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christmas cactus vs thanksgiving cactus

Both cacti bloom around the holidays, hence the name association. The blooming time is typically in December. Their flowers are broader and look a little like daisies. So just to let you know that in case you buy planted a flower so that's basically the difference with the two leaves how you can tell between the truncata, Thanksgiving Cactus and the bridgesii, Christmas Cactus. The Thanksgiving Cactus ( Schlumbergera truncata) has very pointed and claw-shaped projections on the edges of the leaf. Thanksgiving Cactus – The flowers are pink, red, white or yellow and they typically bloom in November. The Christmas Cactus ( Schlumbergera bridgesii) has leaf projections that are … This is partly why they make such great houseplants. Thanksgiving Cactus – Has broad segmented leaves with serrated (jagged) edges on each side. It has the annoying habit of shedding most of its phylloclades at just a slight drought. Of the three Holiday Cactus most of the identification confusion is between the Christmas Cactus and the Thanksgiving Cactus. Both grow wild in the mountains of southeastern Brazil, so they prefer things on the cool and shady side unlike the cacti found in desert habitats. Easter Cactus – Has flat segmented leaves that are similar in some ways to the Christmas Cactus. They do not like environmental changes and will drop the flowers if that happens. The Christmas cactus has smooth segments without the pointed teeth. The difference lies in the leaf shape (although to be correct, these are not leaves, they are “stems”). The end or tip of each segment is very slightly curved but can look almost flat across. It is usually more difficult to grow the Easter Cactus than the Christmas Cactus or the Thanksgiving Cactus. The difference is found in the shape of the leaves too. However, I have listed some that are easy and interesting. If you look closely at the at the point where two stems meet, you will see that there are pointy segments or “teeth”. It's doing really, really well and this was actually was given to me [??? It typically begins to bloom in November and the Christmas cactus in December. There are several things that play a key role in helping a Thanksgiving Cactus to bloom at the right time. Even though S. truncata is the Thanksgiving cactus, it is the one that is usually sold as Christmas cactus. Easter Cactus – When comparing mature ‘Holiday Cacti’ the Easter Cactus will be the smaller of the plants. Outdoor Succulent Designing and Planting Tips, Succulent Plants that Clean Indoor Air Pollution, 16 Best Indoor Succulents for Home or Office, Succulent Gardening with Children – Easy Guide, Aloe Vera for Skin Care and Other Conditions, Jade Plant Bonsai Tree – How to Grow and Maintain. As houseplants, all three require very similar basic care. Both the Thanksgiving Cactus and the Christmas Cactus will often bloom again between March and May. Here at Desert Succulents we have been propagating, growing and caring for all types of succulents since 2003. Put another way, the stem edges are smooth and crenellated (slightly notched) but never toothed or jagged like the Thanksgiving Cactus. The Christmas and Thanksgiving cactus require approximately 6 weeks of short days in order to bloom whereas the Easter cactus requires 8-12 weeks of short days to bloom hence the name Easter cactus. The plant bodies are flattened and the leaves are actually stems. It’s easy for even the well-trained eye to mistake them for the same plant. Christmas cactus flowers bloom around December, and Thanksgiving cactus flowers bloom in November. The flowers are more star-shaped than the other two ‘Holiday Cactus.’  It typically blooms in the spring months of April and May. The Easter Cactus, however, very rarely flowers again outside of its springtime blooming. The Thanksgiving cactus has a very toothy stem with two to four pointed teeth. From the Britannica Online – Christmas Cactus “The Christmas cactus is often confused with the Thanksgiving cactus (also called crab cactus, S. truncata, or Epiphyllum truncatum); however, in the former, the margins of the stem joints are crenated (they have rounded indentations), whereas in the latter the margins are sharply saw-toothed.”  Side Note:  There is a great photo of Christmas Cactus flowers on the Britannica page we have linked to but it is 90 degrees off. Where it will be located in your house, the size of succulent you desire, and the type of container to name a few. Christmas cactus plants are very similar to Thanksgiving cactus; in fact, they are often mistaken for them, but there are differences that appear mainly with the stems, leaves, and the blooming period. In fact, it is not uncommon to have years that the Easter Cactus produces no blooms at all. The “true” Christmas cactus is Schlumbergera x buckleyi, with slightly rounded leaf points. Many Christmas Cactus and Thanksgiving Cactus will be commercially labeled with the genus Zygocactus. Cacti And Succulents Planting Succulents Cactus Plants Garden Plants House Plants Planting Flowers Garden Sofa Garden Table Easter Cactus Please visit often and enjoy our newly posted "how-to" articles and other content. Thanksgiving Cactus – Typically the Thanksgiving Cactus stems grow in an upright or erect direction. Christmas cacti have flattened leaves with rounded teeth on the margins of the leaves. So, I suggest you put your plants in a spot that receives no artificial light between 6 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. It points out the best plants that clean indoor air pollution and even how to maintain them. The Thanksgiving cactus blooms a bit earlier than the Christmas cactus. As noted, it is not possible to always predict precisely when any of these three plants will bloom. If you do not feel points or claws but you do feel numerous small soft bristles on the tip end of the leaf it is an Easter Cactus. And the flowers always sort of grow sort of outwards and beautiful flowers that they always grow outwards. And that's the - the only way really you can tell the difference obviously the leaf and the flowers and that's really all it is to it, very easy to identify…. (And for good measure, there is also an Easter Cactus (Hatiora gaertneri). The Christmas Cactus is very easy to propagate, however, so it is possible to obtain cuttings from someone that already owns one. | | About Us | Sitemap | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Contact, Video Transcription: Christmas Cactus vs Thanksgiving Cactus vs Easter Cactus. Just enjoy your beautiful and unique succulent! From the University of Illinois Extension – Thanksgiving Cactus, Christmas Cactus, Easter Cactus: What’s the Difference? Claw like lobes is the Thanksgiving cactus and the round lobed is the Christmas cactus. If you feel a distinct point or claw it is a Thanksgiving Cactus. Another difference between them is the timing of when they flower (which is how they get their common names!). Depending on the care and the growing environment, all three of these ‘Holiday Cactus’ may also produce surprise flowers at other times of the year. Both the Christmas Cactus and Thanksgiving Cactus fall under the genus Schlumbergera. Each of these succulents derived their common names from the time of the year that they typically flower in North America. Not to be confused with the Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi) which is easy to do. Sellers call it Christmas cactus because it sells best by that name. The true Christmas cactus has a flattened stem segments with smooth, scalloped edges. When the buds appear it can be brought into a warmer area for your enjoyment. Listed alphabetically is a selection of uncommon words used on this website that you may not recognize. Answer: An Easter cactus, also known as a spring cactus or Rhipsalidopsis gaetneri or Hatiora gaetneri, is one of three popular holiday cacti—alongside the previously mentioned Thanksgiving and Christmas species. It is called a leaf cactus but is not a true cactus. “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”, Copyright © 2009 - 2020. The majority of the videos that you find online incorrectly identify these three cacti. Christmas Cactus – Begins growing upright but as it matures the stems are pendent arching down. (The distinctive claw shaped pointed projections inspired the creative names Crab Claw Cactus or Claw Cactus.) Now here in Ireland we don't actually celebrate Thanksgiving so most of the Schlumbergera truncate cacti is either sold or sold under Christmas Cactus regardless of their variety. Both came from the tropical forest of Brazil while the Easter cactus originated from the natural forest. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas Cactus are easy care plants that can bloom for many weeks. The blooming time is typically in December. They are also easy…, In this video Laura shows and talks about some of her outdoor succulent designing. With reference to their namesake, Easter cacti typically bloom in spring, around the time of Easter. Difference between Christmas cactus and Thanksgiving cactus. Stems: The "leaves" of a Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) are technically not leaves: they are cladodes, a type of stem. Since the 1950’s both the Christmas Cactus and the Thanksgiving Cactus are technically placed under the genus Schlumbergera. While the Christmas cactus stems hang down like a pendent, the Thanksgiving cactus has … The whole stem makes a bit of a Y shape. (1) With succulents like the various Holiday Cactus the “pads” on the stems are sometimes called leaves. They have such similar characteristics it is obvious that they are closely related. Here’s my succulent grow beds behind me. This video is not the best quality but it does accurately show close-ups of the Thanksgiving Cactus, Christmas Cactus and Easter Cactus. When nighttime temps fall between 55 and 60, buds will begin to form. Thanksgiving Cactus, Crab Claw Cactus, Claw Cactus, Lobster Cactus, False Christmas Cactus, Holiday Cactus, Linkleaf, Yoke Cactus Since they both bloom in late fall or winter and are beautiful plants, typical consumers are not likely to care exactly which one they have purchased. From the University of Minnesota Extension – Holiday cacti: Christmas cactus, Thanksgiving cactus, and Easter cactus  “They can also be very long-lived. The best way to tell the difference between Thanksgiving and Christmas cacti is to take a close look at the leaves. If your plant possesses the telltale rounded leaves of the Christmas cactus yet insists on blooming earlier in the fall, it's likely due to its growing conditions. The serrated edges form into points. True Christmas cacti (S. x buckleyi) have smooth, round leaf edges while Thanksgiving cacti (S. truncata) have jagged leaf edges. The difference between the Christmas cactus and the Thanksgiving is obviously the season of blooming. First, both Thanksgiving cactus and the true Christmas cactus need short days (less than 12 hours of sunlight per day) starting in late September or they won’t bloom at all. The flowers are more pendulous and droop straight down from the ovary. Their flowers’ outer leaves curl back towards the stem giving the flower an interesting tubular shape. …Heaps happiness and tons and tons of cactus power as always from I and until the next video bye. Hopefully, our article will help you identify whether you have a genuine Easter Cactus, Thanksgiving Cactus or a Christmas Cactus. Once it starts blooming, it is best to leave it in one spot. Thanksgiving cactus has sharper leaf segments whereas Christmas cactus has rounded leaf segments. Rub your finger along the edge of a leaf segment. There are hundreds of types of succulents with fascinating shapes and colors. The change in temperature and the consistency of the indoor temperature triggers the bloom cycle. Christmas cactus produces yellow, pink, coral, fuchsia, white and bi-color blooms. Since there are many dozens of hybrids that have been developed from each one of these cacti don’t worry if you are still finding it difficult to identify what you have. Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii) From Clemson University – Thanksgiving & Christmas Cacti  “To distinguish between the Thanksgiving and Christmas cacti, look at the shape of the flattened stem segments, which are botanically called phylloclades. There are slight scallops on the edges of the leaves but the shape is  much subtler than the Christmas Cactus. It is a thermo-photoperiodic plant, the amount of light and darkness determines if and when it flowers. Full Video - Subscribe to Our Main Channel - Not only do they look similar, without close examination, but they are mislabeled by sellers possibly more than any other succulents. Schlumbergera truncata is the Thanksgiving cactus. Now the Thanksgiving Cactus will tend to flower any time from October up until the end of November time. In particular, the Easter Cactus is much more sensitive to under or over-watering. And what we’re going to be doing today is fixing those leggy or etiolated…. Areole – The small bumps…, This is a video chocked full of specifics about what toxins can be removed from the air. The flowers of the Easter cactus are a bit different. There are no bristles on either the Thanksgiving Cactus or the Christmas Cactus. Christmas Cactus – Has wide and flat segmented leaves that are smaller and rounder than the other two cacti. Christmas cactus cultivars have segmented stems, but with smooth margins. The flowers of the Christmas cactus and the Thanksgiving cactus both open somewhat similar to the flowers on a fuchsia plant. But the differences here although it's got the scalloped edging on this Easter Cactus smooth around scalloped edging. Intentionally or unintentionally, the Thanksgiving Cactus is often sold as a Christmas Cactus. Schlumbergera truncata has pointier leaves and blooms a little earlier. The Thanksgiving Cactus anthers are yellow but they are purplish-brown on the Christmas Cactus. In contrast the Thanksgiving Cactus has yellow anthers. The Christmas Cactus indentations are more  tear drop in shape. Thanksgiving cactus … All Rights Reserved. The health of your succulent and the current growing conditions will determine the flowering or lack of it. The edges of the leaves have small indentations (scallops) in contrast to the Thanksgiving Cactus leaves that have outward pointed claws. Now just to make a little bit more confusing is that the Easter cacti which are the Rhipsalidopsis [Now changed to Hatiora] [???] Smith says the main difference between the Christmas and Thanksgiving cactus, and the Easter cactus is the time of bloom.”. There are numerous succulents that clean indoor air pollution and this video discusses a few of them and why they are…, To describe “the best indoor succulents” depends on a few things. They all have different blooming times but they generally have the same care needs. Although they look very similar there are some distinct differences between the Christmas Cactus vs Thanksgiving Cactus vs Easter Cactus. There are a few basic design elements, however, that will make a big difference in how your succulents are displayed. There are two main differences between Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus, though. The variety of beautiful and interesting succulents seems endless. They are very similar with some minor differences. Thanksgiving Cactus Information. The need for high humidity, bright but filtered light, and soil kept relatively moist most of the year sets these plants apart from the majority of cacti and succulents… Though called Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter cactus, these common names are primarily for marketing purposes and provide only a general reference for the time of year these plants may bloom.”. Christmas cacti and Thanksgiving cacti belong to the same botanical genus, Schlumbergera, meaning they’re closely related. The Christmas Cactus has purplish-brown anthers. Although true cacti, these plants are native to rain forests and epiphytic meaning they grow on other plants and derive moisture and nutrients from air and rain. And, of course, if your plant naturally blooms at Christmas, that’s another good sign it’s probably the true Christmas cactus. The true Christmas cactus, S. ×buckleyi, blooms a month or so later than the Thanksgiving cactus and is usually in bloom after the holidays are past. Thanksgiving cacti bloom in November, right around Thanksgiving time. There are 2-4 points on each side. The Christmas Cactus stems arch up but then droop farther down. Allow the plants to dry out 2-3 inches from the top between waterings. Also, look at the pollen-bearing anthers—Thanksgiving cactus anthers are yellow, while Christmas cactus anthers are pink to purplish-brown. Well-draining soil is a must. Therefore they like regular watering during the entire season. So you know whether you have a real Christmas Cactus or a Thanksgiving one. This genus contains the popular house plants known by a variety of names including Christmas Cactus, Thanksgiving Cactus, Crab Cactus and Holiday Cactus. Christmas Cactus – The flowers are usually white or red but occasionally may be yellow. true that conditions where the plant is located can also have a bearing but 9 times out of 10 it is just a different plant Later in the article we have posted 5 photographs and a video to help identify these three succulents! All three cacti are epiphytes, growing naturally in trees in the rainforests of Brazil. The Christmas cactus and Thanksgiving cactus are the same in terms of origin. Thanksgiving cacti have flattened leaves with pointed teeth. But the reason I'm doing this video is because there are two different types there's a few different hybrids but there's two main different types and they do flower at slightly different times and they do look different. The end of the last segment is slightly concave with a point on each side. Flowering depends more on day length than on the nutrients provided by … The Easter Cactus is the most difficult to grow. You will also find a few varieties of Easter Cactus or (Rhipsalidopsis and Hatiora) offered, these have simular requirements but bloom in spring time. It’s common to hear of these plants being passed on from generation to generation and sometimes living over 100 years! When nighttime temps fall between 55 and 60, buds will begin to form. I take my plant outdoors for the summer and bring it inside in September. On the Thanksgiving cactus, these stem segments each have 2 to 4 saw-toothed serrations or projections along the margins. This is just a quick reference guide to words we have used in our posted content. Best Indoor Succulents List Aloe Vera Zebra Plant Panda Plant Bird’s…, Some succulents have a tendency to grow elongated and can look very unhealthy. Now in this video I'm going to tell you how you can tell the difference between a Thanksgiving Cactus and a Christmas Cactus and I show the two comparisons between the two. People can have strong opinions about what makes a beautiful succulent arrangement or design. There are hundreds of different types of…, This page is not intended to define the many hundreds of scientific words used specifically in botany. Hope everyone's having an incredible day. The scientific name of the Christmas cactus is Schlumbergera bridgesii while the scientific name of the Thanksgiving cactus is Schlumbergera truncata. There's a few different hybrids but this is the true Christmas Cactus with the round scalloped edging to it. It also does poorly if it is over-watered. Difference Between Christmas Cactus and Thanksgiving Cactus • The main difference between the two cacti is the time they bloom. Some of the best succulent plants also have medicinal uses topically and/or internally. And the flowers always hang down almost like beautiful little bells hanging down so that the flowers are different in their arrangements. And the other difference between the two is obviously the flowers. Sometimes you will get a second bloom cycle around March. During the winter months, they enjoy a location with bright, indirect light but once they are taken outdoors, a shady or part-sunny location is best. Now the first one I'm going to show you the difference in the leaf arrangements here. The fuchsia-like flowers last a long time. Now this one up I hear is the Schlumbergera truncata which is actually the true Thanksgiving Cactus and it has the edges are slightly sharp on the leaf edging and they sort of resemble a little bit like a crab's claw as you can see on here and that is the truth Thanksgiving Cactus. family also have scalloped edges and after flower they're do look very similar to the Christmas cacti. family rather thus from [???] Although that Zygocactus genus name still surfaces it was officially abandoned decades ago in favor of Schlumbergera. Thanksgiving Cactus flowers are more asymmetrical, protrude from the ovary and extend horizontally from the tips of the stem segments. These plants are epiphytes (plants that grow on other plants). The Easter Cactus shape is merely slight indentations. Hi guys, it's Lynne here. And with the Christmas Cactus it flowers usually from the November time up until the December sometimes right up until the January a bit later on. Thanksgiving Cactus, Christmas Cactus, Easter Cactus: What’s the Difference? Sometimes a plant might start to drop buds at this time. This was given to me as a wonderful cutting by by a lovely friend of mine. Flowering is triggered by temperature and light changes. And then the true Christmas Cactus here actually has scalloped edges and this is the Schlumbergera bridgesii I sometimes called bridgesii. Nevertheless, it is always beneficial to know, if possible, the exact name of your succulent. It typically begins to bloom in November and the Christmas cactus in December. Collectively and even individually they are sometimes referred to as ‘Holiday Cactus’. Early bloomers are called 'Thanksgiving Cactus' later bloomers 'Christmas Cactus'. Christmas cactus plants bloom sometime in December, close to Christmas time. It is almost mandatory to have a soil moisture meter on hand if you want to optimally water an Easter Cactus. Fertilize lightly once a month during the spring and summer seasons but discontinue in the fall and winter months. They also like humidity. Christmas Cactus – The flowers are usually white or red but occasionally may be yellow. Appropriately, the Thanksgiving Cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) is blooming for Thanksgiving. Each of these succulents derived their common names from the time of the year that they typically flower in North America. The stem margins on the Christmas cactus are more rounded. “These three species of cactus are members of the group of cacti called leaf cacti, explains Martha Smith, University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator. In contrast the Thanksgiving Cactus has yellow anthers. You can grow succulents from seeds. The Christmas Cactus here this Schlumbergera actually has the scalloped edging going downwards in a teardrop shape as you can see that's more teardrop shaped rather than completely rounded and that's how you can tell the difference between the true Christmas Cactus and the Easter Cactus. The flowers are produced from notches in these stems or from the tips. The Easter Cactus (sometimes called Whitsun Cactus) is classified under the genus Hatiora. It is possible, and maybe even easier, to tell the difference between these three cacti with your eyes closed. Flowers are symmetrical being evenly distributed around each flower tube. Note that there are no true leaves on either of these holiday cacti, so photosynthesis occurs within the green phylloclades.”. But these three groups are all members of leaf cacti. This video demonstrates how to prune elongated succulents so they look much better and will be healthier. ]… was a Christmas Cactus because she bought it as a Christmas Cactus but it actually turned out to be an Easter Cactus. I'll just show you this one here this is a Rhipsalidopsis and Easter Cactus. This ensures you will be able to provide the best care possible. These plants feature pink, red, white, or yellow flowers on their flatt… An easy mistake to make as I'll show you here that the scalloped edging on this Easter Cactus looks very similar to the true Christmas Cactus. The Easter cactus has soft bristles at the end of the lobes. The Thanksgiving cactus has stems that grow upright at first, then arch… and its flowers are borne horizontally rather than hanging limply from the stem tip. The blooms on a Thanksgiving cactus come in many colors, with yellow pollen-bearing anthers. All three of the ‘Holiday Cactus’ are wonderful succulents to add to your collection. Over the last several years, I have put my Christmas Cactus in a shady area in … The leaves are broad and flat with slight serrations on the edges in the Thanksgiving vs. Christmas cactus, which has smoother Easter Cactus – The flowers are royal purple, red or pink and brighter than Christmas Cactus or Thanksgiving Cactus. Christmas cactus vs Thanksgiving cactus. True Christmas Cactus, Schlumbergera bridgesii, is rarely available commercially. Many desert succulents will live healthy lives much longer than humans. YARD ‘N GARDENLAND1501 NE 102nd StreetVancouver, WA 98686360.573.7172, STORE HOURSMonday – Saturday: 8:00am – 5:00pmSunday: 9:00am – 5:00pm, Thanksgiving Day  –  CLOSEDChristmas Eve –  Closed at 2:00pmChristmas Day –  CLOSEDDecember 26th –  CLOSEDNew Year’s Eve –  CLOSEDNew Year’s Day –  CLOSED, 360.573.7172 | 1501 NE 102nd Street, Vancouver WA 98686, Digging and Storing Dahlias for the winter. [Transcript]  Hey everybody, welcome to Wisconsin wonder garden. They are usually pink, but modern hybrids include white, red, yellow, and purple varieties. Rather it is an epiphyte, those plants which live on other plants. If you do not feel a point or claw and you also don’t feel anything on the flat end or tip of the leaf it is a Christmas Cactus. They are also beautiful, especially when in bloom. Flowering is triggered by temperature and light changes. The Thanksgiving cactus blooms a bit earlier than the Christmas cactus. Flowers are symmetrical being evenly distributed around each flower tube. The Christmas Cactus has purplish-brown anthers. The most significant difference are the small bristles on the end of each leaf. There is quite a bit of confusion out there about Christmas cactus taxonomy. If the photo was aligned correctly the flowers would be pendulant (drooping down), not horizontal. Christmas Cactus vs Thanksgiving Cactus vs Easter Cactus Although they look very similar there are some distinct differences between the Christmas Cactus vs Thanksgiving Cactus vs Easter Cactus. Easter cacti also have flattened leaves with rounded teeth, but their flowers are broader and almost daisy-like, whereas the flowers of … The Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) is epiphytic, meaning they grow on trees, other plants, or rocks but generally not in soil (however some are grown in soil).

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