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4x4 recovery tracks

The LiftTrax measure in at 1020mm long by 490mm wide and are up to 40cm high when inflated. TRED™ is the ultimate all-in-one off road recovery device, specially designed to get your four-wheel drive, ATV and vehicle out of trouble when traction is lost. ), but those old-style ladders aren’t readily accessible in Australia and have been replaced by lighter and better-designed versions. 4X4 Australia is kicking off a series of tried and true vehicle recovery techniques to keep you safe and on-track. They are 6mm thick and stack flat on top of each other. Oh, don’t forget my homemade set of Shade Cloth Recovery Eventual Anti-bog Mats (I called them SCREAM for short, because that’s generally what happens when you can’t get yourself unstuck with them). We also ensured the Cruiser was bogged to a similar depth each time, checking that the diffs and chassis rails were not bottomed out. Our Essential Recovery Kit is … Given that, they got more of a workout in situations that were much harder than the testing standards, so I’ll give both boards full marks for their extracting abilities. The LiftTrax work effectively over a pressure range of 1-10psi and can be used as a track in soft surfaces (like sand), as a bridging ladder between rocks, or as a ramp to help climb rocks. Recovery. This interlocking pattern somewhat helps to resist the ‘bunching up’ of the tracks while powering over them. Being a non-flexible board, you’ll have to find a suitable place to carry them, but they do offer mounting kits, leashes and carry bags. Regardless of which device you choose, one important part of any recovery kit should be a shovel. As the name suggests, the LiftTrax (or PillowTracks as they used to be known) are giant heavy-duty pillows that have the ability to carry the weight of a fully-laden 4x4 of up to 4000kg in weight. Any slight variances experienced would make bugger-all difference in real-life recovery situations. Give us a call on 1300 854 185 or contact us online for more information. The Muputrax can be used in most off-road situations as a traction board on soft ground (sand, mud and snow), but they can also be used as a bridging ladder or ramp to bridge over difficult terrain, to help your vehicle climb rocks and steep slopes and to aid in tackling washouts. Add to Cart. Would I use them as a camping mat for the tent or an impromptu seat? Each Muputrax is rated to carry a load of 5000kg as a sand ladder and 1500kg as a temporary bridge. Designed to fit full-sized 1100mm tracks. 1) An Australian Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card; 2) To be over 18 years of age; 3) To live in Australia, To see Afterpay's complete terms, visit https://www.afterpay.com.au/terms. RRP is $349, which includes the carry case and shipping costs. They are a bit harsh on bare feet, unless you’re as tough as nails or regularly walk over coals or glass for fun. As for sitting on these homemade options; you betcha, I would. Tracing the Ghan from Port Augusta to Alice Springs. Tracks arrived and I am well please with them, much more than I expected and very easy to use. For more information: www.bushranger.com.au. That’s where traction aids (sand tracks, bog mats, traction ladders, bridging ladders, or whatever you want to call them) can come in handy. Not on your life, though we did gently try sitting on one after one recovery session and, yes, the 88 little teeth do make you grimace! Whether you're into off-roading or long road trips, don't get stuck in the middle of nowhere! RRP is $198 per pair and they come with a decent five-year warranty. Watching our video carefully, you’ll see the boards suck under the tyre, bend in half and eject rearwards. You know, when real men (supposedly) smoked Camel ciggies, drove Land Rover Defenders and carried huge metal bridging ladders on the sides of their 4x4s. The vehicle will ‘lift up’ out of the bog as well as forward. $196.95. 5.0 out of 5 stars 4x4 Recovery Track. The linking kit is $24.99 and the vehicle-mounting kit is $26.99. Basically, once a 4x4 becomes stuck, shoving something under the wheels to give them traction is how these devices work; you’re introducing a firmer surface for your 4x4 to drive on to (hopefully) free yourself. This gave the tyres the best chance of gripping the boards. Keep your 4WD clean and dry after those muddy recoveries. $196.95. After plenty of attempts, we resigned to using another board to get ourselves unstuck from the bog. Sturdy all aluminium construction Being easily stackable, one track measures 7cm high, while two are just 8.5cm high and four are only 11.5cm in height. While it would be wonderful for us all to be driving around equipped with a high-powered heavy-duty winch with a heap of accessories, sometimes the budget just doesn’t run to this kind of expense. With the right 4x4 recovery tracks, you never have to worry about getting stuck in mud. Remember, we’ve filmed the whole Recovery boards 4x4 beach test; there’s some beaut footage showing exactly how each product works. Will be shipped next week. The top surface is impregnated with a hard-wearing quartz grit to enhance traction and grip. The Maxtrax recovery tracks work as sand recovery tracks and other bogged-in recovery situations. I guess the only downside to that is perhaps they might damage your tyres more during wheel spin compared to the sacrificial qualities of the plastic versions. Then again, because they don’t wear out during accidental wheel spin, they might cause damage to your tyres! Add to Cart. Due to limited staff & trading hours during the Christmas to New Year period, orders may experience a delay in dispatch. Off Road Recovery Tools List: Click on the following links for more details: Most recoveries will require rated recovery gear, see list below: Shovel —the most important recovery tool of all. We recently rounded up all the various types of traction aids on the market and hit the sand to see how each performed. They are moulded plastic recovery devices which work best in sand recovery situations. It doesn’t deliver the same initial grip on its leading edge, or overall surface, with its smoother texture and perforated pattern not allowing anywhere near the traction of some others. We stock industry leading brand, Maxtrax. TRED 4x4 Pro Recovery Tracks Ramps 1160mm Gunmetal Grey . Isuzu Accessories; Toyota Accessories; Ford Accessories; Winches; Wildog Accessories. You usually only need two recovery tracks for your vehicle, and you can shop our range of Maxtrax recovery tracks online now. Would I use them as a camping mat for the tent or an impromptu seat? 4x4 Recovery Gear, Tie Downs, Webbing & Outdoor Gear - Quality you can see - … Muputrax are made of a 32mm-square-holed grate that originates from the FRP industrial grating industry. If things go from bad to worse, and you're unable to get out using MaxTrax, you'll need a recovery kit, which usually includes rated bow shackles, gloves, a snatch strap – to be used only on vehicles with rated recovery points – and more. The Sand Trax are roto-moulded poly tracks that measure 1400mm long by 280mm wide by 40mm high, and are stackable. We tried several times, but the lack of grip made for one of the hardest recoveries of the day. TREDGTR TRED 4x4 GT Recovery Board Track Red 4x4 4WD Camping. There’s also a hole at one end for attaching a lanyard to help recover each track after a recovery. We stock a large range of 4wd recovery equipment including Recovery Tracks, Snatch Straps, Bow Shackles, High Lift Jack, and other essential 4wd safety equipment to keep your next trip safe and enjoyable. Pop the recovery tracks out the front of the wheel and slowly inch onto them as a means of recovering your vehicle. Designed to withstand 4x4 off-road conditions and made from food grade polyethylene, Front Runner’s water storage systems are BPA free, do not taint the taste of water and can be easily cleaned. Nup, too rough and irregular for me. Sure, winches are great, but there are times when they can’t be used. With a little hard work, a cool head and a light right boot, you should be able to extract yourself from most boggings by yourself. 988 4x4 recovery tracks products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which other exterior accessories accounts for 13%, emergency tools accounts for 1%, and ramps & ladders accounts for 1%. TRED offers a lifetime warranty and are recommended for use on vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes, but they are not recommended for use as bridges or ramps. Of course, you could easily use longer lengths to help in long sections of soft sand and the like. We’ve opted to use a length of shade cloth as it should be easier than carpet to clean and dry, is easily stored, is lightweight… and … plenty of soles claim it works, so we wanted to see for ourselves. MAXTRAX and TRED (We’ve combined comments for these two products): When used in softer driving situations like sand, mud and snow, the semi-stiff boards of these products wedge under your tyres. Being the second longest semi-rigid tracks available, they are pretty much a roof-rack option only – unless you have the room to store them in a Troop Carrier, a Defender or the likes. Add to Cart. AFN 4x4. This article was originally published in SA4x4's March 2014 issue with Grant Spolander as the journalist. One piece of equipment that should be carried and used prior to any of these traction aids (on sand) is the shovel. The alloy Sand Ladders offer plenty of strength to carry our Land Cruiser during bridging and would be at home on most long distance tourers. The ramped ends allow for an easier drive up for the stranded vehicle. Would I use them as a camping mat for the tent or as an impromptu seat? Recovery boards can be an easy way out of sticky situations. There are no specific specs for it; I used two pieces folded up to about half a metre wide by two metres long… because that’s what I had in my shed. The 4X4 TOUGH® recovery tracks unique design lets you use the recovery tracks as a shovel first and then you can jam them in under your tyre so you can drive right out. The Sand Ladder (imported): It certainly lends itself to being multi-use as it’s plenty strong enough to double as a bridging ladder, ramp and jacking base. Got questions? Extension Strap--used for extending winch rope/cable and snatch straps. SECURETECH has received endorsements from the Toyota Owners Club, Land Rover Owners Club, 4x4 ATV Club, Midlands 4 Wheel Drive Club of SA, Gauteng 4 Wheel Drive Club of SA and Topgear Driving Academy . This was bought to replace a faulty unit in our van. During our use, they also tended to roll out of position just as the Cruiser mounted them. After extracting the boards and giving them a second shot, we snapped one board clean in half, rendering it useless. The dimensions given were correct, the unit slipped easily into place and all looks good and works well. Look at the recovery boards from Maxtrax for sale online now. Britpart. MAXTRAX and TRED boards quickly became our back-up devices when one of the others didn’t work. Front Runner: These flexible fibreglass boards returned reasonable grip, but the sad fact was that we snapped one board in half on the second (failed) attempt. Unfortunately, that’s when things tend to go wrong – when there’s no one around for miles or days to help you out of the pickle you’ve gotten yourself into. Being a long, non-rollable board, you’ll have to consider whether they will fit in or outside your vehicle, but mounting kits and carry bags are available. There are two sizes: a longer version measures in at 1080mm long by 317mm wide (the size we used) and weighs 3.074kg, with a RRP of $229. A point to note about all these products is that you should avoid wheel spin while trying to drive up/on/over them. Take a look at the range we stock on-site and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for anything in the outback. Having a set of recovery tracks is going to make your life a whole lot easier in those situations where you’re bogged on the beach, the tide is slowly inching in, your partner’s sitting in the front wondering why you can’t just drive out and the kids are getting restless in the back! We purchased and imported a superior set, which offers a range of sizes (125cm, 150cm, 175cm and 200cm long by 44cm wide), plus the option of reinforcing the underside as per the 150cm set we used. Make your life a whole lot easier and safer with a set of recovery tracks from Outback Equipment. 4x4 Winch--normally attached to the front of a 4x4, uses rope or cable Take a look at this review from 4X4 Australia, Tred Pro Mounting Bracket Extension Pins (2 X Pins). THE METHODWe undertook considerable effort to ensure the Land Cruiser was bogged and placed in a similar position for each recovery device, plus we always used first-gear low range to idle onto or up each device to minimise wheel spin and momentum. The Bushranger X-Trax: In theory, they should have helped to extract the bogged Cruiser, but in reality, they did little due to a lack of rigidity. This was to help show which device delivered superior traction to allow self recovery with a minimum of fuss. Make storage of your Maxtrax 4WD recovery tracks simple with Maxtrax mounts. $266.95. The Bushranger X-Trax (Series II) measure 1400mm long by 300mm wide per track and are sold in pairs, with each wrapped in a sturdy PVC carry bag. The larger tracks measure 123cm long by 31cm wide by 3cm thick and weigh 5.9kg per track, while the shorter versions are 84cm long by 31cm wide by 3cm thick and weigh 4.3kg per track. Unfortunately for us, they bent like bananas under the weight of the 4x4, couldn’t be straightened and also couldn’t be stored back where they came from in the vehicle, because of the bending. So, for your own safety, be sure to use a bucket of common sense, mixed with a shovel load of good judgement, blended with as much realistic discretion about the use of these ‘get yourself outta jail’ devices. Both versions are 73mm high and measure 105mm when two-stacked. Yours truly was unfortunate enough to have to use a substandard, thin, aluminium set in the 2010 Dakar Rally while bogged to the knees in mud. Recovery Equipment. MAXTRAX is the innovative, lightweight vehicle recovery device that’s Australian designed, engineered and manufactured, PATENTED and rigorously tried, tested, trusted and proven in the world’s toughest off-road events and expeditions as the SAFE, SIMPLE, QUICK and EASY method of SAND, MUD, SLUSH and SNOW 4WD vehicle re Ideal for 4x4's and off-roaders. All Rights Reserved. The LiftTrax: They are fiddly because you have to inflate and deflate them for simple recoveries, but an advantage is their ability to act somewhat like an exhaust jack to slightly lift a vehicle to help fill a hole. There is also a roof-rack mounting kit and a leash to tie to the ends of the tracks. Provided you don’t bend them, these aluminium boards should never wear out, making them perhaps a good long-term investment, depending on your needs. They didn’t work one little bit. MAXSA 20333 Escaper Buddy Traction Mats for Off-Road Mud, Sand, & Snow Vehicle Extraction (S… Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 December 2018. Recovery Tracks are the first 4x4 accessory you should own for offroading trips and the only place to get these high quality tracks in New Zealand is here. Get a top-quality kit (ARB RK9 recovery kit RRP $480 or Ironman 4x4 recovery kit, RRP $345). Snatch Strap--used for quick recovery . Treads on both sides to grip your tires and dig into the ground. Absolutely brilliant, I have had Clearviews & Milenco mirrors and disliked both, but these MSA mirrors are great, I have been asked by lots of people at van parks what are they and where do we get them, maybe you should include a few promotional brochures with each delivery so we can hand out. TPMK TRED 4x4 Pro Mounting Kit . It’s great for those that can’t quite fit the larger version into or on their vehicles. With the ‘corrugations’ in the lateral position only, there is little grip across the boards. Add to Cart. $298.95. If I were in a pickle, however, I would just stack a couple on top of each other for added strength. Toyota. The X-Trax are a cast rubber compound, bound together via a length of galvanised steel cable, which allows the whole track to flex under the weight of the wheel and conform to the shape of the ground. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. FIERYRED Recovery Tracks Sand Track Grey10T Vehicle Sand Snow Mud Pair 4WD $89.95 $199.95 DESCRIPTIONImagine you are driving your 4x4 through muddy areas, but unfortunately your wheels are buried, traction is lost, and you cannot go any further.

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