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advantages and disadvantages of computer science

The data processed by a computer can either be of numerical or non-numerical values. You have the ability to place multiple games of choice on it and other multimedia like music and videos. Security issue: data and file can be theft by hacker. In the list of mankind’s greatest inventions, I think the internet comes in second after computers. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Critical situations can be investigated without risk. Advantages of Computers Increased speed and efficiency of work. People are using computers to perform different tasks quickly and easily. The modern day computer is very similar to its predecessors with only some few adjustments and the fact that it is much smaller and consumes very little power. Computer Science. System languages: These are designed for low-level tasks, like memory and process management Scripting languages: These tend … Functionality and Advantages of Using Alphanumeric Code. Computer can be used as a great educational tool. //-->// >