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parts of banana tree and its uses

It is a standing-straight, erect and one of the high values tree. Author: K. P. Sampath Kumar*, Debjit Bhowmik, S.Duraivel, M.Umadevi Abstract: Banana is the common name for herbaceous plants of the genus Musa and for the fruit they produce. antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antihistaminic, antidiarrheal, antimicrobial, antidiabetic, antifungal and antibacterial. Flower oil is used for cephalagia. In KS1, children only need to name the basic parts of a plant, in order to understand the basic functions that a … The different parts of plants can contain different active ingredients within one plant. Banana stem juice is rich in iron and vitamin B6, which are responsible for increasing the hemoglobin content in blood. Neem oil, extracted from the seeds, has insecticidal and medicinal properties. 3.1 Uses from Date Palm Tree. 3. Tree, woody plant that regularly renews its growth. Today, they are cultivated in tropical regions around the world. It can be used in an interactive way, for example, clicking on various places on the slides reveals the different parts of a plant. Traditional and Medicinal Uses of Banana . The nutrients in a banana peel have enzymes that help give you much healthier skin. An underground stem with suckers: The banana plant has large leaves closely rolled up one over the other. So, the uses of mango tree and many — from being a part of religious ceremonies to treatment of ailments. Resin is used in paints, and varnishes, and for sealing the joints or seams in boats. Conservation of medicinal plants is very important for future use. Then he uses the bacterium to insert the genes that would make the plant resist infection by TR4 or Race 1. Just discard its peel and enjoy! All parts of banana have nutritional and traditional medicinal uses. Potential Use of Banana and Its By-products: A R eview Gajendra Kumar Rana 1 *, Yogendra Singh 2 , S. P. Mishra 1 and Hemant K. Rahangdale 1 1 MGCGVV, Chitrakoot, Satna (M P), India Press the sap into the container until it is full, and light the sap at night. He takes a single cell from a Cavendish or Gros Michel banana plant. Most plants classified as trees have a single self-supporting trunk containing woody tissues, and in most species the trunk produces secondary limbs, called branches. ... A plantain is a fruit similar to a banana, but usually longer, thinner, and less sweet. It is thought that bananas were grown for food for the first time in Papua New Guinea. We use different parts of different plants as food. The edible part of a plantain is a fruit. To do so, Dale uses a common soil bacterium that naturally inserts pieces of DNA into plants. The blossom on the banana tree looks like a fleshy, purple-skinned flower, shaped like a tear, which grows at the end of a banana fruit cluster. So he is inserting resistance genes into both types of plants. Banana “trees” or hangers help expose a cluster of bananas to an even amount of oxygen, and promote gradual ripening by preventing excess pressure and moisture from collecting on the bananas at the bottom of the cluster. Like most fig-trees, the leaf bud is covered by two large scales. bauhaus1000 / Getty Images. Banyan trees figure prominently in several Asian and Pacific religions and myths, including: In Hinduism, the leaf of the banyan tree is said to be the resting place for the god Krishna. Every part has a use, including the fruits, wood, and leaves. Its flowers are used to produce certain essential oils for aromatherapy. The banana is grown in the tropics, and, though it is most widely consumed in those regions, it is valued worldwide for its flavor, nutritional value, and availability throughout the year. Neem seed cake is rich in organic contents and it enhances soil fertility. Volume 1, Issue 3 . Fully ripe golden yellow bananas may be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed produce drawer. The bark of the tree and its leaves can be used to stop excessive bleeding from wounds. But the old scientific names of banana are Musa sapientum and Musa paradisiacal. We enjoy various types of benefits from different types of plants. Pine resin has multiple uses. Banana, fruit of the genus Musa, one of the most important fruit crops of the world. Also, it is easily accessible and cheap all over India, so you’ve got yourself a practical superfood! Apply the peel over the whole face and let dry, then rinse with lukewarm water. Different parts of Poovarasu are used in the treatment of various disorders. A banana is the common name for a type of fruit and also the name for the herbaceous plants that grow it. Banana stem juice is diuretic and it flushes away the toxins and cleanses the urinary tract. This humble plant, with its flower, stem, fruit and leaf, can be consumed in different ways for overall wellness. Aside from their value as a fruit tree, mango trees can be used in the landscape as shade trees or, when planted in groups, as a hedge or a screen. are the largest herbaceous perennial plants in the world. Its wood is strong, durable, and resistant to fire. We know plants are very useful for us. 1. This property makes banana stem juice a crucial part of the diet for anemic persons. Chempakam (Sampoo) Chempakam is also known as champak and is a perennial flowering tree mostly found in Kerala. The banana plant produces its fruit and dies. It explains which parts of plants we eat (e.g. Face mask. Landscape Uses. The scientific name of Banana is Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. Medicinal properties derived from plants can come from many different parts of a plant including leaves, roots, bark, fruit, seeds, flowers. Bananas have also been used to prepare fruit jams. It is widely used to produce clones of a plant in a method known as micropropagation.Different techniques in plant tissue culture may offer certain advantages over traditional methods of propagation, including: we eat roots like carrot, we eat stems like potato, we eat leaves like cabbage etc. The various parts of the tree are used for the treatment of many ailments due to their scientifically proven medicinal activities viz. Flowers are the reproductive structures from which seeds are produced. Let’s take a … It is also used for making furniture. Health benefits of mango tree. Because of this, the trees are widely cultivated in many places in South India for both commercial and home use. When considering the useful parts of mango tree, one can say that almost every part of the tree is useful to humans in some way or the other. Let us know some of the following uses of plants. It is one of the oldest cultivated plants. Banana is the most popular fresh fruit in all over the world and its name comes from the Arabic word 'banan', which means finger. Its different parts are used in Ayurvedic treatment. Cultivated for their fruit, banana plantations are meticulously managed and the trees can produce for up to 25 years. Eat banana fruit as it is without any additions. What is often referred to as a banana "tree" is really a nonwoody plant and its "bark" is the external covering of its upright stem. Wash your face well with a neutral soap. Another sucker replaces it. There are many kinds of plants, bushes and trees in our surroundings. It is also an effective nematicide. Health and skin uses for banana peel Teeth whitening. This big list of uses indicates the importance of plants. Forest and Fruit Trees and Plants, Victorian Botanical Illustration. Fresh "banana-milkshake" with sugar syrup is a refreshing drink. It has other uses as well in the commercial and industrial sectors. Food: Plants are the main source of our food. There are few organisms as important as trees for maintaining Earth’s ecology. It is not used longer. So we need to take efforts to prevent them from eradication in the name of development. Scrape resin from a tree and collect it in a tin container. The different parts of a banana plant that are used as food are its fruit, flower, stem and leaves. It is used for housebuilding, telephone, and electrical poles, sleepers, and boats, and for furniture, and other carpentry works. Explanation: Banana parts such as fruit can be consumed in raw and ripened form. In fact, some of these by-products equaled or are more important than the date fruits itself. Banana (Genus Musa) cultivars are grown from long time throughout the world. Banana trees (Musa spp.) These plants belong to the genus Musa.They are native to the tropical region of southeast Asia.. Every part of the banana is packed with nutrition and health benefits. Each part is then described along with its functions. Grilled banana fruit can be served with cake/ ice cream in the Caribbean style dessert. The coconut tree is a kind of palm tree with a single straight trunk and has been used for many purposes since prehistoric times. These stems grow into banana plants. The banana plant is the largest herbaceous flowering plant. Plant tissue culture is a collection of techniques used to maintain or grow plant cells, tissues or organs under sterile conditions on a nutrient culture medium of known composition. Uses for Pine Resin . OAK TREES ARE USED FOR FURNITURE. Stem is another fibrous part of a banana … The most consumed part of a mango tree is its fruit. What are the uses of oak trees? Banana fruit sections are a great addition to fruit salads. The tree's fruit production, however, may be a disadvantage for its use as a landscape specimen because falling fruit will litter the ground under the tree. Banana flower has a purple color that is edible part. Traditionally used in south-east Asian and Indian cooking, it can also be eaten raw and its chunky, flaky texture makes it an ideal substitute for fish. The latex of the plant is used to cure piles, rheumatism, pain, and lumbago. The banyan tree also has medicinal properties and is used extensively in Ayurveda. Neem has anti-bacterial properties and it is used … In the Bhagavat Gita, Krishna said, "There is a banyan tree which has its roots upward and its branches down, and the Vedic hymns are its leaves. Date palm tree is primarily planted for its fruits. It bears oval-round shaped leaves which resembles those of Jack-fruit leaves.The leaves of the banyan tree are large, leathery, glossy green and elliptical in shape. Any number of banana pests and diseases can derail a successful plantation, however, not to mention environmental banana plant problems such as cool weather and high winds. In India, Banyan tree is regarded as a sacred tree. Cleanses The Urinary Tract. Together they look like a trunk, but they form only an apparent trunk. Due to heavy use, large plants and those plants which take a … Besides its branches, roots, and leaves, a mature tree also grows another important structure—the flower (or cone, in the case of evergreens). Economic Importance: Timber tree. Rub the banana peel (the inside) on your teeth periodically to help whiten them. The odor will deter insects, and its warm glow will provide light. Oil obtained from resin is known as Chua oil. The common and most straightforward commercial use of date palm tree is in landscaping. Thus, one part of the plant could be toxic while another portion of …

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