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diy cheap chicken coop

Hi Lily, Glad you enjoyed the post. The doors on my coop are about 21 inches by 20 inches. We’ve updated this post with even more advice and step-by-step instructions on how to build your own chicken coop. Plus, I’ve gathered some excellent cheap coop ideas from real homesteaders for you to use as inspiration. Everything we needed to get started. You can also use the basic design and tweak it to fit your needs and/or tastes. Once you are through that, start choosing the plan and materials then. instead of chicken wire), and is well ventilated for good airflow. They can also reach through the chicken wire and still kill your birds. Then again, I may be like the proverbial “crazy cat lady”, only, the “crazy guinea fowl guy” – lol. May 6, 2019 - Explore Dana Carr's board "Diy chicken coop plans", followed by 652 people on Pinterest. Before building a poultry coop using our cheap DIY chicken coop ideas discussed here, certain factors, such as height of the coup, ventilation, size of the coop, proper flooring, light, wood type and nest boxes are to be considered to build a healthy and comfy space for your chickens. Required fields are marked *. Building a chicken coop does not need to be an expensive process. Secure the hardware cloth into place with multiple staples. The world`s most creative, best looking and easiest to build 55 chicken coop plans are available below, free of charge for you to build them in the comfort of your home. Where it all started. I love the way you do things. So u happen to have the blue prints or rough estimates of the coop you’ve created. Please share your stories with the rest of the community in the comments section below so we can all learn new tips and tricks together. I suggest buying new, and get the ones with the spring on them. If people only knew what amazing pets poultry can make! Yes, you’re welcome to use an image with a link back :). However, I wish a little more research was done into building your coop, the first thing you should have stumbled across was hardware cloth instead of chicken wire. Monks Chicken Coop. We didn’t trust the birds with her anymore, and luckily, my compassion jumped in, and we both (my wife and I) felt she was traumatized enough, so we took them back without giving her the angry lecture, that I first wanted to give her. There are ready-to-go chicken coops available online, like on Amazon, or you can find them at a place like Tractor Supply Company. I crossed my fingers going into last winter while hoping and praying some additional fix up would keep the world’s ugliest chicken coop safe and together until spring. She just wanted to return the other two, due to the horror she walked upon. But, not wanting to leave that to chance, I am going to use chicken wire and 2 X 2 wood strips to make lightweight caged top coverings for them to keep the chickens away from the healing crops while they do their job and rid the area of bugs. 7: Bucket Feeder And DIY Chicken Waterer. I was doing just that a couple of years ago, when a sheriff’s deputy showed up, and told me someone reported me for illegal dumping. Drill two holes or the ⅛ pilot holes and screw the boards together enough to secure them but not extra tight at this point. I was wondering if you had a copy of the plans to make this coop. These are really simple designs in principle, cheap chicken coop designs that you can realize alone in a weekend with the right set of tools. I am going to incorporate the chicken coop into my apothecary patch, so the run being built will include growing areas. I started by taking the backside off and scrubbing it down. Underneath the coop we stapled chicken wire around securely. Immolate means to kill or sacrifice via burning. This has eliminated splayed legs by 99%. You can skip adding dividers if you so choose, but you should still attach furring strips where the dividers would have gone to add more stability to the structure and to help support the roof. Mount the cross bracing to the front of the hutch by butting together the ends and the center of the dividers – or the furring strips you mounted if skipping the dividers. Did I mention they were free? I decided with a bit of retrofitting, the hutch could be turned into a suitable 2-story chicken coop. Awesome Chicken Coop Plan. This small backyard DIY chicken coop is great if you don’t have a lot of space. If you notice that there might be too much of a draft in your coop, you … But, doing so will decrease air flow during the summer months. Here’s a great book that may help: http://amzn.to/1QIRNYL. Congrats! Measure down from the top left corner to the 2 ½ inch mark, and attach a hinge. These boards will serve as the long support for the cheap DIY rabbit hutch. The short version is, “Raising poultry, can be addictive. Though they don’t mind sharing, you don’t want over crowded boxes because it makes for fussy girls. Please consult a doctor or specialist for specific concerns about any skincare issues, cleaning products, or dietary needs. We’re also prepared for things like splayed legs, and other things chicks are prone to develop. My husband and I decided we would try the chicken thing about 2 years ago, with a little help from his sister. Many people choose to have their coops close to the ground, but we chose the elevated coop. I am not a trained chemist, cleaning specialist, or skincare expert. You want to make sure you choose a coop that is appropriately sized and adequate enough to house your hens comfortably. Just be aware that chicken wire only keeps chickens in, but not predators out. Good article, I am inspired to build a similar coop. If you live in a high predator area where bears wander about in the woods, you should avoid using chicken wire altogether. You’d be amazed if you looked around your home as well, at what you can use and what is lying around just waiting for a DIY (Do It Yourself) project. 04 of 13. Measure and then cut the four furring strips into 3 foot long lengths. I started doing some research, and came upon this program: https://sites.google.com/view/easychickencoop/home.I looked through all the plans and found couple that I liked, so I purchased it. We keep several until they reach adulthood, as well. Cut four more furring strips to measure 21 inches long. After looking to buy a DIY chicken coop kit from either Wayfair or Tractor Supply, we found that they were either too small for the amount of chickens we hope to have or way too expensive for the size of our budget.. youtube. What's up Internet? Before we began Make DIY Chicken Coop for your Backyard, here is some Seven Check List that we should know. But those products can actually cause more harm than good, even increasing an asthmatic person to be (something like) 50% more likely to have an asthma attack. However, I wish a little more research was done into building your coop, the first thing you should have stumbled across was hardware cloth instead of chicken wire. Kids Swing Set Chicken Coop Before you start planning your Coop, be sure to read this handy Chicken Coop Checklist. I wont go into detail, but raccoons have monkey hands, and the chicken wire was still in place. A rabbit hutch chicken coop can quickly be turned into a portable chicken cage and living quarters during a bugout. The Small and Friendly DIY Chicken Coop This chicken coop is everything you need to raise a few backyard hens. That’s awesome, Judy! My hens, like yours preferred to share one nesting box rather than use both of the ones I made them. . You might want to find a way to attach your coop to the ground. DIY Wichita Cabin chicken Coop plan. Large enough to achieve a cross breeze but small enough to still be protected from elements. Very nice coop! Hi Kristin, A group of friends an i are going to make this chicken coop. Thank You! See more ideas about chicken coop, diy chicken coop, coop. I’m always on the look-out for cheap ways to build coops. All of the droppings fell out the bottom or could easily be knocked out with the straw when it was replace. This allows for protection with proper ventilation. We used fencing for the “siding” and also fencing and plywood to double insulate the roof as well as shingles. There is a gap around the door to allow it to swing free when unlatched this is approximately ⅛ of an inch to 3/16 of an inch wide. the base, the rafters and walls. Hang the door, and attach it to the hinges. Chicken coops should be constructed with hardware cloth (rabbit hutch wire), and chicken wire should only used for the upper side portion and top of day run areas. It will not keep any predator out. Our 15 in 1 chicken coops are designed for the DIY’er ready for huge success in raising chickens. As it was told to me, chicken wire serves only one purpose, that is to keep chickens in. I live in Florida, so another big concern is lightening. A wind storm can do a number on these. Before I moved my chicken and ducks into the coop, my husband and a buddy set to work upgrading it, and making it far more predator proof. is there any chance you could send the material list and blueprint/instructions? We have a small “hobby farm”, and what we get for the ones we sale, doesn’t really cover the cost of our personal flock, but we have the opportunity to be hands on with the youngsters, and be a bit demanding of a potential buyer. This coop cost around $30 to build, but the guy did use some recycled materials, so … These frame will be your dividers inside the hutch style coop and the ends that go on either side of the coop. Place it over top of the hardware cloth layer – allow it to overhand about two inches on the front. Their hutch will be anchored in the middle of the pond to protect them from mink, fox, and other predators at night. DIY Chicken Coop. Backyard chicken coop plans can range from small to large, a-frame to barn designs and many more variations. We know that chickens are animals that love routine. By entering your e-mail you consent to subscribe to my newsletter. Even as low as eighty dollars. I pour only a day or two of feed into the other tubs that I have like the one we will be making in part 2 to prevent loss of feed due to moisture or mold. I guess it would really depend on how attached a person may get to their poultry (or other confined animals), and what they want to walk out to when they go out to when feeding, or collecting eggs. Hey Caroline, Thank you. So we decided to make our own DIY Chicken Coop & Run cheap & on a budget… Thank you, Jenny. I thought I was the only person out there that had strict terms in the sale of poultry and one who keeps babies to give the best start and imprint. So far, it’s cost us about $160 to build this coop – $80 for the hardware and $80 for the 2×4 wood. 3. Some of these can be build for less than $50 and all of them are easy. Never use anything but hardware cloth if you want them to live. This DIY chicken coop by the thrifty couple has got all the Must-haves for a chicken coop in check! Staple the hardware cloth into place. Add another layer of 2 X 3 boards onto the front to create a space to attach the legs, and also providing a mounting area for the little coop doors. And it’s simple to accomplish with Easy Coops. You can also now install gussets to add more stability to the hutch. My beloved yet weird heritage breed Buckeye chickens simply refuse to fly, so my medicinal herbs and roots might be safe since they will be grown in tabletop style raised beds. Below, we’ve gathered 20+ easy and cheap DIY chicken coop ideas that can help you plan and build the perfect chicken coop for your backyard. Palace Coop: The Palace Chicken Coop is a combined coop and run, with an external nesting box. I’ll let the writer know about the correction. How have you upcycled junk or rabbit cages into something new and useful on your homestead? My goal will be to do it as cheaply as possible. I came home and proudly announced my find. Here’s a good list from Home Depot on materials needed: http://blog.homedepot.com/free-plans-for-an-awesome-chicken-coop/, The Great tips. Now, I help families all over the world do the same, one small step at a time. Thank YOU for the meal!! There are plenty of stories from people who have lost entire flocks in one lightening strike, because they did not take it into consideration. If your budget is limited and can afford only 10 to 15 dollars to spend, this is the best idea you can come up with. The first thing with going for a DIY chicken coop plan is carefully analyzing the space available for your chicken coop! To add facing to the front edge area of the coop hardware cloth floor, cut a 2 X 3 board to attach in between the front legs. Please use your discretion, based on your own research, when making homemade products. Holes will be drilled around the lower portion of the tote, and PVC elbow pieces secured in place through the holes so the birds can access the feed without it becoming wet, while cutting down on waste. The Home Depot Blog. One door to get eggs, one door on the opposite side for cleaning, and one sliding door for them to come in and out of the run. There are thousands of free online blue prints offered for any style and price point. A fountain-style waterer will be affixed to the lower portion of the run so the birds have a steady supply of clean water that can be filled from the outside of the coop. DIY Chicken Run with Wood Chips Typically, chickens have a hooped run not much more than one foot tall made out of chicken wire and 2 X 2 furring stripes that wrap around the borders of the garden. Here is the simplest and cost effective kind of automatic diy chicken waterer. We used two twin IKEA bed frames. Of course, I realize that once a person leaves with a bird, our expectations are not always met, and we’ve literally had the proof handed to us a couple of times… With that bit of background, I wanted to add a couple of tips, if I may. Hence, it is important to have a good chicken coop design. Looking forward to the challenge and the fun. You can build a chicken coop that is predator proof from scrap material found around most homesteads and a couple small rolls of fencing – or less than $100 worth of wood. Now that the frames have been attached together and squared up, mark one side as the front. Great tutorial about how to DIY a chicken coop. I recommend covering the plywood with shingles or rubber for add longevity. This adds another layer of protection against predators. Sure, this might seem a bit silly but, believe me, you can accidentally put a front top piece on a back top piece and not notice until you have to undo everything you just did. via Hobby Farms If you have ever wondered what to feed your chickens, this infographic from Hobby Farms is a great place to start. Affix the gussets to where the floor of the coop and the legs intersect. This unique chicken coop designed by Downeast Thunder Farm incorporates a yard, an outdoor run, and electricity. The beauty of these plans is, with a little know how and imagination, you can easily build your own, professional looking, coop. Buying a chicken coop can get expensive, so in this article, I’m going to tell you how to build a chicken coop that fits your home, birds, and budget. A picture of a coop I wanted to emulate. Thank you, Chelsea. Check out these real life DIY chicken coops for fun and easy chicken coop ideas, plus simple step-by-step tutorials, and even chicken coop plans you can buy. I picked my inspiration. Measure and then cut two of the 2 x 3 or 2 x 4 studs with a circular saw to they are 6 feet long. That’s a story within itself. Thank you for sharing. Getting to eggs laid in the hooped run or retrieving an injured or sick bird from inside the tightly enclosed area would be problematic. A new chicken coop can cost you a thousand dollars or more. People agree to our terms. We have a lot of that rubbery shelf liner which we switch out, during brooding, keeping our brooder clean, with a nice surface the can comfortably walk on, and sleep on. Silly girls! Great blog! Several of these small rabbit hutch chicken coops sitting right next to each other can provide enough space for a decent size flock that is still highly portable. An impressive share! That’s double insulating protection. And like anyone else we started enthusiastically looking at brand new freshly painted hen houses. So that’s what we did. Your email address will not be published. Measure up from the bottom 2 ½ inches, and attach another hinge. Instead, I am going to build raised beds on stilts – sort of a table structure with hardware cloth reinforced by furring strips to hold the weight of the dirt and growing plants. I was wondering though, how do you keep digging predators from getting under the gate? Your e-mail is 100% safe. (Without chicken wire, yet.). How many chickens can live in a coop this size? Chicken coop kits sold at agriculture supply stores and online can range from $200 to $500 – even for a small habitat. This is much more fun! A rabbit hutch style chicken coop like the one shown in the photo above is large enough to house two laying hens and it is a simple two person carry. Drill holes in the corner areas and affix the pieces together. Even if you live on a large and secluded survival homestead with a big tribe of folks to help you work and defend the place, a need to develop during a SHTF scenario could still materialize. Thank you for asking. Going to give it a try this week. A safe place for them to get fresh air and scratch if they were not roaming supervised in our back yard. Regina Finally, a hinged door will be placed on the lower portion of the DIY chicken to give the members of the flock ample access ways to their day run. Here are brief instructions to make this diy chicken feeder and waterer. One of our main demands that we make before we will sell one of our birds, is that they get cooped up at night, in a coop made with hardware cloth/cage wire, NOT chicken wire. I literally LOVE everything in your post. The metal sheeting will be covered with dirt from out compost pile to give the chickens something natural to scratch in, and to hold the sheeting firmly in place. Cover each frame with hardware cloth, and secure it with multiple staples. We make sure to rinse it well afterwards, and let it dry and air out before using it for our birds. Hello 2. 41 Cheap And Clever DIYs For Happy Healthy Chickens ... could keep wild birds like sparrows out of your chicken coop. The Wichita coop plan has such an amazing rustic design. Thanks for sharing, Marty. Another idea is to join chicken groups in your area (on Facebook) and ask if anyone can share their plans. That means enough space. Below, I will detail how to build the rabbit hutch we are turning into a coop, just in case you do not have one laying around your homestead. Lightening will take the path of least resistance, and trees are easy prey. I’m Kristin. I built my first coop in 1 weekend. the thrifty couple. I highly recommend placing the chicken coop on concrete paver blocks to prevent them from sinking into soft ground during rainy times of the year if they are being constructed with portability in mind. Mount a barrel bolt on the side of the coop that is opposite of the hinged side – the side where the door will open. Staple in multiple areas on the front of the frame and around the side where the excess is wrapped. Make sure to save the scrap wood from the stud board cutting for use in extra projects! 1. Keeping your budget in check while building a chicken coop and chicken run can sometimes be a head-scratcher! Corrugated metal sheeting will be placed as a ground cover beneath the coop lower area. Roll out more hardware cloth for covering the back of the hutch-style chicken coop. To add facing to the front divider edge areas cut 2 foot long pieces of board from the 2 X 3 scrap wood and drift them into pace before securing with screws. This will be a lot of help!.Thank so much :0), Hi. Photos and written material are copyright protected here at Live Simply, so we don’t allow people to use our material (photos, recipes, written articles) for their website. This will give the roof a slight angle, and allow water and snow to run off of it easily. Next, we needed an attached run. But yeah, thanx for spending time to discuss this matter here on your blog. The automatic door that opened to a white picket fenced run. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) When we looked around we found lumber, screws, nails, liquid nail, hardware, paint, even shingles. Ideally, you want about a half an inch of excess wrapped around each side of the frame. Awesome idea to use the kitchen cabinet, i Actually have some old ones! He didn’t know what to make of it, or me for picking up trash, but he left with a smile. Chicken wire was only meant to keep chickens in, but dogs, raccoon and possums can rip through it like it was paper. That’s my top recommendation. If you buy pine, they will cost around $40. We decided to do two on both sides. A backup up plan for a TEOTWAWKI survival homestead is far beyond wise – and could make a life or death difference for your loved ones. I longed for the four thousand dollar fancy one. You could also use bird netting for the top of the new run because it is sufficient to keep hawks away. I sat down and drew up my plans. After scrounging around my husband’s cool junk yard pile, I knew the only thing I would have to buy is some hardware cloth, and chicken wire. The port hole window with etched glass of a rooster. Corrugated metal could also be used. We don’t have much of an issue with predators in our area, but each area is different and coops should be built accordingly. Nesting Boxes You need to know that Chicken Coop need nesting boxes where they will able to lay their eggs. And sometimes, they like to use part of an existing fence line as one side of a run. Stand the hutch style chicken coop up to test the stability of the legs after tightening all screws. How do you go about making a run? Once the bottom portion was added, my junker of a rabbit hutch would look almost identical to those over-priced coop kits that were advertised at Tractor Supply, and Rural King. Roll out hardware cloth and drape it across the top of the hutch as the first roof layer. The DIY recipes shared on this website haven’t been tested in a lab. So let's talk about coops for your chickens. Repeat the door and barrel bolt mounting step for each chicken coop door. You’’ll probably need a helping hand to hold the cross bracing in place while screwing it in. It has a roosting area, a run, a nesting box, and steps for the hens to get in and out of the coop. Let me help you simplify! We used a hand saw, a jig saw, and basic hand tools like an automatic screw driver, a hammer, and a staple gun to achieve the cuts we needed to make. Couple of days ago My cousin Bought an Ebook. 16 pressure treated 2 x 3’s or 2 X 4s that are 8 foot long. Attach the back cross brace over top of the hardware cloth on the back of the chicken coop. Awesome! I had run to the hardware store for some staples and on my way back a huge pile of “rubble” caught my eye on the side of the road. It will save you time and stress! I would use chicken wire. Folks, I give you the coop base. Cut the top and bottom frame pieces and then abut the vertical pieces to the edges of the top and bottom frame pieces. So kudos to you for doing that. 14 2×2 pressure treated furring strips that are 8 foot long – cost should be around $30. Next, we decided we needed not just one, but two nesting areas. You might be able to score a cheap wood hutch by looking on Craigslist or local Facebook trading posts and auction pages. The amount of wood used in the project was minimal. It has flap windows which can be propped open, and ventilation holes around the top. Thanks for the information & inspiration. Not having to clean out a wood floor chicken coop once a week every week was going to be an incredible time saver. Avoid gravity lowered doors and always buy a motorized raise and lower door. A DIY Chicken Coop for Everyone. Chicken Coop from Pallets: Remember, a really good, functional chicken coop for your backyard hens is made of non-toxic materials, is predator-proof (think hardware cloth. To make the top of the roof cut a sheet of corrugated metal to fit on top of the hutch style chicken coop, allowing a bit of an overhang on all side. I will never SPAM you. Thanks for sharing, fidgets. Candice, the author, had three chickens in this coop. by Maat van Uitert | Sep 16, 2019 | Chicken Coops. And what materials did we use? I decided to make my own. Saving money by using materials and resources wisely is the homesteading way, and this cheap DIY chicken coop project definitely fits that bill. Make sure you dig far enough. We also give our keets a lot of human contact, helping them learn to trust humans. My husband used these plans from woodprix and he’s very satisfied. For those reasons, it is much cheaper to make your own DIY chicken coop at home. The DIY recipes on this website are based on my personal experiences. Good luck … Proceed with caution!” – lol. If you’re interested in learning more about keeping backyard hens, my favorite resource is “Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens…Naturally”, 10 Healthy Money-Saving Foods You Can Grow at Home, 9 Cleaning Products to Stop Buying and Start Making. A plastic tub containing food and/or bedding can be strapped to the top of the hutch style coop to both keep it at the ready in case a bugout becomes necessary and to save space when rapidly leaving your home during a SHTF event. Making a DIY automatic chicken coop door, especially if you work, makes taking care of your hens so much easier. I believe nourishing yourself and your family shouldn't be complicated. It’s good for the outside, but should not be used within the confined space. Great suggestions for someone to consider! Chicken coops on the market can be hard to handle, may cost a lot, and are often too unwieldy to fit in certain spaces. I’m getting 2 chicks tomorrow. The Cost of our DIY Chicken Coop & Run . It looks amazing! I am going to regularly plant herb seeds either directly into the dirt, or in sturdy planters so the flock can have free choice access to their nutritional and medicinal supplements. Great tips. The Home Depot has a free chicken coop plan that is designed to mimic the classic red barn. I mean in very detail and with pictures. I knew I kept them for a good reason. And stapling the wire will allow coons to easily rip it off. So, I gathered up 20 of my favorite free chicken coop plans to share with you. When we bought our farm, it came complete with many things, one of which as a chicken coop. I also offer hay and shavings in these areas making a nice cozy dark area they feel comfortable laying their perfect little eggs. I wanted to build a sturdy new chicken coop that was going to be ultra simple to clean, and collect eggs from and be very easy on the budget. The roof slopes from the front to the back and there is a small access door. Remember, the chickens will be using the space beneath their coop as a small run space when they are not free ranging in the large chicken run that we will build. Because the coop was made out of particle boards, I knew it was not going to be sound, or even last very long. I also wanted the matching red and white mansion for us, but that’s just not in the cards. Some folks who make garden chicken runs in this manner break the run up into shorter sections that can be lifted up to garner interior access. http://blog.homedepot.com/free-plans-for-an-awesome-chicken-coop/, https://sites.google.com/view/easychickencoop/home.I. I actually have guinea fowl, which are spoiled rotten. You will build the doors just like you did the divider pieces. It’s so cute and it has such personality! Even though you’re going to cover the back of the coop with plywood, corrugated metal, or both, do not skip adding the hardware cloth. You can find the full article on the Gardenaholic. Put together the “picture frame” doors by abutting the short furring strips on the end with the longer furring strips to make corners. If you are looking for smaller chicken coop designs, check out our post (most of the small plans are also free). Your email address will not be published. We built a 4X8 coop for almost nothing by walling off one end of an already existing 8X16 rabbit shed that we’d built several years previously, also made by scrounging almost all of the materials, & adding a fenced pen outside. Although many tutorials detailing how to make such a feeder claim you can pour one 50 pound bag of feed in the tote before placing the lid on top in an effort to save feeding chore time, I strongly urge against doing so. I came across this article by accident, while looking for ideas on a separate access door for food/water in a small coop I have for small pre-adults. Types of A-Frame coops and DIY plans and videos Cheap, simple, and easy DIY A-frame tractor. Hey Sophie, The general rule is 4 sq. I even have strict rules that I lay down, before we will sell them. You know, the one that’s barnyard red with white trim. With that said, I now have to admit that we do buy chlorine from a pool supply store, which we dilute and put in a pump sprayer, for occasional large amounts of used materials, such as if we find a truck load of free/cheap lumber that is still solid, but due to being improperly stored, has some yuckiness on it. Yes it’s true. It also needs to be warm enough for cold winters and cool enough for hot summers. Hi, Lily, I think you and hubs picked a beautiful design to build and I am especially proud that you follow the same philosophy I do – reuse, recycle, reduce. I'll show you what we have currently and what we started with. Thanks! Upcycling an old rabbit hutch into a chicken coop is an even cheaper way to secure your meat and egg birds.

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