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podcast script 101

Using Apple’s iWeb software and the Behringer Podcastudio, I launched “Gibberish.” Yes, I named my show Gibberish and that is exactly what the show sounded like. If you’re just getting started with podcast advertising, here are a few of the most common terms you’ll need to know to get started. Listeners, like yourself, expect content on a predictable basis. The podcasts are in British English and are spoken very clearly... in practice, whatever your level these podcasts might help you with your listening. Write out what you want to say so you have a framework of what you’re talking about. One of the reasons is because once you are in Apple Podcasts, you are also available in dozens of other podcast directories automatically. This is typically unnecessary and reserved for the big corporations and extreme audio geeks. The software is how you put together that audio and make it into a finished podcast episode. There’s literally hundreds of hours of me caring about your podcast at and that’s the place you’ll want to go after you finish here… after you get started. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. I didn’t spend the $300+ to hire a graphic designer but I probably should have. However, very few people are willing to listen to poor audio quality – even if the content is ridiculously amazing. Browse Podcasts and Request a Transcript with just a Click. You want the sound to retain some life which means allowing some level of reverb to exist in the space. Jumping through the hoops to get started is a test, a test of your ability to keep a podcast active beyond its first few episodes. All of them will produce good audio. Since you are close to the mic, that air can cause noticeable pops known as plosives in your audio, something you don’t want. Podcasts are filled with valuable information that you hear once and forget. Meaning you don’t have to worry about starting wrong and having to fix it later or being trapped with a setup that you can’t easily change when you learn about other possible ways to produce your show. This means using a program like Photoshop so that you can reopen the original file and make changes should you need to. Despite normally using Audition to edit my episodes, I edited this 101 episode using Hindenburg Journalist, which I recently purchased, in order to demonstrate that this is a great app for editing podcasts. Apple claims that they won’t feature a show with bad artwork however I’m not entirely convinced this is the case based on what I’ve seen. And one of the reasons I like that podcasting isn’t push button simple or a one-click solution… it’s a test. When it comes to file size, your goal is to keep it as small as possible without significantly degrading the audio quality. I switched my website from to ps- I have a whole list of the best Disney Podcasts too! In a solo format you have all the control. David: I am David Blatner, and I am here along with my cohost Anne-Marie Concepcion. It didn’t take long for me to find a large selection of music that I could purchase for my show without any copyright issues. One that will perform better in a typical podcast studio which is often a space in your house or office. These are not things you want to try and fix after the fact and in many cases some of these issues can’t be fixed. So, I try to write my scripts to match how I speak. ... Hip Hop & R&B. When you’re setting up your microphone in front of you, make sure you are in a comfortable position and get within a few inches of the microphone. So adding things like furniture to provide more deflection of the sound waves, rugs, curtains, pillows etc to absorb the sound, these things will help create a space that sounds better when you speak into your microphone. For podcasting, in addition to the ATR I like the PR40, RE320 and RE20, SM58 and the SM7B. Podcast Intro Script 1. Website Design by Jeff Sanders in Nashville, TN, How To Launch Your Own Professional Podcast. <<< That’s the magic trick right there! Whether you are doing a show with a remote co-host or interviewees, Skype recording software is an easy way to capture those conversations with some added advantages. These are the two I recommend because after 10+ years of running various podcasts and helping others with theirs, I know these are the two best for most podcasters. An attractive, original cover art image that does not include an iPod or other Apple-branded content. Working on doing what I loved for a living, or in my case what I thought I would love. I was mentally preparing for years, but heavily focusing on the launch for at least 6 months. nor do I don’t care why you are starting a podcast. …. Don’t let the tech get in the way of the content, I like to say. The question to answer before the next step: Audio or video? Invest a small amount of money and time to get the quality to be decent, but not great. And can I describe it in three sentences or less? For you, from where you sit right now, that may be a large investment but remember I talked about how much work you’ll put into your podcast to make it good, you don’t want all those hours of hard work to not have the same level of quality from your audio. And if the name of your podcast is not available as a dot com, feel free to get a domain with a different extension, you just want something that you own. This will give you great insight into whether or not your title is misleading or portrays exactly the podcast you are going to create. I may publish more often in the future. Even right now as I write this blog post, I am writing in a conversational tone just like I would speak to you in person if we sat down for coffee together. This Podcasting 101 guide will help you to launch your podcast in no-time. When writing a podcast script, try and keep it as tight as possible. Solo or cohost? Hi, my name is Lily Turner and welcome to ‘Talks with Turner.’ Today on our show, I am joined by Pete Saver, who will be my awesome co-host today as we talk about our favorite movies, the best costume party ideas of the year and later on we have a special guest – I don’t want to give it away, but she is a very famous model who is known for her costume parties. Talk to yourself in the closest and while you’re standing there feeling ridiculous, listen to what it sounds like. As you can see in the graph, I reached 3,000 downloads after 26 days. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast, simply contact me and I will be in touch within 24 hours! Microphone, get one. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. We'll do our best to answer it in a future episode. There are “New & Noteworthy” rankings for podcasts overall, audio, video, categories, and subcategories. As a bonus, also pay attention to what the meters are doing when you are not speaking. Dream big. I turned these questions and my answers into my podcast. Podcast Script Outline Templates. Unless otherwise indicated, all images, content, designs, and recordings © 2009–2018 Ray Ortega. You can also connect it to Skype and record interviews right inside the app. Cliff Ravenscraft from is probably the best resource on the planet for all-things related to podcasting. You can opt-out if you wish. My ideal bit rate is 96kbps joint stereo. How about audio vs video? Dedicated to helping you dominate your day before breakfast! Of course you can get creative with your name and the title may not tell you much if anything about the content of your actual podcast. Fortunately, I love my song and I am looking forward to the next million plays! Write out the first few minutes of your first epsiode and speak it into the mic. If you have a website, make sure the episode can be found there and has an audio player that someone can use to listen to your podcast right there on the page. Script out your podcast intro. Boom, you had a podcast and it was something that Apple would let you submit to iTunes. It’s paid but not overly expensive and what you get for that money are some great automated processes such as leveling, to make your audio a consistent level and loudness normalization to ensure that the final level of your audio meets current standards for web delivery and is reproducible from episode to episode to give your podcast a consistent level throughout your entire library. The questions to answer before the next step: Who is going to create my artwork and do I have the spec page bookmarked for reference? If you want a more advanced setup or a more traditionally professional microphone, get a DBX286s, some kind of audio interface if going into the computer and/or an audio recorder along with the mic of your choice. Listen to how dead and almost dull the audio sounds. But here’s the catch, I didn’t love my topic. Are you ready to build a branded podcast that cuts through the noise? If so, is there somewhere you can go where you hear less of this? If you have more than one person in studio, get in touch with me. Here are the minimum requirements that I copied directly from Apple: There may be other factors beyond what Apple says publicly including: ratings, reviews, number of downloads, clicks on your podcast in Apple Podcasts, social media mentions, or any other factor you could dream up. Podcasts from The Economist. Choose based on your budget and the form factor you prefer. You can make this yourself or have someone else do it, but here are a few best practices to follow when creating your show logo. As a comparison, if you listen to any of my audiobooks you will hear the audio quality difference. If I was going to put my voice behind a microphone and speak to the world, I needed a strong platform from which to stand. I also host The 5 AM Miracle Podcast, which has ranked #1 in Apple Podcasts in the Self-Improvement and Business categories, been nominated for 6 Podcast Awards, and exceeded 9 million downloads. Maybe you can’t tell. It’s size, file type, metadata and some additional tech specs covered in my video about how to complete this process. They are freed from the screen.

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