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makita cordless lawn mower review

You have the option of getting an additional 2 years warranty if you register it online within 30 days of purchase. Recommended for lawns 270-540m². When he doesn't have his hands on tools himself, he's often the man behind the camera lens making the rest of the team look good. Six years ago, Tool Box Buzz ran a Best Cordless Lawn Mower Head-to-Head test of five cordless mowers, so we were really interested in how the field of manufacturers has increased and how the offerings have changed after six years. Whether you prefer to mulch or bag, everything you need comes in the kit. Twin battery fuel gauge Please read and accept our website Terms and Privacy Policy to post a comment. But Makita’s strength is in the way they control their brushless motors under load and the speed picks up quickly. Single lever height adjustor Cordless Lawn Mowers have taken over the lawn and garden section in many retail stores. Grass collection capacity is 50L It tells the brushless motor to maintain 2500 RPM to keep the noise down and your battery efficiency up. Mowing width is 38cm blade comes with a battery capacity warning lamp. Weight 18kg approx. It’s the same distance Stihl was able to pull off, though several cordless models were able to do more. Finally, the price here is a little steep for our liking as the Spear and Jackson and Flymo comparison options outlined above are considerably lower priced than the Makita when seen at the time of this review. There are no rear rollers included to give you a nice striped effect on the mow paths. In today’s world of Internet news and online content, we found that more and more professionals researched a large majority of their major power tool purchases online. Cons for the Makita Cordless Lawn Mowers: None of these lawn mowers are self-propelled so you will need to do all the pushing yourself which can be difficult if you have steep hills to deal with The price level for the cordless is a lot higher than some of the corded lawn mowers seen elsewhere which can be available for approx. It comes with a battery capacity warning lamp. Select Your Cookie Preferences. If you are not fully decided about the Makita brand after this review, then please make sure to check out the alternative branded options outlined further below on this page that are certainly worth a closer look also as they have proven to be very popular among the UK public at present. All you need to do for them to perform well is to make sure that they are well charged before you use them. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Makita DLM380Z Manual 36V Lawn Mower at Amazon.com. If so, then please make sure to check out our brief Makita Cordless Lawn Mower Review which will give you a broader view about all the features that it has to offer you plus some of the pros and cons that we came across that you need to know also. Grass box capacity of 50 litres Cordless Lawn Mower Head-To-Head | 2020. This Makita battery mower is one of the quietest, registering just 77 decibels. Read on for our reviews of the best electric lawn mowers, plus some buying advice as you navigate the purchasing process. Even though the cordless options work really great, you are still limited to the run time on the battery which can be annoying if you have to stop and recharge with only 5 to 10 minutes work left to finish it. Considering the top of the push mower class was at 173.3 MPH and the self-propelled leader registered 198.7 MPH, it’s a concerning start. Q. We spent many hours testing and comparing specs of all the cordless mowers on the market to put together this in-depth guide. The Makita XML02Z cordless lawn mower is a small and lightweight model, yet comparatively powerful. Spear & Jackson Garden Sprayer Review 2020 – Worth the Money? Q. Written by lawnmowerwizard. Before you start, as consumer prices can vary slightly from week to week, only guide prices can be submitted at the time of this Makita cordless lawn mower review so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. Every Tool, Every Trade. They make a quality family of products in 40v, 60v, and 80v ranges, all with sharable battery … The noise level here is so much lower than your typical petrol lawn mower and there is no need to worry about cords across your lawn which makes it a whole lot safer in the long run. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Makita goes with the popular single-point height adjustment system. What is the width of the mowing blades for the DLM431PT2 model? We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. However, Makita’s steel deck helps keep the unit rigid and it’s a light enough mower to handle the weight on one lever. Price Guide: £400 - £450 @ Amazon, Further images of the Makita DLM431PT2 Cordless Lawn Mower are outlined below. On the other hand, the 4 batteries in the kit can cover lots up to 3/4-acre if you don’t mind that it’s a push mower. Thanks for helping us do what we love. When we tested 24 mowers for our Best Gas Mower and Best Battery-Powered Mower Shootouts, we weren’t entirely sure how the newest Makita cordless lawn mower would handle its competition. When Makita says they have an 18″ mower, they mean it has an 18″ blade/cutting swath. If you use other Makita tools and have batteries already, then you can choose the bare tool only option and save money that way. The Makita battery powered lawn mower runs on two 18V 5Ah lithium-ion batteries. It can take on average 40 to 50 minutes to recharge the batteries These lawn mowers are seriously lightweight and much easier to work with and push around your garden when compared to petrol mower brands that can be 30-40kg+ in weight. 3700RPM & 620W / 40L grass box Warranty is 12 months long … Both the mower and the batteries come with a 3-year warranty. When we took it to a heavy load, the Makita XML03PT1 called on an extra 37.4 MPH to exceed 170 MPH. What moves it forward as the best cordless push mower is its build and class-leading cutting area. This lawn mower is designed for gardens up to approx. Makita includes what they call “Whisper Mode”. Required fields are marked *. Our site uses cookies. How We Tested. Which? The 20 best Battery Lawn Mowers in 2020 ranked based on 760 reviews - Find consumer reviews on ProductReview.com.au, Australia's No.1 Opinion Site. He enjoys his faith, family, friends, and the Oxford comma. On a single charge it can mow a lawn the size of 800m². It’s a good fit for regular weekly cuts in dry grass or irregular off-season cuts. Admittedly, $569 seems kind of steep for a push mower, especially when there are some self-propelled options out there for less. When it comes to features, having a self-propelled drive is the biggest help you can get. For effective and convenient lawn maintenance, a battery lawnmower is very handy, because you won’t have to worry about cord interference or to refill a fuel tank during your mowing task. These cookies do not store any personal information. If possible, please share your own experiences or feedback (good or bad) with the wider UK community by leaving a short comment in the comment box section provided below – So that others across the UK community can learn also! Keep in mind that’s in ideal conditions with no overlap. If you want to run everything with one battery system, you’ll have a tough time finding a better lineup than Makita’s. It ends up being a pretty versatile mower with a smaller deck that’s easy to use on small lawns. In our tests, the Makita XML03PT1 ran for 51 minutes on a regular maintenance load, giving it a cutting area of 11,220 square feet (~0.39 acres) if you can maintain a comfortable 2.5 MPH. A decade ago, there were only a few cordless electric lawn mowers to choose from. In addition to the mower, Makita has a full suite of cordless OPE products. Greenworks Chainsaw Reviews 2020 | What to Know Before You Buy! In addition, we will also take a quick look at 3 different options under the Makita brand so at least you have more than just once choice when to comes to making any final decision. Makita includes a dual-port Rapid Optimum Charger in the kit. If you prefer a side or rear discharge, you’re out of luck. Flymo Cordless Grass Trimmer Review – Worth the Money? There’s one key thing to note about Pro Tool Reviews: We’re all about the professional tool user and tradesman! Join our newsletter and get the latest tool reviews every week! The longer the grass, the more power is needed to get through it so you will find that that the battery charge depletion will be a lot quicker – so what could normally take you 30 minutes to complete could now take you 40 – 45 minutes to complete so the battery won’t be able to finish the full lawn in one session. Makita DLM380Z Cordless Lawn Mower Review. Check out our cordless mower shootout! Greenworks is a champion of the cordless electric lawn mower game for a reason. Have YOU ever used the Makita Cordless Lawn mower yourself in the recent past? That means you can mow up to 0.77 acres with what comes in the box. One of the great joys of owning a battery-powered lawn mower is the low noise. It’s not enough of a difference that I’d want to give up the more durable construction, though. How to buy the best lawn mower > Top five lawn mowers for 2020 > Whether you’ve got a large or small lawn you need a mower that’s easy to use and gives a great cut. There’s a model in this review to suit any size yard, no matter how tough your grass. | Video, Makita 18V Mid-Torque Impact Wrenches | XWT17 and XWT18, Skil Black Friday Deals for 2020 are Amazing, Acme Tools Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Deals for 2020, Worx 20V Cordless Orbital Buffer and Polisher WX856L, Hart 20V Inflators for High Pressure and Volume. How long will the batteries mow and operate for? The benefits of a cordless lawn mower are plenty, as you need not worry about suffering from an electric shock or having to cut off the cord right in the middle of the act. Did it mow and operate as expected or did you experience any problems that we should know about such as the batteries or blades? When MasterForce Tools made the change to 20V Max cordless, [...]. Grass fill level indicator One of its good models is the Makita XML02Z 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 17. What you miss out on is the ability to set the front wheels one step higher to improve bagging performance. Bosch Lawn Mower Reviews – Corded vs Cordless, Black & Decker Cordless Lawn Mower Reviews – Includes FAQ’s & Comparisons. Mow width is 43cm wide The XML03PT1 Makita cordless lawn mower has a price that might make you think twice but isn’t deficient in any of the areas we tested. If you have limited storage space, then the ability of the handles to be folded down will certainly help in compact spaces in your shed. Makita XML09Z Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless, Tool Only 18V X2 (36V) LXT 21" Self-Propelled Commercial Lawn Mower, Teal $1,099.99 $ 1,099 . Pro Tool Reviews is a successful online publication that has been providing tool reviews and industry news since 2008. Q. Typically on the retail market at $699, the battery powered model has a powerful speed of 3,600 RPM with no load. On the other hand, the 4 batteries in the kit can cover lots up to 3/4-acre if you don't mind that it's a push mower. A. Under no-load, the blade tips spin at an underwhelming 133.6 MPH. It’s a good choice if you already own Makita tools and compatible batteries. Your email address will not be published. reviews are based on independent lab tests that will help you find your ideal petrol, electric, cordless lawn mower. The mower can cut up to 7,300 square feet using two 5.0Ah batteries. A. Is this lawn mower self-propelled? This lightweight machine is great around flower beds, borders, tight corners and also pushing uphill and it can be carried with ease from the shed to the garden hassle free. Electric brake / Foldable handles Featuring a … SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERSgoogletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1389975325257-0'); }); Want the down and dirty of how we tested? 30m by 30m in size When we first saw the Makita XML08 self-propelled lawn mower at GIE, it was clear the product team was targeting a different user.Moving into the realm of professional battery-powered lawn mowers to compete with names like Stihl and Husqvarna takes something special, though.

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