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It draws together advice and exemplars of practice related to self-evaluation, curriculum rationale, monitoring and tracking and progression. In this series of articles, Sara Davila shares her top ten uses of GSE Teacher Toolkit, which is a finalist for the 2020 ELTons awards for Innovation in Teacher Resources. E teitei ana te whakatauranga a ngā taiohi o Aotearoa puta noa i te ao i roto i ngā tūao hapori, te whakauru ki ngā rōpū ahurea me te kohikohi moni mō ngā take tōtika. I whakaarahia te āheinga pūtea i roto i te New Zealand Curriculum hei tauira o ngā momo kaupapa ka taea e ngā kura te whakamahi ina waihanga ana i ngā kaupapa whakaako me te ako whakawhiti marau tōtika. No two students are the same, but our engagement has told us that all students want to have a say in what they learn and how they learn it. To use the Local Curriculum Design Toolkit | Rapua Te Ara Tika, you need an education sector login (ESL) and an invitation to access. Instructors: To support your transition to online learning, please see our resources and tools page whether you are teaching in the UK, or teaching outside of the UK.. Kei roto i ngā akoranga kaupapa tūmatanui ko te mōhio ki te pōti, he pēhea te whakatū kāwanatanga, me pēhea te waihanga ture, ngā mōtika. The Teacher Toolkit breaks away from the traditional wraparound form and functions as a stand-alone teacher guide that explains the thinking and intentions behind Student Book and Workbook activities, including key teaching points of major tasks and suggestions for additional resources and support. Your school may already have programmes to develop these skills and capabilities in students that you’re wanting to enhance or expand, or you may just be starting out with planning your School Leavers’ Toolkit. Key workplace competencies are important for all students, not just those going directly into work after leaving school. Featuring an ambitious new approach to constructing social studies curriculum inquiries, the Inquiry Design Model (IDM), the Toolkit emphasizes the role of teacher knowledge and expertise. ً��mF1�zb�����r�\g��0��{,�~C�w,��$H����Ɏ$��b��mu�o|��T���v3(1��m���X6���#����^i��鿘͛��� �Fc�د��_�+�KMN#�Lc/��t����wSG.7�����(�m9h����/����q�����@o�؎T�I}��R��˔=�/�a�v�^�N�y�M������Uʆ|�1�NwC����끚|��&���t�$���/������&�[;�o'����4�~㡟�9��x����j��;���EI�ѷ��RHz᮷�vZV���\F/e>52P��HY�Afl�$���9M�����c������NlБ}v���y���^ Hό��O26��}���h;Q��t�@Q�x�T ����3|�ɔ��b'��Q�#�ˠU@�b�*#!�Rm����k�"L&PA��KR;8f]��w���Do�y_r�U.�Z�p��e'�"5R���1qcoU��t�4�a' He wāhanga te mātauranga kaupapa tūmatanui nō te mātauranga kirirarautanga, he kaupapa nui i roto i te New Zealand Curriculum me Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. You can read a summary of what they told us in our, tokorua, engari e ai ki ngā kōrero i puta i ngā whakawhitiwhiti kōrero i kī rātau kei te hiahia ngā ākonga ki te whakaputa kōrero mō ngā mea e ako ana rātau me te āhua o tā rātau ako. Fusion 360 is software for 3D CAD, modeling, manufacturing, industrial design, electronics & mechanical engineering. This page has information to help you. Developed in partnership between the American Planning Association’s Planning and Community Health Research Center and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Healthy Community Design Initiative, the toolkit is composed of four elements that work together to achieve this goal: Healthy Community Design Checklist [PDF – 352 KB] Financial capability, civics education and key workplace competencies are crucial for this, but there are many other topics that could be included in your School Leavers’ Toolkit, from accessing support for hauora | wellbeing to practical skills like knowing how to change a tyre. In Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, civics and citizenship is incorporated and woven throughout the Tikanga ā-IwiWāhanga Ako. The Curriculum Design Toolkit | Rapua Te Ara Tika can help your school integrate School Leavers’ Toolkit learning opportunities into your local curriculum. Your school(s) need you to show up as the best version of yourself – physically, emotionally, and mentally! Gaynor McCown had an existing relationship with Freshkills Park, who helped to facilitate the extended partnership with The New School. Scope of work: The Consultant/s will work with SNV and AESC Lao Cai to review, design, develop and finalize the materials. As experts in innovative curriculum design, we work with schools to design exceptional curriculum models! The curriculum/textbook will be used in TOT trainings on leadership and facilitation skills for local gender equality champions. I te tau 2018, i kōrero mātau ki ngā ākonga 70 me ō rātau kaiako mō ngā pūkenga me ngā mōhio e whakapono ana rātau he mea kia ngāwari te whakawhiti mai i te kura. Customising your Local Curriculum Design Toolkit: Designing Local Curriculum Tools From the Home page you can collapse the ‘Designing Local Curriculum’ drop down to … But consider what would happen if you were not available to support them. Talk to the Principal in your school to find out if you have an existing invitation, Ngā Hononga mō te Utauta Akoranga - Hei tautuhi i ngā kaituku mahi me ētahi atu i roto i te hapori ka taea te whakaratonga o te Kete te tautoko, Ngā Whai Wāhitanga Huhua mō te Utauta Akoranga - Te waihanga i ngā whai wāhitanga akoranga whaitake e hāngai ana ki ngā whāinga o te Kete e tūhono ana i ngā ākonga ki tō rātau hapori, Utauta Ara Pipiri - He āwhina i ngā kura ki te whakarite ka pipiri, ka ngāwari te haere o ngā rārangi akoranga o te Kete puta noa i ngā wāhanga me ngā taumata marautanga, Utauta Uiui Mahi Tahi - Te aroturuki haere i te anga whakamua me te tuari i ngā akoranga i te wā e mahi ana ngā kura ki te whakauru mai i te Kete ki roto i tā rātau marautanga paetata, Mā te Te Whare Wānanga ka taea e ngā kaiwhakamahi te whakauru ki tētahi tukanga uiui. To understand what’s needed to ensure all young people have access to quality civics education, the Ministry of Education is working with a group of experts from government agencies, subject associations, civics-focused youth organisations, and civil society. The Curriculum Design Toolkit | Rapua Te Ara Tika is designed to help Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako build a shared local curriculum, focused on supporting children and young people across the entire 0 to 18 education pathway. . With our new, innovative ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum model, as well as our longer-established ‘Dimensions Primary Curriculum’ to choose from, we can guarantee high impact on pupil learning and engagement in a relatively short space of time! He mea pai ake te waihanga i ngā kaiakatanga wāhi mahi i roto i ngā horopaki tūturu, pērā i te wheako mahi, engari he momo āhuatanga anō ka taea e koe te whakahoropaki i ngā akoranga me te whakauru mai i te ao mahi ki roto i te marautanga mai i te tau 7. Teaching: curriculum design and planning (All nations) As a subject leader in any nation, you must be clear on how the ‘big ideas’ of science are mapped across your curriculum to ensure progression; i.e. Unfortunately, this site may not work correctly in this browser. Ka taea e te mātauranga pūtea ngā taiohi te āwhina kia mārama ake ki te pānga o ā rātau kōwhiringa pūtea, ā, me pēhea te karo i ngā nama kino.

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