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backpacking argentina and chile

Oceania – You can fly direct from Auckland, Sydney or Melbourne. Note: Internet access, ATM, and credit cards are unusable here so prepare enough money before you arrive. Even though the internet package has unlimited data, they capped the data each day to 50MB and you have to pay extra to get the speed back, with another 50MB capped. You can hike to a lookout point 30 minutes away from El Chalten and watch the sunset or you can spend 8 - 10 hours hiking the Laguna de los Tres trail to see Fitz Roy peak up-close. Morgante is a clever writer and includes fabulous photography. There are loads of campsites and getting a cheap tent is worth considering for anyone on a tight budget and particularly people travelling in Patagonia during the warmer, peak summer months. However there is always a steady stream of travellers backpacking through Argentina and Chile. It’s highly advisable to get travel insurance before any form of overseas travel. ). The next morning, you can go on a Geyser tour that starts at 4 AM to catch the sunrise at Geysers del Tatio, one of the largest geyser site in the world. For Argentina, you have the Iguazu Falls in the north and many diverse spots in Patagonia in the south. You can also spend a day exploring the La Boca district and get a photo of you with the colorful houses of La Boca. You can find more on my. If you are in Antofagasta during the weekend, you can get a full day tour that would both include a visit to the Hand and the observatory. A trip up the famous Cerro San Cristobal is a good starting point. Then just head out with a tent and what you need for the trip. There is also the possibility of flying via Tahiti and the Chilean owned Easter Island which is popular with backpackers and a very decent plan if you’re heading across the Pacific. The long trip here will soon be worth it when you start exploring the beautiful Argentine lakes and mountains in the area. This is based on February 2019 prices and exchange rates. For Argentina, Andesmar or ViaBariloche are great options for long distance trips whereas for domestic flight, I would recommend Aerolineas Argentinas for their price and coverage. It is used by skiers in the winter and pretty anyone who likes a view in the summer. The entire area is an amazing place to explore, but you’re really unlikely to forget trekking across a glacier. You can book this bus with the link below: Book A Bus From Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas. In Santiago now and will definitely be using this to help with my planning. You combine these 2 countries, and you get one of the best trips you will ever have, from tro… If you are looking for travel insurance to go along with your trip to Argentina and Chile, I would recommend, which is what I use to look for a travel insurance that fits my kind of adventure. Certainly if you’re considering going to Antarctica then you need to go during the warmer months (November to March). You can also explore the area by horse or go on rafting trips. Overnight buses, though not very punctual, are very comfortable covers most of the popular tourist location. That is it for a 2-months itinerary for Chile and Argentina. The highlight of hiking in Argentina and a serious rival to Chile’s Torres del Paine, Mount Fitz Roy is the place to go if you can only do one trek in the country.Hikes begin in the town of El Chaltén, the country’s premier hiking destination, and venture into the wondrous Los Glaciers National Park, with trips ranging from easygoing day hikes to lengthy five day slogs. You can save this page to your Pinterest board for later. Be sure to check out my guide on How to Plan For Your First Solo Trip here. Looking for a backpacking itinerary for Iguazu Falls? Here is the ultimate, You can also visit Puerto Natales in Chilean Patagonia and hike the Torres del Paine trail in one day if you don’t have 2 weeks to spare. Please refer to the following table for a more detailed look at Argentina’s many border crossings. One of the most surreal experience in Chile was to see the Hand of the Desert, an art installation that was built in the middle of nowhere in Atacama desert, but getting here was not so easy. You will need to head back to Puerto Natales for the bus to Punto Arenas. This will become very useful when you get to Patagonia where the area covers both countries, and due to its remoteness and costly price, traveling back and forth could cost you more than necessary. If you can not book these huts in time, you can hike to Cordillera Paine independently and see the best of Torres del Paine without staying overnight. Getting from the Lake District to the Extreme South: There is a 24 hour bus than runs between San Carlos de Bariloche and El Chalten. Meanwhile there is a good view of some incredible whales from Carlos III Island. I had one of the best times of my life on the island. The journey will take you 12 hours and cost about 30 USD. Departing from Buenos Aires, the 15-day End of the Earth tour encompasses the best of Patagonia, in both Chile and Argentina.. It’s easy to forget Argentina’s rugged north-west corner when you’re drafting your backpacking trip. It is also possible to fly to Temuco which is about 30 minutes by road from Villarrica, the first destination in the Chilean lake district. If not, you can spend a day hiking in Tierra del Fuego national park among the rare plantation only found in this part of the world. The city itself is enormous and by far the biggest on this route. Stunning landscape all around with a chance of spotting flamingos in their habitats. The tour operator will provide you all the necessary gear to traverse the snow capped volcano so you do not have to prepare your equipment before hand. After spending a full month backpacking in the high altitudes of Bolivia, I was ready to breathe normally again.So, my solo adventures continued as I headed for Argentina and Chile with the intention of border-hopping between the two…and I picked up a few travel tips along the way, which I’m thrilled to share. The journey will take about 10 - 12 hours and cost around 18 - 21 USD. To see the book a bus online, be sure to check out the link below: Book a Bus from San Pedro de Atacama to Antofagasta. Here are the ultimate, Looking for unique things to do in Argentina? Easter island is the highlight of my trip in Chile. south america | brazil | patagonia | central america | mexico. Condition is "Good". Once you get back from Easter Island, you can then take a bus from Terminal Alameda Santiago Bus Terminal to Pucon. Without further ado, here is everything you need to know to travel around Patagonia in 2 weeks. Book A Bus From El Chalten to El Calafate. It has a big bohemian feel to it and as you roam around the hilly streets you’ll never be far from something quirky. Heading North to South offers a bit more time to acclimatise but if you’re coming from somewhere cold I guess it doesn’t matter so much! There are many things you can do in this little island like a visit to the Father Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum to learn the Rapanui history, the Orongo crater, Ahu Tongariki for the best sunrise of your life, Rano Raraku where all the moai heads were made, Anakena beach for a nice relaxing swim in the early morning, and if you are there during the end of January, attend the Tapati festival and enjoy the music and dance performed by the locals. Since our trip, the bus prices have increased significantly and you can expect to pay around 90 pounds for a round trip from Buenos Aires to Iguazu on a cama seat. Therefore consider skipping some sections of the route above and building a plan around a couple of flights if you are restricted by time or money. Wouldn’t worry about it! A year ahead? Begin your trip flying or bussing into the cosmopolitan Chilean capital. You can take a tour but I preferred walking around, discovering each work of street art at my own pace. Traveling here, on average, will cost you more than traveling in most countries out there. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of short or long trekking tours in Argentina, but I would like to point to one in particular. Ever wanted to quit your job and go travelling round the world? If you have an extra day, you can stay on the Brazilian side and go on a helicopter tour to really appreciate the scale of Iguazu Falls. I am going on a backpacking trip through chile and argentina, mainly chile. In other words, you will be as close to Antarctica as it is possible to get without actually going there yourself (which you can do from Ushuaia!). The next day you can rest from all the hiking by taking a boat tour to the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and spend a day enjoying fresh food in Ushuaia city. Typically the cruises are 7-10 days including various stops. Looking for a backpacking itinerary for Iguazu Falls?3 Days Itinerary For Iguazu Falls. Backpacking Patagonia is quite simply a nature lover’s dream. Thanks!! Therefore it’s the best place to buy anything you might need for your trip South. The flight should take about 3.5 hours and cost around 66 USD. Go on a day tour to see the famous Perito Moreno glacier and spend a day walking around the park. Consider upping your budget if you come then. Argentina is the second largest country of South America and in matters of the diversity very close to it's western neighbour – therefore Backpacking in Chile and Argentina are easy to combine!. You can either hike or take the cable car up to the Cerro Campanario and appreciate what Bariloche has to offer. If you are coming from Bolivia, San Pedro de Atacama is where you will spend time getting use to Chile so spend your first day walking around the town square and in the evening, rent a bike and go up the Valle de la Luna for a beautiful sunset. For Chile, the famous Atacama desert which is considered to be the place that has the clearest sky in the world for stargazing is located in the north, the famous Torres del Paine national park in the South and the Easter Island in the west.

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