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Consider creating user personas with the UX team and keeping them in mind when curating content. We’ve recently updated two other Beginner’s Guides. As Kristina Halvorson further explains it in her book “Content Strategy for the Web”: “It plots an achievable roadmap for individuals and organizations to create and maintain content that audiences will actually care about.”. So it is essential to have these teams collaborate to get projects done. So for anyone who fits into that category, CMWorld is the place to go. CAT can be purchased for a specific number of pages, or for a monthly fee. If content is king, then content strategy is the king-maker. A new addition to the conference circuit, the Design and Content Conference is making a point of highlighting the collaborative nature of content strategy and UX design. Any one would be a valuable addition to a content strategist’s bookshelf. But the good news is that when user experience and content strategy work together, the synergistic effect is much greater than simply resolving conflict. Consider creating user personas with the UX team and keeping them in mind when curating content. The only apparent commonality is that all content strategy deals with content; that said, the methodologies that make up the work vary widely. While they approach this matter differently, content strategists and UX writers seek to place a user’s interests at the centre of their projects. Earn 25% commission on affiliate sales. Her many well-informed and educational content strategy presentations include, Sara Wachter-Boettcher is a content strategy consultant, author, and editor based out of Philadelphia. How Can Content Strategy Benefit From UX and Vice Versa. What framework should you follow? We know, content strategy is most definitely NOT content marketing! Content design is “the process of using data and evidence to give the audience the content they need, at the time they need it, and in a way they expect” (coined by Sarah Richards of Content Design London). LavaCon is the conference of choice for content strategists interested in the technology side of things. They range from simple sites like Blogger and Squarespace, to the ever-popular WordPress, to more complex and developer-centric systems like Drupal and Sharepoint. Learn more about content management systems. To be fair, there is no one Meetup group. Content strategy plans for valuable, findable, meaningful content. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. While this is a bit of an exaggeration, in reality far less obvious differences in writing style will strike users as somehow “off” or wrong. A good brand is simultaneously complex enough to have meaning, yet simple enough to stick in people’s minds. More information available at: Not long ago, before UX and related disciplines were on the rise, websites and other digital products were designed considering the taste and opinion of the client and based on the imagination and skills of the web designer. Every content strategist’s version of a content strategy takes on a different form. Letting Go of the Words addresses an area of content strategy that is too often overlooked: everything that isn’t copy! A content marketing strategy or brand storytelling strategy starts before a person has even shown any interest in your product. The tool is intended to help organise and produce content before publication. Though it originated in Hawaii (hence the name), LavaCon moves each year to a new location, and each year it seems to be growing, offering more tracks, more speakers, and more opportunities to learn. It’s no surprise that content strategists tend to have a way with words. Content strategy, UX, and design together make the final blueprint, so we have to go a little deeper than that this time. As it happens, Meetup’s interface also makes it easy to start a new group. Married with web analytics and measurement, this enables content strategists to gauge content’s efficacy. As bookish and outdated as it sounds, content is still king in 2014. For example, the content in your app will be a part of your content strategy while still being a part of UX writing. Content not only includes the words on the page but also the images and multimedia that are used. First referenced in the late 1990s by information designers like Ann Rockley, content strategy began to gain real traction around 2009. Helped B2B and B2C clients with their overall marketing strategy, content marketing, and automation needs. The role of the content strategist can be a bit more broad, again depending on who you ask. For example, the UX and content strategy team might work together, and design a product page with an image and caption, a short description of the product, and then a call to action. Information architecture focuses on organizing content so that it is easily accessible by the user. Subscribe now to receive discounts, news, and updates. UX Content Strategist, UX Pin Design has to work hard to help the narrative of your content play out. It’s ads and longform copy, images and videos, stories and metadata. This year, I’ve gotten into some really fantastic podcasts in the content strategy and UX space. In Content Strategy at Work, Margot Bloomstein deals with the day-to-day. The Language of Content Strategy, by Scott Abel and Rahel Ann Bailie Use UX to engage more site visitors: The user experience (UX) plays a big role in content strategy and digital marketing. How to create and manage content for high-end websites. Content strategy and copywriting are part of UX, not a separate thing, Content needs to be taken into consideration from the start , Copywriting doesn’t … More information available at: It helps find the optimal voice, tone and messaging to boost conversions. We’re happy to publish useful articles and tutorials related to web design. That means everything in this guide, and the tasks are creating a content audit, messaging guidelines, governance, content mapping, etc. The Content Strategy Podcast by BrainTraffic, hosted by Kristina Halvorson. The simple tool is essentially a build-it-yourself template, where a content strategist (or copywriter) can define content needs and constraints, and then establish roles for other users to edit, approve, or comment on content. A content strategist’s tasks include conducting content audits, CMS research, content mapping, creating voice and tone guidelines, and of course developing content strategies. What better way to sort, filter, and file dozens or sometimes even hundreds of content elements, web pages, and content types? Content strategy plans for the creation, curation, and maintenance of text, images, audio, and video. But what all CMSes have in common is their ability to store, display, and publish content. The mega-agency Razorfish has had dedicated content strategists on staff since 1998. What is more important: User experience or content? I’m a Melbourne-based content strategist and UX researcher, working to deliver a great user experience for all digital channels. Combining the expertise, skills and mindsets of usability professionals, creative designers, content curators and strategists will not only solve existing problems but will improve the overall communication between them. This website design and code was built using our tools. Ideally, such brainstorming sessions will help create a clear vision of the product both from UX and content perspective. It’s also the process that plans ahead for content that needs to appear in multiple places, sometimes at specific times, so that information can be personalized be audience. Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works, by Janice (Ginny) Redish UXPA has chapters in nearly every major city across the United States, and many internationally. Be sure to continue with our Beginner’s Guide to Information Architecture, and our Beginner’s Guide to Interaction Design. In fact, UX design and content strategy are actually far more related than you might imagine. The distance between print and the web, when it comes to a publication process, isn’t all that vast. That’s the beauty of it: search “content strategy” in your city on the Meetup interface, and you’ll find any number of networking groups, educational groups, and social groups. While this comes from the world of business organization and HR, it’s now a necessary part of content strategy. Get started with the most advanced email builder for your next campaign or newsletter. The ultimate goal? Content + UX is managed by Jess Sand, with help from an amazing team of volunteer admins: Jess H., Sara B., Clay D., Kenneth Y., Amanda M., and Michael Metts. Content strategy creates a framework or a guidance for copywriters and content curators defining the main themes and topics, messaging priorities, content length based on its purpose and target audience characteristics. There are so many content management systems, that it can be very difficult to choose the right one. Fall 2020 Schedule Content strategy borrows and learns from IA in order to prioritize content, create navigable site maps, and ultimately help users find the information they need, in the places they expect to find it. Obviously, content strategy plays a huge role in creating more optimal information architecture, since it defines what type of content (text, multimedia) will be created and how it will be structured to better address user needs. So, while the list below is indicative of the tools that a strategist might use, they’re by no means prescriptive. Content Strategy at Work uses a mix of case studies and practical advice to help any organization benefit from content strategy. The former can’t really function without the latter, but your content strategy may still be useful without UX writing. The answer? As we mentioned above, there’s no one CMS for every content strategist or every content project. Earlier, we defined governance as the hierarchy of decision makers as well as the communication structure within the team. Content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content. Treat it as a proof of concept. Sara Wachter Boettcher tackles the tough topics in this book about devices, channels, and the future of content. There are many types of content audits, and the right one to perform depends on the goal. Whether the end product is a marketing website, an Apple Watch app, or a mobile-friendly site, the end user expects certain things. Remote and full time jobs for web designers and developers. Content strategists and SEO specialists tend to add as much keyword optimized content to webpages as possible, while designers have a hard time fitting that 400-500 word content into the page without impacting the design. Partially, the reason for such approach was that at first the web was more of a “seller’s market” and users had to consume whatever was offered. Firstly, I believe that UX and content strategy aren’t separate fields, they are inter-related and need each other to generate the ‘perfect’ marriage (ideally) between content and context. Pro tip: when looking for a new CMS most content strategists will want to at least check that it has a WYSIWYG editor! When that’s the case, the content strategy work results in a content strategy report, which identifies content issues, recommendations, priorities, and a future timeline to update the content’s structure and substance, and thus improve the user’s experience. But unlike the age old causality dilemma, this question has an answer. Plenty of people work on content strategy, and few of them have “content strategist” as their job title. As any other strategy, it gives a clear vision of what we need to achieve (the type of content that relates to the users and satisfies their needs) and how exactly we can get there (by understanding the users and creating quality content). More information available at: Privacy Statement. Her 2007 article, Gerry McGovern is on a mission to make large organizations more customer-centric. Microsoft Excel, for all its quirks, is one of the tried and true tools content strategists use. Previous article Driving Value as a Tiny UX Content Team: How We Spend Content Strategy Resources Wisely August 7, 2020. This is a great conference for beginner content strategists as well as experienced ones, since it focuses on staying small (about 650 people) and welcoming. Content strategy is the framework that guides the creation, distribution, and management of actionable content that helps achieve a specific business objective. It’s like asking a kid who he loves more — mom or dad. If one writer uses Oxford commas and formal addresses, and another is more casual, the voice of the site or app will feel inconsistent and awkward. It is a relatively new discipline and there is plenty of debates on whether there is a need for the title of content strategist at all, but just like any other profession, it takes time to fully outline the key responsibilities and benefits of having one. The work can be broken down into four areas, defined by the team at Brain Traffic as the content strategy components. Many factors contribute to the popularization of the term, including the start of dedicated content strategy conference Confab, and the beginning of multi-channel publishing. In either case, as a UX writer you will need the insights gathered from content strategy, whether you or someone else has created those insights. It should be present in almost every stage of product development to create a really smooth and seamless experience for the target audience. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, these five are all books we just can’t live without. Having a plan that creates a bridge between user needs and business goals is essential, not only from the content perspective but also for the UX and design team. This is part of our series of reviews of online UX courses. However, everything goes for a toss if … While much of content strategy may seem highly technical, the field has also evolved—to some extent—from the world of marketing. As we’ve shown, content strategy can impact many aspects of user experience. Since the content strategist has the big picture view of the publishing process, editorial guidelines, and omnichannel needs, they are in the best position to recommend a governance model that will maintain the quality of the experience.

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