very toxic influence of money we've been talking about. FRED WERTHEIMER: Absolutely. Energy Then it buys Treasuries from its primary dealers and pays them with these newly created electronic dollars. It gave the Parris campaign four separate contributions totaling $10,000, the legal maximum. ELLEN MILLER: I think you have to look at this in terms of what the real goal is and we have to challenge in this country the assumption that public elections should be privately financed because that's the inherent problem that we have in terms of the special interests, the vested interests' control and sway over the electoral process. It’s the “new normal”. They only create “schemes” like the UK that eventually end up in staggered bankruptcies over time. or you to see. No one in DC has ever had to remotely “function” in the economic world their grotesque incompetence has made inevitable. I checked the Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI calculator. FRED WERTHEIMER: They can basically say, "Put up or shut up" or perhaps "Get out." Suggesting the banks were not left with newly created dollars needing somewhere to go? Take the last race for Rhode Island's 2nd District, John Reed versus Trudy Coxe. But who bought it? Find out more about's privacy policy and terms of service. Central Banks Tom Murse is a former political reporter and current Managing Editor of daily paper "LNP," and weekly political paper "The Caucus," both published by LNP Media in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Yes , it really is that simple. And few advisors would recommend 100% gold. Does that mean then that the Fed will owe money. Your pension fund sold treasury bonds (which have a real negative yield, so, yeah). And this is a REALLY REALLY big point. Japan’s holdings, after a massive buying spree early in the year, ticked down a smidgen in April. Obviously the rich have some defenses, but, historically, rich Americans paid much higher taxes in the days when the economy was also really growing. You needed 1518.93 today to buy what you could have bought for $1000 in 2000. YEP — we have MMT which means deficits don’t matter. VIVECA NOVAK, Common Cause: I think that people out there don't really know the extent to which this game is played in Washington. But in some of the cheapest cities, rents dropped. The American Health Care Association gave both candidates the same amount on the same day. What I think is happening is that the public, and we see this in poll after poll in this election year, is becoming much more aware of the specific influence of vested interest money in campaigns. It was going to be before Senate Banking. NARRATOR: Until last year the F.E.C. Oh, I forgot! Some people have questioned my concern over both the CDC and John Hopkins University is a PRIVATE organization where the CDC accepts private funding – NOT ONLY GOVERNMENT! You won't have to pay that back, either, because here's what I'd like you to do." But if that theory is destined to enter “the wastebin of history”. I think the answer is “yes.” That is, bonds everywhere (not just the US) will start to be seen as “not worth the guaranteed losses to inflation.”. It is the most exclusive club in the world and just to describe what it's about, take three of the great examples of the excess and greed of the 1980's. This doesn't have to happen. By. Remember those six nominated ambassador? Over growth is what’s happened. FRED WERTHEIMER: It has not fallen lamely. After … It was only three weeks after George Bush won election as president of the United States that Danny Wall went to Congress and said, "Gentlemen, we've got a problem. NARRATOR: And how they gave. The crime you refer to have not been committed by those you refer to. But new businesses with planned wages have been getting scarcer since 2007. If at zero interest there is no demand for treasuries the price would have to drop to entice buyers, this gives you negative rates which the fed does not want. REP. JIM LEACH: Anybody that gives a substantial sum of money knows that, at a minimum, they have access on important legislation. Gold notes don’t have any value either. Maybe those go to political parties. He stole it fair and square. Be prepared. It’s wise to know the difference between money and currency. There will never be higher Federal taxes. The Fed never buys anything, you the taxpayer buy these treasuries. They reported back to Congress that rampant fraud and mismanagement threatened to bring down the industry. And in Congress it's a campaign contribution. To Him and his legacy or endless spending. This site is truly an encyclopedia when it comes to the details of how this debt is created and where it goes. I’m a real estate person,not a high finance person, so my ignorance is evident, but I do want to understand. [also Gildenhorn, Switzerland; Wilkins, Netherlands; Hostler, Bahrain}. If America was “following the constitution as we did once upon a time with regard to money…The Federal Reserve” would be abolished. Governments end when games like these are played. Get with the program man. Everyone decided to say, "Well, we'll just forget about it." So did the American Hospital Association. How is Treasury “managing” these contributions, and what is the net effect? Over the two-month period of March and April, the US government increased its debt by $1.56 trillion (most of it in April); and over the same two-month period, the Fed bought $1.56 trillion in Treasury securities (most of it in March) and thereby monetized 100% of the additional pile of debt during the two-month period. Yes, that’s his job…make the market go up! DON PEASE: It's not as much fun to be in Congress, to spend all the money that you have to spend, to spend the time raising the money and then to have the frustrations of trying to get accomplished things that you really feel strongly about. I used to think that Henry Miller was just being clever when he said "The blind lead the blind. Presidential candidates can't raise the money directly, so they raise it, run it through the parties, get the benefit of it. Portia: Say you’re a veteran. And I think the sense is that in order to establish a financially level playing field, that we have to look at some kind of vacuum-sealed system. Re “If the Foreign entity making our stuff don’t want our debt or Reserve Fiat Note they could force a Gold Trade Note”. Nov 29, 10:07 AM EST ... Now, it formally owns the IANA. Isn't there a way to have small contributions from millions of citizens so that they feel that they have a stake in this, other than just checking off this list and having the money taken-. [interviewing} People have made rather serious allegations. Not likely Constitutional in US (5th Amendment taking) but very little of the US gvt pays strict attention to all Constitutional laws…they pick and choose. But did it work? Japan held 5.1%. Fed is buying to avoid the USD liquidity crunch felt by the market. BILL MOYERS: Influencing government to act? They can even make it illegal to hold metal in any form used for monetary exchange and close the window for redemption. Looks like $1,500 from Joy. JOSH GOLDSTEIN: I have Joseph Zappala at $106,000 and he and his wife gave another $5,000. NARRATOR: Joseph Zappala? Those selling USTs are trying to meet the USD pent up demand if not met will impact their Money Market Interest Rates and Exchange Rates adversely. What is the significance of China’s capital flight regarding the plunge in China’s Treasury holdings? A lot of things need to change drastically. Dealers always make money when they buy-and-sell something. Saudi dumping their holdings can either mean: Before the crisis Fed was opening up REPO for hedge funds, and dollar swap lines. The Treasury Department is in charge of issuing enough savings bonds, Treasury bonds, and Treasury inflation-protected securities to finance the government's current budget. Gee, I wonder which ones propaganda? To find out why, you have to watch those millions of dollars in campaign contributions making their way from the health care industry into the coffers of Democrats and Republicans alike. Some businesses are to big to fail (jail)!! Wall St. A human being has a brain capable of carrying out the equivalent of about 10^17 operations per second. Real estate? GEORGE BUSH: My plan would modify the passive loss rule for active real estate developers. STEPHEN P. PIZZO: Let me tell you something about civics. Holders other than the Fed are essentially becoming irrelevant (although other central banks will still print to buy USD to some extent, in order to manipulate their FX rates downward in order to maintain intl trade advantages). And each one of them is contributing to the parties to help candidates, to buy the influence, to buy the access, and it has made the government rife. ELLEN MILLER, Center for Responsive Politics: It's torrents of money in $100,000 chunks, in fact more of this kind of sewer money in the last presidential election cycle than we ever had in the days of Watergate. GWENDOLYN PATTON: I really think that we're going to have to do it as grass roots citizens, otherwise we risk a real revolutionary type of struggle in this country as the crisis deepens. And then you'll try to figure out who gave money to who, when, and you won't be able to find it. Eventually if you want stuff you will have to put your own work in to get stuff if no one will swap their time for your Fiat Currency to get you the stuff you want. Trump announces $1 Trillion infrastructure program… California Daydreamin’ It is a shell game, and Privco plays it too. You cannot see the change going on around the world, in the Soviet Union, in Eastern Europe, the transition in South Africa, and think that we can sit here without the world passing us by. And instead you had key members of Congress trying to fight and block those people who wanted to crack down. Our political leaders have shut their eyes to the corruption of our system, brought on by their obeisance to money, and they do their best to keep us in the dark about their worst. _______________________________. But does that really happen much now, or do the corporate shells simply move around as assets while the debts are transferred onto the backs of the public in one form or another? A $1000 laptop today can perform about 10^11 operations per second. He got $6 million from Team 100. The Treasury can mint as much currency as it wants and it never ever run out. Companies & Markets It seems inevitable. Now, don't let them mail them. MICHAEL WALDMAN: Originally deposit insurance covered only $40,000 in a deposit. Federal taxes will always decrease. Buying bonds forces others to sell. On average. You sound like a Dr Rothschild. The federal government owns and manages 238.4 million acres (96.5 million hectares) made up of USDA Forest Service lands (145.2 million acres or 58.7 million hectares), Bureau of Land Management lands (38.1 million acres or 15.4 million hectares), and other lands managed by the U.S. National Park Service and the Department of Defense (55.1 million acres or 22.3 million hectares). “And we’re perfectly capable of making the rest of our stuff again if we wish. That's provided you're able to put up $100,000. This brought its total holdings of Treasuries (including repos) by the end of April to $4.13 trillion. The General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent agency of the United States government established in 1949 to help manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies. STEPHEN P. PIZZO: Absolutely. However, at current market value, the 8300 tons or so of gold reserves would only cover the current account deficit for less than 9 months. NARRATOR: When Banking Committee reformers tried to increase the authority of regulators to shut down bankrupt S&L's, they found themselves locked in a battle with industry lobbyists and some of their own members. And let me tell you something, bankers are paying mightily to get bank deregulation through." The Government automatically acquires “unlimited rights” in certain categories of technical data including: (1) data pertaining to an item, component, or process (ICP) developed exclusively with Government funds; (2) form, fit, and function data; and (3) corrections or changes to technical data furnished to the Contractor by the Government. Well, now we know what he meant. “Yet, buying Treasury securities is an unpalatable undertaking today … But who are the entities buying them?“. NARRATOR: Get-togethers like this are now a daily occurrence on Capitol Hill, as many as a dozen a day. BTW…”This Note Is Legal Tender For All Debts, Public And Private” emphasizes that this is only for existing debt…it does not specify that you can demand to use it for any new purchasing nor force anyone to take it…it is an Achilles Heel for the public holding them and an escape clause for the bankers who seek ways around the Constitutional provision of one money system. And then you collect those checks. EU bonds with negative rates and US bonds with low but positive and reliable rates. They are lackeys of a corrupt political class. Constituents don't travel from Ohio or from Oklahoma or from Tennessee to Washington very often, whereas the PAC people are here all the time. Time and enough to advance ”PRINCIPLES” that these ancient folks stipulated to each and every challenge Today,,, especially controlling the very clear corruption and criminality of today by the very people who can, could, and should be doing their very very best to ensure THE best possibilities for ALL folks willing to work… almost the opposite of what has been happening the last few decades. “We’re just shifting away from ETFs to this other form of index.”, “If market functioning continues to improve, then we’re happy to slow or even stop the purchases,” he said. This fact blows by so many people. I don’t even understand what happens when the FED buys a Treasury. A seat in this dreary corridor is one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in Washington. This would be following the constitution as we did once upon a time with regard to money.The Federal Reserve sole role,if it survives ,would be to keep the Domestic de-basement / credit scheme alive and its population of economic serfs healthy enough for bleeding with the domestic Federal Reserve Note. I don’t see how. See our Privacy Policy. And when Japan becomes a forced seller of US debt, one guess as to what happens to UST yields and the Fed’s balance sheet to monetize all of it? This unloading of US Treasury debt by foreign entities comes as the US government is borrowing vast amounts, at a rate of $1 trillion every four to six weeks. What seems to be the most important thing is survival, of a member of Congress or of a particular industry. And therefore destroying the desire to save in USD. MICHAEL WALDMAN: Ultimately, there was a tie vote. I paid by credit card, but I could have made a big stink about it. MMT’ers are big on saying governments can never go bankrupt…. I appreciate your attempt to explain, but I remain befuddled. To get too caught up in the mechanics is to lose sight of the underlying crime. Everything is cloaked in reform. Lol, nope. And who cast the deciding vote, cast a proxy vote for the S&L's? If your comments consistently or intentionally make this community a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it. He alone received nearly $150,000 from S&L PACs in just the first five years of deregulation. In the chart below, which shows Treasury holdings by category, the holdings of US banks and other US entities are combined into the yellow field: In May and so far in June, the Fed has further cut back on its purchases of Treasury securities, even as the US government debt has now ballooned to over $26 trillion. Government is also doing official activities and collect taxes to pay back the treasury bonds. The next 10 major holders are mostly tax havens and financial centers, including the UK (City of London financial center), Belgium (home to Euroclear), and Ireland where many US corporations, including Apple, have mailbox entities where they register part of their global profits to dodge taxes in the US, which results in some of their US Treasury holdings being held in entities in Ireland.

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