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whale watching tours bay of fundy

A whale watching tour group in the Bay of Fundy got a rare treat during the last trip of the season Friday. A passenger who says she was injured on a Saint Andrews–based whale watching cruise is suing the boat's skipper and the tour company. We offer travel advice for your perfect Bay of Fundy vacation! Best whale watching tours in Digby, NS. ReddIt. Mariner Cruises Whale and Seabird Tours: Bay of Fundy Whale Watching - See 900 traveler reviews, 676 candid photos, and great deals for Brier Island, Canada, at Tripadvisor. Our Tours. More. Come cruise the Fundy Isles and experience her rugged seascapes, abundant lighthouses and powerful tides . Gael Tours is teaming up with Petit Passage Whale Watch for a full day of excitement and discovery! About Fundy Tide Runners Whale Watching Join us aboard one of our 2 (two) Zodiac Hurricanes for an exciting, safe, stable and dry whale watching excursion. Island Cruises Whale Watch email: Call 1-888-249-4400 or on Island 506-752-1107 Guaranteed Whale Sightings in … All. Strong tidal currents bring nutrients close to the surface, increasing the productivity of plankton. Blue Diamond Tours. Price . 1 Review. It’s partly because the world’s highest tides bring an abundance of food—plankton, krill and various fish—but also because it’s a sheltered area where the whales can feed, give birth and raise their calves. A permanent roof that covers half of the deck allows passengers to get out of the sun and wind. Providing over 22 years of safe and enjoyable whale watching adventures and nature tours on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada. A male killer whale swam right up to the boat. By. The fin whale can be seen in the Bay of Fundy and Cape Breton. Cruise through the area where the Cabot Strait meets the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Whale Watching in Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick. Whale watching tours in an open inflatable style boat on the Nova Scotia side of the Bay of Fundy. Liz Gill - Nov 27, 2008 . This whale measures 57 feet and weighs 90,000 lbs. Bird's-eye View. Mild 7 to 7.5 Hours. Find yourself aboard a whale watching tour with lively commentary and local tales as you watch for any of the 12 species of whales that visit Nova Scotia each year. Departing from historic St. Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick, Canada our Bay of Fundy whale and wildlife cruises provide the opportunity to experience whales and so much more! In fact, it’s where I went on my first Bay of Fundy whale watching tour back in high school! Whale Watching.. Fishing Boat Whale Watching Tours. The Bay of Fundy was a finalist in the “New Seven Wonders of the Natural World” and increased ferry service to Grand Manan, makes it more accessible. Mariner Cruises Whale and Seabird Tours: Bay of Fundy Whale Watching - See 934 traveler reviews, 732 candid photos, and great deals for Brier Island, Canada, at Tripadvisor. 1. Facebook. Share. In our 24th season of operation, we pride ourselves on the exceptional experience offered at Fundy Tide Runners. Nova Scotia is home to the Bay of Fundy and the “World’s Highest Tides”. Come aboard, inhale the fresh salt air, experience the world's highest tides, feel the warmth of the sun, and enjoy world-class whale and wildlife sightings. Brier Island Whale & Seabird Cruises. Explore. Our unique vessels, two 8-m (25-ft) Zodiac Hurricanes, meet or exceed Canadian Coast Guard regulations. Driving (8 km.) View a fascinating array of marine wildlife, see the people whose lives depend on the ocean and explore the Bay of Fundy, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Features. Saved from Summer and fall are the best times to go whale watching in Nova Scotia. The massive amount of untapped energy of the Bay of Fundy is the fuel for a fragile ecosystem that provides a nutritious food supply to numerous species of birds, fish, bottom-dwellers like lobsters and scallops, and of course whales. … The Bay of Fundy is brimming with marine wildlife, and Nova Scotia’s Fundy Coast is one of the best places to experience it. This whale can be found in the Bay of Fundy. Whale Watching on the Bay of Fundy. The Digby Area and specifically Digby Neck and Islands are one of the best places in North America for whale watching. One thing that’s great about whale watching on the Bay of Fundy is the variety of whales you’ll see in the waters. Reservations. $169.00 (ages 10 and up) $149.00 (ages 3 to 9) $149.00 (ages 0 to 2) Activity Level & Duration. The Basics. Welcome. My eyes opened fast, only to be greeted by the pitch black of the bedroom. Experience Type. The Humpback whale measures 57 feet and weighs 90,000 lbs. Your breath will be taken away when a whale breaches the ocean’s surface, lunges out of the waves, and re-enters with a loud smack and plume of water. The Northern Right Whale is the most endangered whale with only about 300-350 known. News. The Bay of Fundy is one of the richest marine habitats in the world and is therefore the summer feeding ground for many marine mammals, seabirds and saltwater invertebrates. Travel Services, Whale Watching Tours (902) 839-2995. Set sail on the Bay of Fundy for a memorable whale and wildlife watching tour. About Us. Apr 1, 2016 - Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world and over 12 species of whales. Come aboard the Mister Matthew and seek out magnificent whales such as the Minke, Finback, Humpback and Northern Right Whales in the beautiful Bay of Fundy. Only accessible by a 1.5-hour ferry ride, you may want to plan an overnight stay if you choose to go whale watching off Grand Manan. Whale Watching Tours. The cruises are longer and you don’t want to have to worry about catching your ferry or the drive home after a day at sea. The scenic lighthouse-dotted coastline, whale-inhabited waters, and quaint fishing villages add to the bay’s appeal. Humpback whale (c) wikimedia/NOAA. Press. Dressed warmly in a Mustang survival suit, let the Zodiac's performance and agility on the … Bay of Fundy Whale and Wildlife Watching (SN15) Port of Call. Mariner Cruises Whale and Seabird Tours: Bay of Fundy Whale Watching - See 925 traveller reviews, 723 candid photos, and great deals for Brier Island, Canada, at Tripadvisor. Packages available July 15th–September 23rd. Age. Within 4 blocks. Bay of Fundy Whale Watching. On the tail: Whale watching on the Bay of Fundy, Canada. Every summer, the Bay of Fundy welcomes massive fin whales, ever-popular Humpbacks, small fry minkes and the once rare northern right whale. See all. I've been whale watching in the Bay of Fundy on both fishing boats and zodiacs so can tell you from personal experience the benefits (and drawbacks) of each. Print. All Ages. Choose a tall ship, whaling vessel, catamaran or speedy zodiac. The Passage Provider, a whale watching boat operated by Petite Passage Whale Watch in East Ferry on Digby Neck prepares to pickup passengers for a day’s outing. The fin whale is one of the largest whales swimming in the Bay of Fundy. Biking (4 km.) Canada’s Bay of Fundy is the best place in the world to glimpse the endangered North Atlantic right whale. Bay of Fundy Nova Scotia Whale Watching Tours The waters off Brier Island and the Bay of Fundy are the summer feeding ground, nursery and play area for dozens of marine species. We set sail, hot on its trail… The sound was unmistakable: a deep, heavy breathing coming just metres away from where I was lying. Situated on Canada’s east coast, the Bay of Fundy is known for its extreme tides. Kingsbrae Arms is situated just up King Street from the harbor where the excursions begin. Hotels & Travel. Linkedin. Contact Us Mailing Address: Mariner Cruises 325 Water Street, PO Box 1264, Westport, Brier Island Nova Scotia, Canada B0V 1H0 Toll free: 1-800-239-2189 Local: 1-902-839-2346 Fax: 1-902-839-2070 Email: The Bay of Fundy is absolutely teeming with wildlife, and there can be as many as 300 whales in the Bay at one time. Travel Ideas. Twice a day the tide advances and retreats by as much as 52 feet (16 meters), leaving land previously covered by sea exposed and vice versa. Prices. There is comfortable padded seating for 45 people and a washroom on board for your convenience. Slower paces but very comfortable. You can sail from the mainland of either province, or you may choose to embark from one of the spectacular islands in the Bay of Fundy. Walking (2 km.) Bay of Fundy Tours. Liz Gill goes whale watching in New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy where the nutrient-rich Atlantic waters attract more than 15 species from June to November. Ocean Explorations Nova Scotia’s Original "Zodiac" Whale Adventures. Outdoor Travel. Helpful Links. Your highly capable captains have over 100 years combined experience in and on the Bay of Fundy with backgrounds in marine biology, Coast Guard auxiliary, commercial scuba diving and fish health. Pinterest. Twitter. Prime time is mid-June till September. The best places to take tours in the area are from Brier Island and Digby, and the season runs from June to October, with August being the perfect time to go. Photo by Kelly Lawson Photography. Nature. Grand Manan Island ranked third in the world for small islands to visit, by Readers Digest. Email. Travel. From historic St. Andrews By-the-Sea, Island Quest Marine invites you to experience the Authentic Bay of Fundy Adventure! The Bay of Fundy is a world renowned whale watching area, with tour boats sailing from both the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick shores on a daily basis from June through October. With over 30 years of experience at sea, Captain Cox’s Whale Watch is one of the longest running whale watching tours in Nova Scotia. ... Seascapes and Whale Watching. The Bay of Fundy is the habitat of choice for some of the world’s rarest whales, including the endangered North Atlantic right whale. Sort: Recommended. Distance. Beautiful Beasts of the Bay. Freeport Whale & Seabird Tours is a family owned business started in 1994, and operated by Tim and Karen Crocker. Tours. Preview the Bay of Fundy's natural wonders: worlds highest tides, whales, lobsters and Cape dOr lighthouse. Open Now. As well as being a thrilling adventure, our whale watching cruises yield important information on endangered or rare species of whales like the Humpback, Finback and Right Whales, and on other species of Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) and on seabirds. Common sightings include humpback whales, minke whales, and finback whales, and you might even get lucky and catch … you can adopt a humpback)! » Lunenburg Whale Watching Tours (62 Bluenose Drive, Lunenburg) – 3-hour tour departing from Lunenburg, a World Heritage Site ... BAY OF FUNDY: » Brier Island Whale and Seabird Cruises (223 Water Street, Westport) – probably the most popular tour in the province; running more than 30 years; focus on conservation and education (e.g. Reservation & Contact Information. When you take part in a whale watching adventure on the Bay of Fundy you can expect to see minke, fin- and humpback whales as well as the rarest large mammal on Earth – the North Atlantic Right Whale. See all. An onboard hydrophone lets you listen to the underwater vocalizations while watching for humpback, sei, minke, pilot and fin whales along miles of the uninhabited coastline. Fin Whales. In St. Andrews, you’re on the international super highway for migrating whales. Saint John, New Brunswick. 2. Whale Watching in Beautiful Brier Island | Nova Scotia | Canada. Download Our eBrochure. A Bay of Fundy Experience you don’t want to miss. Island Cruises Whale Watch Tours on Campobello Island, New Brunswick. Contact.

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