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time vault combo

For one thing, you can pair Bazaar of Baghdad with Sylvan Library for filtering and card selection (and adding Library of Leng, as is sometimes done in Tax-Edge combo, below, allows it to function more like a Sensei’s Divning Top). Probably the most enigmatic and mysterious yet feared historical combo deck was the Time Vault combo. Glacial Chasm is a nice part of the combo from Ice Age because it prevents you from taking any Fastbond damage when you are in the final stages of comboing out. The answer: Land Tax. The One Who Mentored Them All by H e r … Perhaps their biggest selling point is they offer enormous replay value – and therefore fun – because they are often fast and play out so differently with so many lines of play from game to game. T Take an extra turn after this one. Would definitely recommend more tutors or a Damnation.. Tidehollow Strix is great, but have you heard of Baleful Strix?. Compounding matters is that the Swedish 93/94 group restricted Power Artifact until May, 2015. Discord Server | ... A hand can easily get you 6 mana on turn 1, and the infinite-turn combo can be pulled off with just 4 total mana. Help | Sphinx Summoner jumps out as a good add, but I don't know what should eb taken out, up to you I guess.. Yet, since I undertook these exercises, other players have engaged in similar work, and have done a good job of it as well. But with the imposition of the Banned and Restricted List and 60 card minimum construction limits, building a lethal fireball was even more difficult. Feeds | First that comes to mind is the classic combo Voltaic Key, which has been upgraded to Manifold Key, but another card I’ve added to my cube is Kiora’s Follower which acts as a dude, untaps Time Vault, or can ramp mana! Tap Time Vault for an Extra Turn after this one, Wash & Repeat. And although Black Vise was later restricted in Type I because of it’s abuse in a combo deck (a rare case of restricting the win condition instead of the engine), neither card has really been a prominent part of any Old School combo deck. As you can tell, this deck is really a combo-control deck, in that it integrates the combo into one of the most conservative possible shells as a way of protecting it. Jump to. The most effective versions of this strategy that I have seen use Ice Age cards, because both Brainstorm and Zuran Orb are tremendous enhancements. One of the best series, and a great source of information for those who are getting into Old School (myself included). This article has explored the least covered aspect of Old School Magic: Combo. If Time Vault would become untapped, instead choose one - untap Time Vault and you skip your next turn; or Time Vault … + Also, in the pre-Ice Age environment, you may just have more room for Channel anyway. With Ice Age permitted, things become considerably easier for the Lich pilot, who now has access not only to Zuran Orb, but also Glacial Chasm, which can protect your board with Lich in play. That’s because, like creatures, these threats require multiple turns to inflict damage, much as creatures do. Sylvan Library and Land Tax also synergize together, creating a shuffle effect. Nice changes! For those of you who have not seen the combo, it goes like this: Time Vault comes into play tapped. But there are other draw engines that fuel combo strategies in 93/94 Old School Magic. Land (35) Enchantment (2) Artifact (13) Sorcery (18) Instant (15) Creature (16) View Combos. Time Vault. First of all, despite not having Forgotten Lore, it’s got the proper number of green mana dual lands. With dial view! However, there are a few broad cases of cards that tend to appear across multiple archetypes because they serve as general engines. This curbed it’s abuse as a combo finisher, but still allowed it to be used as such in control decks. I have tried adding in combos like Time Vault + Voltaic Key If your opponent isn’t playing blue, you likely aren’t losing. George Baxter offers a pretty interesting and comprehensive explanation of his deck in Deep Magic, where he explains that the Lich is here mostly as a combo finisher. As a result, there is are no historical lists where this combo was permitted. Old School Magic: Chapter 7 – New Strategies for the Old School: Blue-Red Aggro Control – Vintage Magic says: […] Chapter 11: The Untold History of Combo in Old School […]. Alternate win conditions usually consist of a few powerful cards that often have nothing to do with your combo but can win you the game if somehow your combo does not work. Alpha Black Vise and Antiquities The Rack | That poor stuffy doll! I should note here that Drain life functions as a pseudo-Fireball, just as it did in Pros-Bloom, except that it is also a short-term tactic to draw additional cards. So it wasn’t until then that players using their Banned and Restricted List could enjoy constructing Power Monolith combo decks. Both cards exemplify win conditions that do not involve the attack step. Card Text: Time Vault comes into play tapped. After all, a single Disenchant or Shatter can devastate the combo by destroying both the Monolith and fizzling the Power Artifact at the same time. It helps assemble 3 cards combos really effectively, like Power Monolith. Steve Menendian is one of the most famous Vintage players in the world. However I never claim a deck is perfect, so I will continue to test and update the deck. The origins of the term “combo” as applied to Magic decks is lost to the sands of time (and I have searched! Yet, there is one area of Old School Magic that deserves more attention: combo. It punishes players for doing one of the best things you can do in Magic: drawing cards. Since this series was conceived and launched, many other writers and bloggers have done an excellent job revealing and presenting a wider spectrum of strategies in popular Old School environments. Zomgasa on Treasure!! He uses the Djinns to buy time and provide defense. My goal for this article is that you finish it having a better appreciation for the strength and range of possibilities for combo in Old School formats than you did before reading it. . Also I suppose you already had a whole separate article about it, but curious if you would classify Reanimator as an Old School combo deck or not (particularly the All Hallow's Eve-based versions where Ice Age is not permitted). TappedOut.js Blog Widget, All Spells, Zero Lands, Turn One Win (Budgetish). Old School Magic: Chapter 6 – Banning and Restricting in Old School – Vintage Magic says: Old School Magic: Chapter 12 – Building a Stronger Prison – Vintage Magic says: Hi Steve, as a newbie to the game (started playing in Journey to Nyx) I'm loving this articles and I'm learning a ton about the game. Probably the list and player that has received the most acclaim abusing Time Vault is the very innovative Felipe Garcia and his “TwiddleVault” combo deck: Here is what he played in a 2015 tournament (along with a tournament report here): And here is his list from the “Ivory Cup” European event in 2016: This deck is not built around an infinite turn engine like the old Time Vault combo, but rather uses Transmute to find Time Vault and Twiddles to take a few additional Time Walks, and then recur them as necessary with Regrowth, Recall and Timetwister. Very much enjoy this series, thanks as always Stephen. Because this deck uses so many Mirrors, I think Channel is more justifiable. Here is the list I’ve worked on for a few years, and enjoyed playing: I’m very proud to present this list. Storm finishers may require minimal mana production, but maximal storm production. tezzeret the seeker+time vault=infinite turn combo. Tap Time Vault to take another turn. Also, instead of relying entirely on Instill Energy, you can Transmute up Jandor’s Saddlebags to untap the Animated Time Vault. The casket will fit perfectly into the vault and the vault is made with industrial polymer, it will seal with a water tight sealer. View All Versions Rarity: R Card Type: Mono Artifact Description: Tap to gain an additional turn after the current one. – Vintage Magic says: Chapter 3 | Old School Magic – A Visit to the Zoo – Vintage Magic says: Ive enjoyed these articles immensely. In fact, at the very next tournament in the Bay Area, I played a different deck, and lost a close match to “Mith” Rao, who did play a list pretty similar to what I had envisioned, and went 4-1: In June, 2016, this Power Monolith combo deck got 2nd place in  European tournament, the Arvika Festival: The pilot had Top 8ed an earlier event with a similar deck a few months before. Most of all, I’d love a chance to play Fastbond again (now that the Gush […]. With Library of Alexandria, Timetwister, Wheel of Fortune, Sylvan Library, Ancestral Recall, Braingeyser, and Demonic Tutor, I realized through testing that I had enough draw spells to reliably find one in my opening hand or in a mulligan to 6. and the mana to play said cards/abilities. Time Vault; Time Vault (Card) Time Vault. I decided that refining this idea would be my next big project for Old School Magic, especially since our local events allowed Ice Age for another tournament. If I had to replay my ’95 Recursion Combo deck, I’d probably swap out 2-3 of the dual lands for more Bayou and Taiga. As documented last chapter, this all went away with 6th Edition rules. 6 months ago. This way, Transmute can find two parts of the three part combo. Buyers are raving! Probably the most enigmatic and mysterious yet feared historical combo deck was the Time Vault combo. To this date, it is only one of three cards ever banned for power level reasons (the other two being Mind Twist and Channel). The combo. But few are more popular or successful in modern 93/94 than Power Monolith combo (especially since Channel, as a singleton, can’t anchor a deck). There's a reason why Time Vault is banned in every format except Vintage, where it falls onto the Restricted list alongside the Power 9. Time Vault was restricted in the very first restricted list announcement, and then barely a month later, was the first card banned in Constructed Magic for power-level reasons alone. Black Vise and The Rack exemplify this approach. At this point, you have successfully set up the loop; you can cast the potent, restricting cards that are aimed at harming your opponent, cast Timetwister to draw them again, and repeat this until you’ve defeated your opponent.”. I started my testing with Enchantress, following Mark’s lead, but quickly realized I didn’t need it.

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