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proposal for edited book

Your draft chapters should be standardised to the point where the peer reviewers and the publisher will be reassured of your ability to do the work required to get a whole volume into shape. persuade busy people to spend time writing for your volume, critique, edit and even cut the work of friends, colleagues and senior figures in your field, tell your speakers that you’re planning a volume, give them all a set of questions that any piece that ends up in the book will have to explore, tell them that some (but not all) papers will be used, be clear that you’ll decide based on the book and its coherence as you put it together, challenge the existing thought/literature (it should definitely do this), advance an underexplored area or open up a new approach to a much-studied area, compare something across cultures, empires, industries (or whatever is appropriate to your area of study), work the chronological angles to show changes or continuities over time, compare methodological or theoretical approaches, Not every angle can be covered in one book, Some angles invite more to say than others, Your volume does need limits, and these should be outlined and justified in a substantial introduction to the volume, one or two ‘keynotes’ (or equivalent figures in the field, if no conference papers were harmed in the making of this volume), some mid-career names who have published on the subject, some up-and-coming early career researchers and PhD students, 80,000-100,000 words is ideal but a longer book with all its 4 C’s firmly in place could be attractive. What … Well, then, you would have to frame a sample book proposal with the help of a book proposal example template that will house your interest in publishing the book from a preferred publisher. Cost analysis - whether it makes financial sense to publish it. Editing Team - 2021 C&P Edited Book The Curriculum and Pedagogy Group (C&P) invites proposals for the 2021 Curriculum and Peda-gogy Edited Book. What confusions do you wish to clarify? That’s hard on the reader and lets all your introductory glory drain away into someone else’s pocket. I’ve read various places (now I can’t remember where, of course) that you shouldn’t use “This chapter explains” or “This chapter will cover” etc. The book proposal is a 15-50 (or so) page manuscript that a writer uses to pitch a nonfiction book to publishers. Some would argue that different essays should be different lengths depending on the subject matter. Consequently, the importance of a well-written, professional book proposal cannot be underestimated. Our editors will then consider this form, and where necessary discuss it with another editor, and then may send it for review by one or more external advisers. The Scribe Method (book title) The Best Way To Write and Publish Your Non-fiction Book (sub-title) by Tucker Max. If you wish to suggest the names of experts in your field whom you believe to be ideally suited to evaluate your proposal, you may provide their names, titles, and email addresses. My advice would be to start work on the book well before the event itself. It’s important to aim for chronological coherence, too, and if your volume should cover a period, then do it properly. Afterwords and forewords can be much shorter, too. Your book proposal – whether print or open access – will be sent out for initial peer review (4-6 weeks). Any publisher will be attracted by a contributors list that’s glittering with eminent names. It’s more likely though that you’ll have a mixture: It will help if the publisher recognises some of the names, because readers (and therefore buyers) will too. 1. We will, of course, obtain the best available reviewers to consider your work. Potentially revise and resubmit proposal based on reviewer feedback and discussions with your Editor. The following information has to be provided: Name and address (regular and email) of the corresponding author or editor (clear indication of main editor if more than one). A share of the credit should imply a share of the work. Proposal Editing Only. I’ve written one book, but as far as the university is concerned I am the author of four. Telephone Number(s) 3. Book Proposals. It acts as a business case or business plan for your book that persuades a publisher to make an investment. A proposal can also be a useful tool when planning the writing and structure of a book. COST: USD $595.00 flat fee. The book proposal is a document that enables a publisher to make decisions about whether or not to publish a book. For edited volumes, the names and affiliations of proposed chapter authors are needed, with indications as to whether the authors are already committed to write the chapters or when you plan to approach them. BOOK PROPOSAL FORM . Though it’s written in place of an actual book, it should build a complete argument for the book idea. Before submission, all parts of the book should be checked. I would like to get my 200 page book edited primarily to look for copyright, and libel issues that might create legal issues. You will need to answer the ‘so what?’ question convincingly, and ‘highlighting themes’ or filling a gap is rarely going to be enough – some themes and gaps remain unexplored and unfilled precisely because nobody is very interested in them. SAMPLE CHAPTERS: While sample chapters are not essential, if you have started work on the volume, choose one or two chapters which you feel best represent the work, ideally from different parts of the book. Whatever your motivation for writing or editing a book, it is important to consider why the book should b… Edited Book Proposal on “COVID-19 and Climate Change: Legal Issues and Challenges” July 13, 2020 Nisha Pasari Uncategorized Leave a comment. Our book proposal guidelines can be found in the form. Check the table of contents to ensure that part, chapter and heading numbering are in the correct sequence, and update the chapter titles and subheadings if necessary. Hi Chad! At this stage we agree a provisional schedule for the project and discuss the terms of publication such as the all-important issue of author royalties! Not all publishers like them, but a high-quality essay collection can work well as a book and in some cases make a valuable intervention in a field. 3. If you are grouping your chapters into themed sections, then match them well, explain the rationale for the grouping in your introduction, and make the sections of balanced size or thereabouts. Editors Hassen Zriba University of Gafsa, Tunisia. The book proposal is a document that enables a publisher to make decisions about whether or not to publish a book. A generic chapter structure can be a good way of making things very clear for the reader, so that (for example) everybody starts with a little piece on how their chapter relates to the book overall. Proposals need to be submitted to: This email address is … Author Hub How to Submit a Book Proposal 3/4 If you are submitting a proposal for a collaborative project please indicate clearly who the contributors are, what they will write and whether or not they have already agreed to participate. We publish over 800 titles a yea… Someone from our editorial team will contact you to discuss what happens next. Put the synopses in the order that the chapters will appear in the book, so that the reader can see how the volume builds. Therefore it needs to be organized in a way that provides the right information to us and to referees. How to Submit a Book Proposal. Sign Contract. Cover Page. The introduction can be longer or shorter as needed, Illustrations – these will depend on the publisher but for us, black and white are easier and cheaper to produce than colour and it’s wise only to include them if you’re working with visual material that has to be shown. Instead of writing the entire book, then trying to interest an editor or agent (which is how it works with novels), you write the proposal first. in summaries and instead just jump into an abridged version of the action/subject matter. (Used by permission). This information is important for us before starting a discussion about your proposed book. - John Smith sent me an email asking if I wanted to publish an edited book IMPORTANT: If you were referred by a colleague or are submitting this book proposal in response to an invitation you received from a Book Series Editor-in-Chief, please specify their name in this field (and the book series title, if … Contacts. Therefore it is imperative that you consider your proposal document and provide as detailed information as possible. Final Check. Readers (and peer reviewers) want to see what you feel the relevant literature is and will need to be convinced that this book hangs together sensibly. Institutionalizing Same-Sex Marriage: Between Globalization and Path Dependency. At my small college, the collections that I edited and the chapters that I contributed to edited collections most certainly mattered in my tenure decision, although slightly less than peer-reviewed articles and monographs.

4th Of July Coloring Page Pdf, Nursing Diagnosis Handbook 2020, Car Showroom Architecture Thesis, Sandstone Texture Clastic, Where Does Coral Live,