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how old is black star from soul eater

White☆Star (father)†[3]Sid Barrett (adoptive father)[4]Unnamed Mother †[3]Akane☆Hoshi (relative)[5]Ao Hoshino (relative)[6] Black☆Star declares a battle and tells Tsubaki to transform into her Uncanny Sword form. Later, Black☆Star and the other members of Spartoi gather at Maka and Soul's place to discuss the matter of Crona. He then manages to defeat Black☆Star using his Addition attack to strike Black☆Star twelve times, then using his Multiplication move to make the strikes total twenty-four. Black☆Star and Tsubaki successfully arrive at the facility and then starts attacking all of the guards, coincidentally helping Sid and Nygus as attention is drawn from them. These pairs are a partnership between a weapon meister and a human weapon. Both Kid and Black☆Star use Madness Release, relying on Maka and Soul to support their sanities through a Chain Resonance. 3 Answers. Everyone else is distraught about the threat of being expelled apart from Black☆Star, whom Tsubaki tries to get to take the mission seriously. Noticing that he is a person from the DWMA, Mifune prepares to attack, engaging in his Infinite One-Sword Style. Tsubaki watches on, horrified, thinking Black☆Star is dead. Before they can get drawn further into the sin of Gluttony, Soul has The Table of Contents move onto the next Chapter. Soul Eater. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is the patient and long-suffering weapon that Black☆Star wields, a weapon able to take on human form. Ox tries attacking again, this time shocking both Maka and Black☆Star. His confidence stems from him being used to winning all the time, so consequently, losing prominent battles causes a great negative change in him, up until the point he loses his ability to use Soul Menace. to use the Uncanny Sword. Everyone in Soul Eater is about 14 years old, though maybe Tsubaki and Liz are a few years older. On the front of his collar, two short strips of grey material adorned with rivets stretch down from the top of the collar to the breast of his shirt. Tsubaki asks if he holds any grudges against the DMWA, but Black☆Star says no, in that his father and mother paid for their crimes and that is that. Soul, determined not to lose, flips Maka's skirt as well, which amusingly provokes no reaction from Sid. He thinks of his heritage as the Star Clan. Maka runs off, in tears. Black☆Star and Soul decide to attempt to actually work together as a Weapon and Meister pairing. Nevada laws state that you have to be 15½ to get any kind of license. He also has a very positive and upbeat temperament (although he has his short-tempered and cheeky side) often laughing and smiling even in the glummest of situations. [12][13][14] Transformed by the Lust chapter of the Book of Eibon, Black☆Star appears as a teenage, young woman with slightly shorter and no longer spiky taking, taking on a more feminine look. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! Here, they meet The Table of Contents, the entity in charge of keeping the Book of Eibon in order. Kid- 16. Black☆Star remains unconscious throughout the battle, leaving Maka and Soul to defeat Free. Anime: Soul Eater Song: Black Star Artist: Avril Lavigne I heard this song and it had to be done. He is approached by Tsubaki, and the two talk. However, she defends Black☆Star, saying that he can succeed if he tries, despite being a bit of an idiot at times. Each Black Star Soul Eater Png can be used personally or non-commercially. After a while, Liz begins to worry about Kid, but Black☆Star reassures her on Kid's safety, saying that he believes in him. He then sees Sid come and talk to Nygus. Thirteen years ago, they gained their infamy for their ruthlessness and under taking any assassination mission for money. As Maka and Soul attack the whale with sound waves, Black☆Star wonders what they are doing, since he is unable to hear it. Crona shows their improved fighting ability, but Black☆Star easily dodges their attacks and then suddenly begins shouting, his voice loud enough to drown out Crona's screaming. Archived. As the whale spouts both Black☆Star and Maka notice that there is madness in the spout. User blog:Morning Star TM/Soul Eater - Black Star dodging and catching lasers User blog:Morning Star TM/Soul Eater - Crona covers the moon with Black Blood User blog:Morning Star TM/Soul Eater - Death The Kid causes an explosion Unique Black Star Soul Eater Stickers designed and sold by artists. Despite his determination, he always fails at tests of intellect regardless of the effort he spends in studying. Likes Soul Eater is a shonen manga by Atsushi Ookubo which has been regularly serialized in Monthly Shonen Gangan since 2004. Both: ..... BLACK STAR! The next day, the four students are in class, when Stein, much to Soul and Maka's shock, appears and tells them that he is now their new teacher. Soul- 15. He says that this is not the ultimate power, and says that it is only the mistake of an ultimate idiot. Maka, angered, tries to punch him, but Black☆Star easily throws her down. Franken Stein is a character in Soul Eater and is Spirit's old meister and friend. His character song with Tsubaki is 'My Star.' She is of course embarrassed. As Tsubaki entreats Crona again, they still only argues with themself. Deciding to try to understand them, he frees everyone from the Book of Eibon. Affiliation(s) Mifune tells Black☆Star that he is not the only one who is prepared to die on the 'Path of a Warrior.' He then replies that he does not care what power is, he just does not want to lose. Black☆Star shouts at him, whilst Ox replies that Black☆Star was the one who had gotten in the way of his attack. [18] He was also a victor in one of the Death Festival tournaments one year. Background. Family Black☆Star arrives late into the lesson, having recently beaten up a student in a fight. See more ideas about Soul eater, Black star, Favorite character. Black☆Star's footwear are basic black boots with white tips, with a star shape visible on the toe of each boot. Black☆Star is with Tsubaki, Liz, and Patty eating ice cream at Death City. Despite his rather large ego, there are more positive sides to his personality. Share the best GIFs now >>> The group proceeds and soon meet Marie and Stein. He said it made him want to surpass God more than ever. Angered by this, he continues fighting, and soon starts to exhibit the qualities of madness seen in his father, White Star. He confidently replies that the first thing he will do is make a big entrance, much to her despair. Before the battle can start, though, a hologram of Eibon appears. Franken Stein is a character in Soul Eater and is Spirit's old meister and friend. He proves to be a formidable opponent, and Black☆Star ends up having to defend Maka at some points, and soon ends up taking a hard blow from Sid's Living End attack. Apr 20, 2018 - Explore Yah'ki Lassiter's board "Black star soul eater" on Pinterest. Deciding to take the fight seriously, he successfully follows the Way of Assassination. After their lesson, Maka, much to the surprise of everyone, tells Black☆Star to punch her, in return for when she had punched him. The Table of Contents explains that Death the Kid is in the seventh Chapter of the book, and to reach him, they would have to traverse through all seven Chapters in the book, with each one having its own dangers. Black☆Star comments that Kid does not look like he is breathing in the first place. How old is Soul Eater characters? Mifune asks Black☆Star why he is hesitating, and that he himself has now nothing to lose. Liz - 18. Throughout her childhood, Maka became displeased with her father's behavior as he cheated on his wife, which led to a strain between the two. Black☆Star bears no malice and eagerly suggests they start training again. It received a 51 episode anime by Studio BONES in 2008. Age 13 (Uncanny Sword arc)[1] Thankfully, the black blood saved her life and as the kishin lashed out at Maka, stabbing her shoulder with Vajra. I am the Star! "No matter how quiet or loud, I can always hear you." The two contact Shinigami and she tells him of their failed mission. Kanji From time to time, he will abandon Tsubaki if she tells him to hold back or run away, which ends him up in a worse situation. Path of the warrior'? Black☆Star uses Shadow Star Zeroth Form: Masamune and uses his black scarf to stretch very high into the air, and loudly proclaims that he now has rule over the sky. Before he can continue with his explanation, Black☆Star rudely interrupts by shoving Eruka in his face. He deduces that Crona would be also used as a hindrance, and tells Black☆Star to fight Crona as his Wavelength-based attacks will be able to damage her/him, whilst Maka and Kid will go after Free and Eruka. Frustrated, he decides to take the battle into the air, preventing Masamune from using his shadow attacks. This only serves to elicit a Shinigami Chop to Black☆Star. Maka’s a Meister and Soul is her Weapon, and they’re a freakin’ lethal team in battle against the monsters and ghouls that feed on innocent souls. He injured his left arm as Asura slams him onto the surface of the moon. Spartoi Ultimately, Kid's team wins, and Maka has to go shopping with her father, much to the joy of Soul, Black☆Star and Patty. After he recovered from the shock, he proceeds to fight Asura and ends up with Vajra caught in his mouth, although he spat the laser right back out, making Asura give him the title of a Bushin. He says that there is nothing ultimate about nothingness. Angered, Black☆Star kicks the Magic Lifeform and whilst Eruka is pushing the syringe into Asura, attacks her. We’re trying to find a joke in here somewhere. Intelligent and sociable when circumstances require, he is usually seen smiling when in public, though not quite in the same quantity and respect as his partner. They reach the Eternal Cave located in the north part of the British Isles, where Excalibur resides. It received a 51 episode anime by Studio Bones in 2008. The Will of Nakatsukasa explains to Black☆Star that following the 'Path of a Warrior' means bearing misfortune and sadness onto others as well. Black☆Star spends the rest of the party eating a massive amount of food, which embarrasses Tsubaki. Abilities information However, Stein's ability to continuously use Soul Menace puts him at an advantage. A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration arc. Seeing that Arachnophobia contains the person who had hurt Maka, Black☆Star angrily declares revenge on the organization and decides to tail Sid to the facility and avenge Maka. Black☆Star (ブラック☆スター, Burakku☆Sutā) is an assassin meister of Death Weapon Meister Academy3 and a last survivor of the infamous Star Clan. He changes back to his male form rather quickly, showing that he is not that lustful, despite his attempts to sneak into the bathroom to peek on a naked Tsubaki (which consequently causes him to start screaming at the sight of Tsubaki, which gives him away). His childish sense of humor still sometimes embarrasses people, especially Tsubaki. Another new addition is a long white scarf, wrapped around his neck with the majority hanged loosely. Excalibur the gives them a large amount of sheets, delineating the one thousand requirements one must meet to wield him. That’s when Soul transforms – literally – into a razor-sharp scythe and Maka wields her partner and unleashes her inner-slayer. So why should it be any different between friends, right? How old are characters from soul eater? Black☆Star, now having the personality of a clingy attention-seeking young girl, clings to the male Tsubaki and asks her if she is not aroused, even with someone as great as him around. No way! His speech impresses everyone, especially the girls. Nygus tells him to stop saying foolish things and that he is a human. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. If he does not have anything to lose, he will not be able to defeat him. Black☆Star then states that he has found out what power he desires. Maka does so and notices a strange man, whose soul is mixed with Witch characteristics, as well as human and other components. While under the effects of this Madness, he exhibits boosts himself to his full potential but at the stake of losing himself to madness. Burakku☆Sutā He manages to use Trap☆Star to catch Sid, but ends up catching Maka and Soul in the process. However, his madness is picked up by Joe Buttataki on the night he is murdered. When everyone had ignored his stage performance, Tsubaki had been the only one who had watched him right to the end. However, to his shock, the Kishin begins to awaken. added by smallforces360. When they exit the vortex they are greeted by a distraught Marie, who makes a move to strike them, but instead hugs them all for making it out safe (amusingly, she grabs Black☆Star by the neck, much to his inconvenience), but soon threatens that they will all have a talking with her back at the DWMA. He then uses Speed☆Star to get past Crona and goes on ahead. Photokinesis: Black☆Star has once "caught" and "grabbed" a laser beam from Moonlight with his bare hand and threw it back. The pair go to the Village of Needles located in East Asia. A Soul Eater fanfic and a Jumanji AU. He is also well-endowed. Soul uses Chain Resonance using his piano, and everyone attacks. If they fail, then they will be excluded from his class. [20], Atsushi Ōkubo revealed in a Twitter Q&A session that Black☆Star is indeed stronger than Death the Kid by the end of the series. I want to know the ages that maka, soul eater, black star, and death the kid are in soul eater, even an approximate age just so I cam figure it out, don't really need to know for the story I'm just curious. (ひゃっはあ! Black Star nodded solemnly sitting back down next to you. In a 'emotional' moment, Soul decides to break up with Black☆Star as partners, but Black☆Star declares that they are still best friends.

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