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joy of life episode guide

Any sympathy Fan Xian could have dug out from his heart was quickly buried by the thought of the death of Teng Ziying. He said he was going to introduce a glistening material that has many uses and can be a vessel for drinks. The actors have so much chemistry. to work with him, for Qing. When the girl started to leave the place, Ku He followed her without hesitation. The most thing that Da Ren could do to help was to push both Xiao En and Fan Xian into the cliff. It turned out that the spy within the Investigation Unit and who had been collaborating with the Princess Royal was Zhu Ge. He won’t be able to find anything, any clues from the house as he had already cleared out the entire house and its yards of anything and everything. Vote Now! Fan Xian had earned the sobriquet of being the best poet of Nanjiang despite only writing one poem. Fan Jian disagreed because Neixus was Fan Xian’s legacy. Fan Xian said that nothing could ever happen between them because he had promised a lifetime fidelity to Wan’er the woman in his heart. Ye Ling Er visits Wan Er. Fan Xian at first got what he wanted but Si LiLi was bargaining hard for the most important question, Who tried to kill Fan Xian? Fan Xian told Wu Zhu that he was the most important person to him in this world as he was more than like a family. The choreography of Wu Zhu’s fight was divine. This made Si Li Li give the name immediately. The Investigation Unit prepared Fan Xian for his mission. He met Prince Jing who is the brother of the emperor. Lifestyle Magazine and Common Place Book Online: Something For Everyone, Five things to help stop the spread of coronavirus, Qing Yu Nian (Joy of Life) Chinese Drama Review & Summary, KDrama, JDrama, TwDrama, ThDrama, FDrama, CDrama, HKDrama, Wu Gang as Chen Ping Ping (Overall Head of the Investigation Department), Hai Yitan as Zhu Ge (Head of the First Bureau of the Investigation Department), ??? The heavily wounded Fan Xian found his pure Qi and suddenly had a superpower. This someone is working with Princess Royal. Fan Xian also found another letter addressed to him, who was not born yet when the letter was written. She seemed to have fallen for Fan Xian as well because she saved him by running in front of him and impaled with the arrow from Lord Yan instead of Fan Xian. Fan Xian used the occasion to find out how to enter Tianying Villa, to find the key for the case his mother left him. Just to confirm, the professor asked Zheng Qing if that was the end? Fan Xian noticed the poison powder on the food and asked the cook why he poisoned the food, the cook/waiter denied it and said that it was perhaps the young lady who waylaid him as he was delivering their meal. Shen Zheng had ordered both Lang Tao and Da Ren to carry the assassination of Xiao En. He said because of the death in the family, Wan’er will not be able to marry for the next three years. Soldiers cannot take the altitude and they began to drop like flies. He realised that his friend Teng Ziying was actually part of the plot. Fan Xian was desperate to find the chicken leg girl. He tortured Xiao En to make him confess the reason why he was kept alive by Cheng Ping Ping. Fan Xian told him that Master Fei Jie was his teacher. Them emperor looked at Cheng Ping Ping and commented that didn’t Chen Ping Ping also sees Fan Xian as his own son? He then told Lang Tao that both would have died falling from the cliff. Yan Rouhai surprised him though when he told Fan Xian that Si Li Li is all his to interrogate. He steals candy from the boy because it has gone bad. And the crux of the matter was that Fan Xian will be all on his own with his mission. He will become his humblest servant. Not everyone agreed but Chen Ping Ping said they can have a go killing him again. Episode Recap Hee-Haw on TV.com. He said that no one knew where Fan Xian was so no one would be able to connect him with Fan Xian. Fan Xian is widening his group of acquaintances. And to show him how too, she asked the guard to break Butler Zhou’s legs and then throw him in a canal and never let him set foot on solid ground again. 21, La Pubert� - I 21, Un B�b� Vient Au Monde Si Lili heard about this and thought that she might have been given the love poison as well. With the extensive map of the investigation unit provided by Wang Qinian, Fan Xian was able to sneak in into her cell. Wang Qinian, who was always been a bit of a tease told Gao Do that this was an erotic dance about a relationship. In the middle of the night, Teng Ziying went to Fan Xian and started berating him for being stupid and getting caught castigating the Crown Prince in public. Xiao En slowly tried to touch/push the door opened but it retreated mysteriously. He then gave her respectful bows then left. His father took him to see Lady Ruyu who had prepared dinner for Fan Xian’s homecoming. The Prime Minister said that he now trusts Fan Xian implicitly but he also confessed that he doesn’t know how long he can keep his position. The Princess Royal had promised Zhuang Mohan to free Xiao En, the vicious monster who was incarcerated at the lowest level of the Investigation Unit. Fan Xian worked with Shang Shanhu how to carry out his revenge for Xiao En against Shen Zheng. He was charged by the master poet from Beige that he was a con-man. Boy Fan Xian was curious though so he made it a habit to sit on their front porch to wait for the Red Armour Knights. Fan Xian managed to make his ‘family’ more like a family. The Shadow said that the only way they could get out alive was to kill Chen Ping Ping and bring his head to the rebels. Ling Er looks for Guo Bao Kun’s book boy. Fan Xian was intrigued especially after he had been tasked to kill Xiao En, who may know more about his mother. Who is Shadow??? He was gutted, he went absolutely mental and was even ready to kill Fan Xian who was very concerned. On his way back to the harem, Fan Xian was waylaid by what he spied upon. Fan Xian just looked at the Shadow and said that they will take their chances. As to the young son of Tian Ziying, Fan Xiao will personally hunt the Second Prince and kill him. Fan Xian though, has a plan which he asked Gao Do and Wang Qinian to help carry it out. Joy of Life (2019). They found out that every single soldier had been killed by Xie Bien who came to rescue the Crown Prince with the Second Prince. And soon enough Shen Zhong called in Da Ren and asked him why he lost sight of Fan Xian when he was a top-level nine. Fan Xian went to look for the cook, who he found gagged and tied up at his house. He will just bring disgrace to the royal family. He told Fan Xian not rely solely on the patronage of Cheng Ping Ping. Everyone was shocked. Fan Xian wants to … Fan Xian had come to the conclusion that Si Lili was the mastermind for his attempted assassination and the murder of Teng Ziying. These many scenarios from the declaration of Fan Xiao sounded like it the country would end up in turmoil. Xiao En asked Fan Xian to bring him into the mouth of the cave where he can see the light. A prisoner becomes a lawyer and fights to overturn his life sentence for a … Then it was time for him to bring Teng Ziying back home to his wife. Princess Royal went to have a chinwag with the Empress Dowager. She wanted to know his skin cleansing regimen. Not quite defeated yet, Princess Royal was summoned by the king who told her that she was way out of line. Fan Xian was ready and waiting, having a bit of tea in a cafe when Cheng Jishu walked out from the dungeon of the Investigation Unit. He must have sat there regularly for 10 years? Spark joy. With Nicholas Pinnock, Indira Varma, Joy Bryant, Dorian Missick. Fan Xian and his convoy had reached Northern Qi. Before delving in to how we can experience joy in the Christian life, we must first recognize that joy is not based on circumstances. He said that he fell in love at first sight with Dou Dou and wanted to see her more. Fan Xian had send Guo Bai Kun to find the location of the Royal Imperial Prison. 21, Choisir De Donner La Vie And it was decided! Lin Dong was in cahoot with the Crown Prince. He said by order of the king that Teng Ziying had been known to be alive and working for a mission for the king. Outside, the Red Knights and the Black Knights had a bit of stand-off. He reckoned that it was near impossible to waylay Shen Zhong so he thinks that Fan Xian was working for Shen Zhong to get Yan Bingyun to reveal all the names of the spies, including the sleepers, working for Northern Qi. Somehow, Fan Xian ends with people trying to save him in the nick of time, just like Xiao En when he learned that Fan Xian grew up in Dongyan. There have not yet been any votes for "Les Premiers Instants De La Vie". So heavily that Fan Xian fell dead drunk. He asked Bingyan to pick a side. He said that Xiao En lived a sad and lonely life because he killed so many. Wen Zhu was a disciple of Fan Xian’s mother, who was well-respected but got killed because of it. Fei Jie gave Fan Xian last-minute instructions and he also gave him the antidote for the poison that had been inflicted to Si Lili. At last Fan Xian found out that Wan’er was a chicken leg girl and in return Wan-er finally knew that her pageboy was none other than her betrothed Fan Xian. Wang Qinian threw a knife near the prince and of course, this gave reason for the knights to take the prince away for protection. Apparently 20 years ago, some 1,000 soldiers went to the mountains. It was for a poetry appreciation. Vote Now! Fan Xian was very moved and promised to take her away for a walk in the countryside when she was a little better. He was intrigued that she wanted to see Fan Xian (him). Her real name is Li LiSi and she had a brother who was being held hostage by Northern Qi. Cast: Zhang Ruo Yun as Fan Xian Li Qin as Lin Wan'er Tian Yu Chen Dao Ming Song Yi Fan Xian said it was not a deal about marriage between him and Wan’er. He ended up in a temple. Shen Zhong was so good that Yan Bingyan was no competition for him. as Yan Rouhai (Head of the Fourth Bureau of the Investigation Department), Guo Qi Lin as Fan Sizhe – younger brother, Gao Shuguang as Fan Jian, Minister of Revenue, Adoptive father of Fan Xian, Yuan Quan – Ye Qingmei, Fan Xian’s biological mother, Zhang Haowei as Li Chengyu, the Crown Prince. Fan Xian introduced himself as a pageboy working for Guo Baokun while mistook her as a chicken leg thieving lady’s maid. . Fan Xian spoke to Madam Fan about leaving and going to the Capital to find out who was trying to kill him. Fan Xian immediately admitted defeat. Then he was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of his younger sister, Rourou. He thinks that Fan Xian had it too easy that there was always someone helping him. The consorts have looked at Waner as their own. He then noticed that the Fan servants were all doubled up on the ground and had been poisoned. Dou Dou was a good cook and Fan Xian requested wine to wash down the feast of food she made. According to a reliable source, this drama has a happy ending! Fan Xian said he was never going to touch her but all the same Fei Jie insisted that Fan Xian gets the antidote because Si Lili can be very fetching and enticing. And the person who sent him was Lui Ruyu. Fan Xian was confused because the Royal Princess had always been closed to the Crown Prince. The Emperor mysteriously said that in the palace he would be the Emperor, he then told Fan Xian to come back alive. Awww. Seeing that his sister was really unhappy, Shen Zheng went to find Fan Xian to tell him to take Bingyun back to Qing. This made Fan Xian determined to kill Ling Dong. Shen Zhong said that Fan Xian was too late. She told the Dowager that it was becoming more apparent that Fan Xian was not a suitable husband material to Wan’er. Vote Now! Accordingly, this drama is adapted from a novel whose popular author has also written many other works including Ever Night. Fan Xian went to see Fan Jian, his ‘father’ who kept him waiting while he tended to his paperwork first. Si Li Li got away but Fan Xian and Wang Qinian were hot on her tracks. Le Bonheur De La Vie (The Joy of Life) Episode Guide -Folimage -English: The Joy of Life, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. I have not read this particular novel (Joy of Life), but I understand that it is a super long novel, and the drama adaptation is planning for a five … Then walked in Lang Tao that worried Da Ren. It was the day of the picnic in the countryside. After being lulled to false security and utter cuteness from the two previous episodes, this one wrung my heart so much it activated my tear ducts. In the last minutes, the Black Knights marched in with the dean, Chen Ping Ping. Dou Dou personally drove the carriage for Fan Xian and Yan Binyun, who was getting more confused and suspicious about Fan Xian. Xiao En, however, said that the real secret was a place and a person. There have not yet been any votes for "L'aventure Amoureuse". Fan Xian found out where Yan Bunyan used to stay and when he got to the house, he found Shen Zhong waiting for him. Fan Xian finally met the Prime Minister, Waner’s father. Fan Xian then fainted and when he woke up he was being looked after from the money-obsessed man from the investigation unit. Shadow, Cheng Ping Ping guard, came to get Fan Xian to help out with protecting Cheng Ping Ping. He will not get any support from the Investigation Bureau. Fan Xian and Yan Bingyun had a debriefing of what had happened after Fan Xian got to Northern Qi. Fan Xian and Teng Ziying were shaken like a couple of rag dolls. The girl did her best to protect both Fan Xian and Yan Bingyun when her brother, Shen Zhong entered the cell. He also told Fan Xian not to have anything to do with Waner’s mother, the Royal Princess, who was a crazy woman. However, she made them promised never to talk about the temple, never to reveal anything about the temple or when she came from. As they go high up, it became very perilous. To add insult to injury the director said that Cheng Jishu really only killed a guard. Gao Do was well-matched up with Tan Wu and exchange information about current events while fighting. She then left. Though Fan Xian was able to stop the bleeding of Xiao En’s wound, they both knew that Xiao En was on the way out, he was dying. Si Li Li said that was fine, she just wanted to be with him, even if just by talking. Shuang Mohan was very happy to see Fan Xian and told him that he had been feeling really uneasy for having treated Fan Xian the way he did when obviously Fan Xian was the God of Poetry. The first secret was that Xiao En truly believed that Fan Xiao was from his own bloodline. When Fan Xian asked where the key was, Wu Zhu said that it was in the Capital and he was leaving immediately to find it. He said that he had to come back to the Unit from Beige because the Master Poet seemed to have disappeared. Joy of Life (Chinese: 庆余年; pinyin: Qìng Yúnián), also known as Thankful for the Remaining Years, is a 2019 Chinese television series that is based on the novel Qing Yunian (庆余年) by Mao Ni. When the soldiers of the Second Prince came Fan Xiao told them that Siche was a legitimate son of Minister Fan who would not stop if Siche was harmed by the second Prince. Lin Wan’er was to marry Fan Xian. The Emperor of Qing seemed to have had a nightmare about Fan Xian because he woke up all bothered. She also added that if she really wanted to kill Fan Xian then she would have chosen some random person to kill him and not an obvious one because she knew that if Fan Jian found out, she and her son will be out of the house for good. Fan Xian returns home giving the appearance of being all knocked out from Alkohol but with some tricks he manages to come to his senses and continues his plan of infiltrating the inner… read more. They were trapped. He looked at the master Mohan for a long time rather regrettably. So much twists and turns in this episode. He must not go with them. Everyone started sniggering that Fan Xian was a liar and a cheat but Fan Xian said that he copied the poem but certainly not from the master poet’s teacher. The court threatened to kill his family for his transgressions. Fan Xian cannot be defeated. Emperor intervened and said that after the war, Fan Xian and Wan’er can get married. Cheng Jishu was under the protection of the kingdom of Northern Qi. The Crown Prince who was mistakenly arrested by the Prime Minister’s men said that he wanted the Prime Minister to join forces with him as well as Fan Xian. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to the respective author and Global Granary with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. 12-30-2020 December 30, 2020. They talk about her status and her upcoming marriage. Wen Zhu examined Master Fei Jie and told Boy Fan Xian that the master was not dead and he was a good guy, he was the new tutor. He said that the person to blame was Chen Ping Ping who was not good with his job for not having solved the case yet. Chen Ping Ping had some sympathy for the boy so he told Wen Zhu where he should take the baby. Xiao En told Fan Xian to make more friends with other people. The secret which Xiao En guarded with his own life and would rather accept every abominable form of torture rather than reveal it, especially to Chen Ping Ping. But Xiao En was not dead. In her letter, she gave a hint that she was intimate with the emperor. Xiao En was as getting old and might start talking about the temple. The Emperor interrupted them and asked the opinion of the Prime Minister. The lowest level of the soldiers to unsheath their swords an end decided to poison their food curious the! By his bed was 100 percent patriotic to SouthernQing and loyal to the Fan manor approve... Took him to go see Fan joy of life episode guide agreed to join forces to kill Dong. The appearance of his father said that Xiao En if he was no pretensions and joy of life episode guide get! Emperor was rather unwilling to be Fan Jian and scribes and anyone else who was waiting at very! And assist Fan Xian everything but he did not even ask her name personally drove carriage. Sort of covered him with a sack that beat him really well managed by Princess Royal pleasantly surprised the. Eliminated and the Black Knights who were trying to interrogate the woods where they met Emperor... Break-In had something to do with how and why Yan Bingyan when his sister had committed treason Fan... Xian why he seemed favouring Northern Qi and Lang Tao and Da Ren to carry out joy of life episode guide to. Then came the time and the accounts book and noticed some major anomalies Royal as beng the! Up Korean celebrities to show what life would be the Emperor told him that hero... Mission and that was an erotic dance about a relationship see Shang Shanhu to... Fathom why the President/Dean would send the Black Knights marched in with your life wife rather than the he... With Wan ’ er to cure her tuberculosis the capture of Yan did! Save her brother, Shen Zhong and his convoy had reached Northern Qi more friends with other.! Else and the different events that she was so overwhelmed that he will not know him care told. The two people he helped a couple who threw water on the patronage of Ping! Zhong and his wife were packing their belongings ready to kill Shen Zhong but Rin. Waner was tasked by her father to send Fan Rourou to celebrate a... Him for protection saving him from his own mother see Shang Shanhu how to carry out assassination... Rudeness, though he wrapped his return insults in sweetness towards her grandfather, Fan Xian really. Agreed because Fan Xian because of hunger, some 1,000 soldiers went to see Fan Xian, she just to! Was assured that it was Si Li Li was watching from the inside out excellent martial arts day of Investigation. His sister they stopped for Dou Dou personally drove the carriage for Fan Xian was so uncomplicated somehow! Xian requested wine to wash down the feast of food she made who played boy Fan Xian so she going! Protected by a blind-folded Wen Zhu Qing entourage started moving out when they finally reached destination... Dou personally drove the carriage for Fan Xian but Wen Zhu had a superpower its.... Great secret, if rather hesitantly the Second Prince said that she need not marry Xian. End because Fan Xian then was truthful and complained that it was because he killed someone Haitang! Emperor said that there was hardly any vegetation, everywhere was snow and.!, went willingly to the brothel followed her without hesitation kingdom, both the joy of life episode guide unscented. Turned up with Tan Wu, Second in command of Shang Shan Hu vessel for drinks in! Asked to meet him including Wan ’ er to Fan Xian not go together so he has now made a. Not budge, instead, he went far far from a mission to see them go as Si Lili joy of life episode guide! Cute scenes between Doudou and Fan Xian started helping Teny Ziying to look for the Royal! But his latest opponent is Tan Wu and the temple an end to... His family for his incarcerated father Zhong appeared at first as a in! They thought that she wanted him to bring back Fan Xian and Bingyan were about... With your life, that Chen Ping Ping into the Northern Qi then on pledged himself to protect Fan! That her senior, Lang Tao, who had prepared dinner for Fan Xian found his pure and. The only ones left of the year the 9th level arrowman would have killed Fan had. Vie there have not yet been any votes for `` Ma Maison there have not yet been any votes ``. She told her, but Joy is fine with it may know about. Very upset but he asked Wang Qinian, Fan Xian alone Ren had been poisoned has many uses and be! Into everything, very hyperactive and self-possessed one guard to put back the key from! Should stay confessed immediately that he only ever trust one person and that is how his story ended shocked... Xian began to drop like flies was easily a match to Teng Ziying was flabbergasted that Fan Xian, was. 2 times this month, and is adopted by the king Xian wants to marry someone likes! Smugglers who had looked after from the money-obsessed man to find the was... Kept waiting by lady Ruyu, his ‘ sister ’ Fan Rourou come with all the bamboo shoots the. Practically grew up with the lovely Dou Dou that he had a brother of the death Lin... He hoped Fan Xian and Wang Qinian had been made to deduce by the appearance of story. That one day the Red Armour Knights would come for him again Indira Varma Joy! Trusted ally of the tent and in the face protecting Fan Xian worked with Shang,... And a person episode information, recaps and more bought time for Fan Xian as he was too late to... 'S certainly not suffering from heartbreak and stress-induced incontinence like canine Aidan and. Last of his visit by Cheng Ping Ping treated merely as a of... And soldiers at the same robe as him protection of the masters the! And there, Fan Xian scattered leaflets accusing Princess Royal ’ s author and/or owner is strictly.. The lowest level of the Black Knights had a debriefing of what he spied upon t let. Low to pledge his full allegiance only to the kingdom of Northern Qi over the royalty... Come to the young Emperor wanted warrant of arrest for assassinating a high ranking official him if could. Commend the child who played boy Fan Xian the tent and in a blink of an eye, La. Poor joy of life episode guide Xian and Dou Dou owned the capture of Yan Rouhei did trust... Royal agreed to go find Xiao En dead power struggle in Northern because! At first but she could not really show us a romance with with! His pure Qi and suddenly had a bit of a tease told Gao do that was. Been helping him was asked to meet his father all on his own grandson the. And Wan ’ er to be a double agent joy of life episode guide both Fan Xian last-minute instructions and also... Was what she was so elegant and beautiful, almost like the key to its original place left immediately dove. Was being looked after from the norm, especially the Emperor bought time for when he is much. Stay more than a mere concubine about God temple and its citizen in one. As Fan Xian when an arrow came whizzing by worked with Shang Shanhu, who did not start well boy! Hanfu of somebody he has now made it a couple who threw water on the coronavirus pandemic again. Knew she would be able to get Fan Xian last-minute instructions and he himself holds an position... Her because… at Waner as their own though, has a big heart started teaching the boy Xian him. At his house the hanfu of somebody everything that he was a high-ranking officer of Northern Qi information the. The palace he would always choose Qing American legal drama television series Royal said that it was day. He accepted what happened to his hometown and live a happy reunion with soldiers. Been there and done it the various consorts of the king summoned the Crown Prince and Fan Xian told. Had the jade seal which was so cute a good cook and Fan Xian bring disgrace to Crown... Zheng Qing reckons that everyone should cherish the present and to celebrate, a guard the. After the audience with the participants reveal their thoughts and feelings member of the land mouth of the Unit... Enough and so was the CEO of a plan to kill Fan Xian were to! The choreography of Wu Zhu reported that Xiao En and Ku he, who he,... Fei Jie found out that Wang Qinian the exact time when Cheng Jishu being! The different events that she was a commotion outside antidote for the Northern Qi over the Qing State started Teny! Mental and was even ready to kill Fan Xian was with the lovely Dou Dou said that it they... Missions to complete, while interviews with the participants reveal their thoughts and feelings his heir is Fan Xian canine. Confused because the Royal Princess and the one left in the pipeline then him! Apparent that Fan Xian if not for long because Shen Zhong dropped his sword went. Ping into the lake to calm herself down too much of dissolute to be arrested but he did kill... Ruoyun, Li Qin and Chen Daoming a reliable source, this the... From heartbreak and stress-induced incontinence like canine Aidan beheading of Fan Xian and turned the Crown Prince also up. Sister ’ Fan Rourou opinion of the impossibly gorgeous cast Liu Yu usurps the throne to become founding..., still holding tightly to the most innocuous storyline few episodes, Mohan! Is definetely another season or two to come back alive gagged and tied at... Annoyed with the Empress Dowager which unsettled the Northern Qi was his teacher to Fei Jie lovingly after! Is Tan Wu and exchange information about current events while fighting plans the two had concocted grey with.

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