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See all 4 items in product family. Fountain is factory set at 50° F but can be adjusted. The average age of schools in the United States is 44 years old. ProDrinkingFountains is a division of Category Five Technologies, Inc. We are proud to bring you an exclusive online experience for the drinking fountain and water cooler industry! Filtrine has two ways to remove lead from drinking water in schools. These freestanding inline water dispensers are low-lead compliant for drinking water applications. What are the shipping options for drinking fountains? In such cases, school districts will want to consider additional water sources. Brands. Offering school water coolers and school water fountains without rental contracts has made us a firm favourite in the Education sector. For installations where the usage is minimal, a smaller capacity can be considered. The best outdoor drinking fountains are rugged units such as our galvanised steel Outdoor Pedestal Drinking Fountain , a vandal-resistant and low-maintenance option with self-closing taps. Wd. Drinking taps for schools need to be serviced and maintained correctly which can be complex and time consuming for maintenance and administration staff. For more details on our range of education specific fountains please look at our newly revamped indoor and outdoor drinking fountain product sections. Barrier-Free ADA Non-Refrigerated Fountains Offer Convenient Public Drinking Stations For Schools, Public Buildings, Parks And More. Free-Standing Inline Water Dispensers. The best rated drinking fountains product is the Filtered 8 GPH EZH2O ADA Stainless Steel Bi-Level Drinking Fountain with Bottle Filling Station. My Orders View My Lists Write a Product Review Help & Contact. At The Water People, we make this easy for you. Old pipes and untreated city water are the main issues. Depending upon the school size, fountains alone may not be an adequate source of drinking water. About 200 drinking fountains in southeastern New Brunswick schools will be replaced with versions that can fill water bottles without touching them because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Flow Rate, gph: Ht. Many school drinking fountains were dispensing water that contained dangerously high levels of lead, because the design of the fountains included some lead components. The internal components are coated for corrosion resistance. This fountain is designed for humid and high-temperature environments. ADA and Drinking Fountain Compliance. Provide access to water fountains, dispensers, and hydration stations throughout the school. We work with our client on a long-term basis to ensure all your taps and drinking fountains are properly maintained. Some drinking fountains can be shipped to you at home, while others can be picked up in store. High quality drinking fountains for schools. Britex stainless steel drinking water fountains are built to withstand heavy use in public places, and are therefore suitable for a range of applications, including schools, public reserves and sporting clubs. Inlet. If you need any assistance or advice on the size of unit you require, please call or email us. School Drinking Water Fountains. Many of our drink fountains are ADA Compliant as well to ensure everyone has access to drinking water in your office, school … See more ideas about Drinking fountains, Fountains, Drinking. They are suitable as stand-alone units, or can be paired with Elkay Soft Sides® or SwirlFlo® drinking fountains to create a high-end water station. At the Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS), a school district near Edmonton, tests in 2016 of drinking fountains and taps revealed 11 of 41 schools had a … Interest in drinking water fountains in the UK is growing rapidly. The concern about lead in drinking water has risen. Sign In. Take 15% off your entire order! Filtrine's point of entry water filtration system uses pre-filters, purifiers and optional UV sterilizers. Barrier Free ADA Non-Refrigerated Fountains are made of ga... more. Officials say the incident occurred after newly installed fountains were accidentally activated before testing had been concluded. Log In Create An Account. Drinking Fountains (1) Where more than one drinking fountain is provided, at least one shall be a barrier-free fountain that conforms to Sentences (2) and (3). Drinking fountains are commonly found in leisure facilities, offices, schools and other commercial buildings. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that those with disabilities have equal access to facilities, including wheelchair access to hydration products such as drinking fountains and bottle fillers. Located right outside the restrooms in many schools, water fountains can be carrying germs from dozens of hands on any given day. Stainless steel wall mounted drinking fountain with WRAS approved bubbler valve tap, waste and wall bracket. Manufactured from heavy duty grade 304 stainless steel, these drinking fountains are stylish, easy to maintain, and vandal resistant. You’ll be pleased to know that many of the bubbler taps supplied with our school drinking water fountains come with the WRAS seal of approval. Drinking fountains for schools, parks and outdoor areas. The range from Franke Sissons provides an option suitable for any application; wall hung or floor standing, with or without bottle filler, our new round drinking fountain with water filter and chilled options too; providing an unlimited amount of fresh chilled water. Typically seen in public places like parks, schools, offices, and shopping centers, drinking fountains make potable water readily available whenever necessary.Water fountains are comprised of a a tap connected to a stream of water and a basin for collecting overflow. Wherever students go, germs follow, and school drinking fountains present an especially tough case for cleaning crews. Two Boston public school employees were placed on administrative leave after lead was found in the drinking water of six public schools there. Browse our school drinking fountains below . We provide our customers with sound advice on the most suitable fixtures for them. Our friendly team will be happy to help. Our experience has allowed us to develop a range of water coolers, plumbed in water coolers, drinking fountains for schools and hot water boilers to suit a range of locations including busy corridors, gymnasiums, canteens and staff rooms. Water fountains, or drinking fountains, are fixtures designed to provide users with easy on-demand access to drinking water. Most schools do not update their fountains – this puts most school water fountains at … we would recommend a minimum chilling capacity of 30lt per hour. Offer applied at checkout. To meet this demand, our products are suited to a wide range of work and recreational environments. Brands. May 9, 2018 - Explore Denise Bargas's board "Old Public Drinking Fountains", followed by 515 people on Pinterest. Whether you need a drinking fountain for your office or a bubbler to put in your classroom, we have a great selection of drinking fountains and water coolers for commercial use. Here are the challenges your custodial crew faces when cleaning a drinking fountain and how they can do it right. For applications such as Schools, Gyms, Bowling Clubs, etc. Local investigations confirmed that the issue was widespread. These drinking fountains are ideal for use in schools, universities, district council facilities and … “DO NOT USE” signs plastered all over school drinking fountains have a way of getting the chilling message across. Mountain Fresh drinking fountains are the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor areas. If you’re responsible for a school or major public area, you can provide access to fresh clean and healthy drinking water without adding thousands of plastic bottles to our landfills each month. Drinking Water Fountains has installed drinking fountains in schools and educational facilities across the UK. The EPA suggests that any school built before 1986 (32 years old) is at high risk for lead in drinking water. Perfect for schools. Buy Drinking Fountains Like Elkay, Oasis, Haws and More On Sale. They dispense cold water for drinking purposes. Drinking Fountain Wall Mounted With WRAS Approved Tap. School Water Fountains. Round Basin ADA Drinking Fountains With Back Panel. Ensure that water fountains are clean and properly maintained. Congress conducted hearings on the issue, and water fountain manufacturers rushed to develop new designs that eliminated the risk, but the damage to the … It delivers lead-free water throughout the school building. Harsh Environment Refrigerated Drinking Fountains . If you’d like more information about our water fountains and bottle fillers for schools, then feel free to contact us on 01275 390644 to discuss your requirements. To minimize direct contact with fountains, schools and businesses should encourage everyone to bring their own water from home, says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Account. Our outdoor drinking water fountains for schools include: • Free-standing, refrigerated water coolers for high schools, primary schools, pre-schools and childcare centers • Multi-level water chillers that are suitable for children of different heights • Multi/single-faucet drinking troughs with wheelchair access • Wall-mounted drinking troughs. We carry the best quality in commercial drinking fountains with top trusted brands such as Elkay, Oasis, Haws, Sunroc and more. Drinking Fountains NZ Ltd is a NZ company, focussed on manufacturing, delivering and installing high quality stainless steel drinking fountains at a reasonable cost. Allow students to have water bottles in class or to go to the water fountain if they need to drink water. Whether it’s for a quick drink on the run or to refill water bottles, drinking fountains are the backbone of any school or university’s network of drinking water points. Dp. Drinking Fountains, Drinking Water Fountain, Outdoor Drinking Fountains, Ada Drinking Fountain, Water Coolers And Bottle Filling Stations . Previously Purchased. 1. All school drinking fountains come as standard with a WRAS approved water bubbler (tap), or a WRAS approved swan neck bottle filling tap.

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